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This is a story of a boy abandoned by an outlawed father some good indians raise him as their own.

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017



It was an early morning hour at Five. The sky is still dark blue waiting for the sun to radiate an orange glow at the horizon. The birds high above in the air flying towards the direction of light. It is so calm and beautiful. Not a single being bothered to witness such a wonderful morning, for everyone still in their bed. A lot of creatures big and small breathing the cold air stood in silence straining their ears to feel the slightest sound.

All of sudden out of nowhere a wagon running at a great speed halted at Neshoba County in Mississippi. The day is 1868 November 15. The man driving the wagon is an outlaw and was very demented. His wife died only three days ago due to tuberculosis. He had crooked teeth and a scar running through the left side of his eye. He was looking very nervous for there is a bounty placed upon his head for series of the heinous crime he has committed. He took a deep look all around him and made sure that no one is in sight nearby. Then he picked his only son out of the wagon and placed him on the top of a blunt stone. The boy was only three years old and his name is Fabian.

Fabian's father unable to look after his son and decided to abandon him in the wild part of the country. Fabian looked at his father with tender eyes and said: "where are we going papa." The man said, "you be a good child and wait for me here for I will go to the market to get some food for us." The child trusted his father. The man started his wagon again and left the place only to never return or see his son again. His only thought is about saving his own neck.

The child waited for hours for his father to return and then started crying. A sense of strange fear gripped inside him and with no one to guide made him shiver. Instinctively he understood that no one is going to find him here. He became very tired and decided to walk into the wild. He saw a fox looking at his innocent eyes and showed some kind of care towards him. He started following the fox. The fox saw a rabbit hopping around. Immediately the fox chased the rabbit only to find it jumping swiftly inside its safe burrow. The disappointed fox returned to the boy and started licking his cold hand. Then it started running gently the boy followed it till he reached a settlement of Choctaw Indians.

An old Indian lady sitting on the ground was chanting some words. She opened her wrinkled eyes to see the little boy staring at her. The toothless old woman smiled and said who brought you here. The boy said, "my father left me here." She asked him "when will he return." For this, the boy started crying. The woman clearly understood that he the boy is lost for sure. She took the hands of the little boy and studied his palm. She smiled and said "your future lies with us. You will be one of us. We shall call you Akecheta which means Fighter, my dear child".

The sun by now as risen high. The day is getting bright with eagles screech echoing everywhere high in the air. The old woman took him to his son whose name his Black foot. He was the chief of the tribe. She said, "Son our God has blessed us with a child." Black foot looked at the boy hazily and said: "let the young beast starve to death."The woman said son you're making a mistake. He will be faithful to us with all his loyalty. I have read his future." Black foot relaxed a bit and said "Your words never failed us. The child will be part of our family." Just then his blind daughter Zina came out of the Tipi ( cone-shaped tent) and asked " I can hear a new voice. Who can this be? " "Call him Akecheta my dear Zina. " said the old woman.

Black Foot wife rose from her slumber and said: "I had a strange dream where I heard a voice of a boy calling me mother again and again." The old woman laughed and said "you are going to be the proud mother of this boy. We are his guardian from now onwards." Zina touched Akecheta skin and said, " He appears to be young as I am. " Black foot said "the people from another world always looking for ways to get rid of us from our sacred land. They never showed kindness towards us but we will give all the love in the world for the little boy. We will soon make a warrior out of him. "

Akecheta looked at a tall totem and studied it. The old woman said this totem represents our tribe and it is very sacred to our heart. Black foot gave the boy their traditional dress to be worn and painted his cheek with red and black stripes. He said, " boy you are too young for hunting." He spoke to some elders and said: " the young mind must soon learn the ways of our life." Black foot wife said," The boy is cold and starving let him have something to eat first." Everyone had fish for breakfast. The boy soon forgets all the little memories he had of his dear mother and his notorious father who rarely cared for him as years go by.

The boy quickly grew into a strong young man and reached the age of 22. He learned to hunt with an axe and arrow. He rode a brown horse whom he called Leo. He also had an eagle trained to hunt rabbits and bring it to him. He never met people of his own kind and lived peacefully within the tribe. At night he sat with elders in a circle formation holding each other's hand. Black foot and the elders recited some strange words for some time. Later a blurry form appears in the middle of the circle. The mist form is the ghost of black foot mother who died long ago. They can hear her voice say "dear son we lived for very long here but now our entire tribe is threatened by the arrival of a new settlement. There will be war and blood will be shed for our freedom. " Everyone became direly concerned about the predicted threat.

The next day Akecheta saw all the men and women working in the farm cultivating corns, beans, and squash. It was a hot afternoon. They all sang a traditional song to forget the pain. Akecheta helped them to pour water for the crops. At night Zina joined Akecheta and told him I can only live with you since you are more free spirited and caring than others. I will not get the same happiness when I feel other men. Then she wept. Akecheta comforted her by placing his hand on her cheek gently and said "you don't realize how beautiful you are to me. A thousand moonlight cannot justify the love you have for me." She kissed him on the forehead and said "one day we will live as one forever. Nothing will separate us." A strange mystic song played by an Indian flute filled the air.

Akecheta, as usual, rode his horse for hunting prey in the forest. He went too deep and came across a wild looking female Jaguar with five cubs. She was growling and stood protectively towards her cubs. Akecheta gently patted his horse in order to not to make him panic. He climbed down and put his bow and arrow on the ground to show that he is no threat to her cubs. He bowed down his head with respect and looked straight at its eye in a sad manner. Jaguar looked back at him in a friendly manner. The cubs started surrounding Akecheta feet. He touched all of them and gently stroked them on their head. Later when he returned home he told his experience with the Jaguar to Zina. She laughed and said all the creatures in the world will not hurt you since you are so kind to them.

A month later a troop containing 30 military people led by Lieutenant John Dixon on a horseback under the direction of Mississipi governor Francis Joseph stood from a distance and watched at the tribes for some time. Then they sounded a trumpet along with drum beats turned back and left the place. The tribes felt alarmed by the sudden appearance of soldiers with guns. In the evening Black foot called all the strong men of the tribe and said "we all are peaceful men we mean no harm to anyone. I fear there might be a war against us so let's be prepared for we have to protect our honor". Everyone took their axes and raised it in the air shouting we are ready to give up our lives.

One day Lieutenant John Dixon returned with a group of men who wanted to talk with the head of the tribe. Soon Black foot sat with them on the ground along with elders of the tribe and said what brings you people from another world to our home. The men started by saying the government as allocated this land for public purpose and we request you to move to a reservation near pearl river. Black foot discussed with the visitor and said give us a year to make our choice. The lieutenant losing patience shouted we will give you only 3 weeks time to decide or else we have other means to show you the right way. Black foot being wise kept his lips closed and gestured his men not to act in haste. Just then Akecheta came into the picture calling Black foot father and said: " Who are these men". The people of other world became surprised to see him dressed in red Indian clothing and acting like one of them.

Later lieutenant John Dixon reported to the governor and said about the situation happened during their talks. The governor eyes slightly bulged out upon hearing the news. He is a tall and stern-faced man. He said "Those savages don't have any rights to own any land here. Our law dictates their very lives. It seems we should use other means to eliminate them. They wanted to get rid of the ancient tribe so that they can build a city upon their land. All the necessary plans to build a city has been laid out already. Then the governor added, "I see a feral child turned man under the shadows of these primitive Indians."

Three weeks passed very quickly. The Choctaw Indians guarded their house and family with arrows in their hand waiting for the troops to show up anytime. Black Foot spoke " we lived peacefully for centuries and we continued the work of our forefather's tradition. Today we are prepared to spill blood for blood for our motherland. The other world people are forcing us to end this way." Akecheta was not happy about the development. He prayed to the sun God Hashtali and said" These tribes are my family. I cannot bear to see them suffer. please help me to protect them."

It was a misty morning. The Choctaw Indians can hear the sounds of running horses carrying 260 soldiers. They kept their arrows pointed towards the direction of approaching horses. Finally, both of them stood face to face. The lieutenant John Dixon shouted "we want to end this as peaceful as possible. We too have wives and children. I am following the orders of my superiors. Being a general I am answerable for every man of mine present here." The Black Foot said: " Will you accept the same if we try to grab your land and force you out." John Dixon laughed and said, "I have fought and won many wars this will not be any different at all."

Dixon ordered to fire at the Indians. Some twenty people fell dead. Immediately the Indians struck back from their hiding place behind huge boulders by shooting arrows at them. Fifteen of the soldiers fell from the horse with arrows attached to their bodies. One of the archers was aiming for John Dixon heart. Just then Akecheta rode his horse towards Dixon, push him aside and took the arrow above his heart. Then he fell from the horse injured. Dixon slightly shaken by his narrow escape from death said: " I am grateful to you for saving me and asked why did you put your life in danger for me". Then Akecheta shouted in pain "I saved your life for I don't wish the war to rip us apart. "Dixon called his men back and left the ground to show his respect for Akecheta.

The governor was not too pleased with Dixon explanation. He said "you all are made to obey our orders. Even it requires sacrificing all of you. I think we don't need your service for we can always find a better man to handle this simple job." Dixon was disgusted with the treatment of the governor. He understood that greed and money are the only things they care for and human life is valued nothing more than a slaughtered sheep.

That night he visited Akecheta to know how he is doing. The witch doctor was tending him. The blind Zina was crying at the feet of Akecheta. Dixon knowing that it could have been him if not for Akecheta. Asked the witch doctor "will he survive." The witch doctor answered, " He has developed an infection on the chest and suffering from pneumonia." Akecheta still breathing a little with half closed eyes said "I fulfilled my destiny to protect my family and the entire tribe. Now it is up to you to act wisely." Upon saying these words he passed away. Black foot tried to wake up his daughter only to find her dead too due to shock. Spirit of Zina has joined Akecheta. Dixon with tears in his eyes said I will never again fight against your kind even if the orders are from God.

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