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Chapter 1 (v.1) - 5

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017



READERS SORRY FOR THE DELAY TEARS OF A BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 5 AUTHOR:RANDLEBABA 82 weeks later, she managed to get over it, she started talking to other guys. She saw what her friends were doing, wearing skimpy dresses, flirting around with different guys but she never joined them because she has made up her mind never to experience a broken heart again. But a friend of hers named Vanessa, that have not been very close to her finally got closer to her just because she was lonely. Although she hardly talk to her but they are now friends and also stay in the same hostel with some other hot babes. Vanessa was a hot girl, she loves flirting with friends, Zainab and Co. Vanessa had a boyfriend then called Stanley. They loved each other very well. Stanley normally goes to her hostel and he would spend all the day chatting and playing with Vanessa. Sometimes they kiss each other in her presence and Stanley will carry Vanessa on his lap. As time goes on, Rose was so lonely since she had broken up with Demola but always reading her favourite novel 'Whose Fault' by Randlebaba. As days passed by her friend Vanessa decided to have a talk with her. She then advised her to have a boyfriend who can play with her and always be there with her just to make her happy so she could forget her previous relationship trauma with Demola. But Rose insisted that she is not going to get into another relationship until she graduates from the University of Lagos cause what she had experienced with guys almost made her go insane and lost her life but thank God she has not lost her virginity to any of them. After much talk she finally reasoned with Vanessa and she decided to build up a relationship with the right guy. 4 weeks later Vanessa's boyfriend Stanley, came to her hostel to tell Vanessa and some other people that his birthday would be coming up the upper Friday which is September 8. Vanessa then told Rose about it if she would like to attend the birthday party. But Rose refused at first but she later accepted. The following day they went to the market to get clothes, shoes and bags. It was a stormy Friday night which was September 8. Vanessa still forced Rose to go with her to the party. When they got to the venue, Rose saw some other girls twerking when DJ Whalex was playing Bend Down Pause by Runtown ft Wizkid. They twerked badly, she was surprised because she had never attended any hot party like that, she was also scared of dancing with guys so she sat in one corner. To her greatest surprise she saw one of her coursemate called Randle Ezekiel but people call him Randle baba who had always been staring at her during lectures. READERS CAN YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? STAY TUNED FOR NEXT CHAPTER WITH RANDLEBABA Facebook: Randle baba IG:iamrandlebaba Gmail:Randlebaba02@g mail.com whatsapp:07086569293

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