The end of war

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When the old world is breached by the new world what happens?

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017



I stared down into the haze, holding onto the rope tightly.

‘Couldn’t have just walked to the top of the tower, we have to swing to it over a thousand feet of open air’ I thought.

The rest of the tribe stood staring at me, waving me over. I could faintly see their mouths move, but the wind scattered their voices. I could only imagine what they would say when I finally made it over to the other side

You've always been a coward

Go back and help the woman cook, leave the hunting to the men

‘Always knew you weren't a real man

I’ve heard it all. I’m more of an academic, than a fighter. I was the only one to realize that these towers were places people lived and worked left over from our ancestors, and not towering gods. I was also the only smart one to work out what would happen if I accidentally let go of the rope.I sighed. Well, time to get cracking I guess. I gripped the handle as hard as I could, ran toward the ledge, and jumped. The handle whizzed down going faster and faster, as the opposite building came closer and closer. I screamed and my pants got a little wet. I let go late, and started to skid helplessly across the roof to the other ledge. I tried to stop myself, but my velocity had been too high. I was doomed unless someone would help me

“No no no no! Help me!” I screamed as the other side came closer and closer

I felt my body go over the side, and in a last ditch effort, flung my hand upward. I felt the soft touch of someone’s skin and grabbed it as hard as I could. I stopped. I looked down at my body hanging over the open air, my pants became a little wetter. I felt a pull and I looked up into the face of my savior, Selia. 

“I got you Walt, you're safe”

She started to hoist me up, till I could get my body over the ledge.

Oh Selia, what could I say about this beautiful, pure creature that had not been said in poems of past? She was stunning and fierce. She had passed every test made for the men in the tribe, and even still Gerald laughed at the idea of her joining the tribe’s hunting party. That was before Selia slammed her fist into his face, breaking his nose and removing three of his front teeth. I stared at her in amazement. I had been in love with her since she gave me her soup.

“Walt you have got to be more careful! You know when to let go! You’ve study the book of..What’s it called again?”

I laughed “Aerodynamics of flight”

Sell helped me up “Yea that, now let’s get back to the tribe”

Upon reaching the tribe, Gerald spit at my feet and I got the standing ovation I was waiting for


“Selia should have allowed you to die, what are you good for?”

“It would have been better if you were born a woman, at least you would have provided some use”

I rolled my eyes. I have heard all of it, and It no longer affected me

“Nice to see you guys too. Now what are we doing today”
Gerald walked toward a small building on the roof and opened it

“We are no longer doing bird hunting, today we meet the gods of the ground.”

A murmur went up around the group

“No one goes to the ground”

“It’s cursed”

“Does Gerald want us to die”

Well finally, It’s not as if we are going to find anything meaningful up here

Secretly I had been on the ground thousands of times and mapped out the whole city. One day I had find the remains of a burned out library with some of the books in working order. I had spent days reading the books learning about our ancestors history. The parts about the massive nuclear war had really intrigued me.

“SILENCE!” Gerald roared. The crowd got very quiet. Gerald cleared his throat and addressed the men “The birds are gone. Why I do not know, but we must find food for our tribe. Now many of you might die, we might all die. But if we live we have another place to find food”

This got me excited. No longer would I have to skirt sentries, or watch my back down stairs. I could go freely to and for. My life was about to get much better. We all slowly filed down the stairs. Everyone else was very nervous, taking small steps. Even Selia looked a bit nervous, her breathing intensifying. 

“Alright, this is it. Pray to the sky gods that our lives are safe” Gerald slowly leaned against the door, inching it open

Outside it was snowing. Because of whatever our ancestors had done, the snow was grey instead of the usual white. I knew very little of the reason, only that maybe it was because of the radiation and ash. I was less than impressed, this being my hundredth time seeing this. The rest of the tribe however, was in awe. Selia was the first out the door into the outside. She ran out into the road, watching as tiny snowflakes gently landed on her hair.

“Selia! Get back over here! This is the gods anger” Gerald fearfully looked up in the sky.

“Gerald it’s safe! This is snow right Walt?”

The entire tribe looked at me in amazement 

“You know what this is?” 

“Is is safe?”

“Is this really their fury?”

Well this was unexpected. I never expected anyone to pay attention to any of my stored knowledge

“Umm well, when..ummm…rain freezes..”

“Freezes? What’s freezes?”

“Yea! And what’s rain?”

I was no used to this attention

“Umm but yea it’s called snow and its completely safe”

The whole tribe stepped out in amazement. Each person stood staring at the sky while the soft, grey particles fell softly on their bodies. A huge explosion in the sky snapped us out of our amazement. Everyone’s head quickly snapped to the sky. A large something was headed directly for us.

“It’s the gods run!” Gerald shouted

Everyone ran back into the building, I stood planted in place. I was in shock. The gods weren’t real, or were they? Some type of ship was coming toward us, and I had never read anything about it. What if everything I thought wasn’t true? What if I was wrong? Because of my arrogance I might have brought the destruction of our tribe, maybe species.

“Come on Walt! We have to get inside before the gods can kill us!” Selia ran and started to pull on my arm

“But they aren’t real, there are no gods” I slowly spoke to Selia, still in shock. 

“Well obviously there are!” The thing landed right in front of us. The ’god’ looked like a box with four legs and a head. A door opened up and six towering, humanoid creatures got out. They were encased in shiny metal with a skull head. They carried guns. 

Guns?’ I thought ‘gods don't carry guns but humans do. Could these be our ancestors?

They walked up to us. Three of them surrounded us, pointing their guns at our heads. The other three removed their skull. I realized that the skulls were actually helmets, that the metal was actually a suit of uber-tech armor, and that these weren’t gods, they were humans, our ancestors

“Who are you?” the lead man asked. The suit made him seem bigger and I stepped back “Can you speak english?” He spoke to me again

“Yyyess I can” I took another step back. The door was only a couple feet away

The man put his fingers to the bridge of his nose “Finally contact.” His attention focused to me again “My name is Dave Knight and I’m from the spaceship Thronemaker. We left earth over 400 years ago because of a..”

“A war, I know. So you are our ancestors! I knew it!” I was getting excited but Selia seemed a little tense next to me

“What war?” Selia asked the man

The man named Dave sighed “600 years ago two corporations started a war. One said lead one army the other the other army. I can’t remember the details, no one can. But I can tell you after the nukes were fired, most of the human race got away in eco-ships. Spaceships designed to have the feel of earth. Now I fear that overcrowding has endangered the human race once more. We must colonize this planet to preserve our race”

“Wow, that’s a lot to take in. Well we live in tribes and if you speak to them I can imagine that we can rebuild our society once more in peace.”

“Really? just like that? We can move past and start a fresh world?”

I smiled “Just like that” I offered my hand

Dave Knight slammed his hand on the chest of his armor and it opened up, revealing a normal person. He was about the same size as the other people in my tribe. He approached me with his hand out. He walked a few steps

“For peace” he said “For peace” I smiled

A loud shout came from above. Gerald was jumping from the second story window down below, carrying two spears

“Death to the ground gods!” He yelled before plunging his spears through Dave.

The blades went through his back, hitting the ground with force. It forced him to die standing, the spears holding him up.

“NOOO!” I shouted

The rest of the men turned their weapons onto Gerald, shooting a glowing glob  onto Gerald.

“It burns! It burns!” He shouted as he started to dissolve. A few seconds latter all that was left of him was a big green puddle.

We heard the war chant around us. The clanking of spears on the building and on shields. Swords were drawn. They were surrounded. Selia and I started back up, hiding behind the rubble of a building. The men jumped down from the building grabbing hold of the suited soldiers. They tried to stick their spears down the helmets, but failed. The crude weapons couldn't cut through their tough, metal exteriors. Our ancestors grabbed them off their backs, crushing their skulls. More rushed toward them, but were quickly turned into puddles with a few shots from their guns. Within moments, the battle was over. 

“Find those two from before!” Yelled another of the men

Two of our ancestors found us behind the ruins. They bound our hands and pushed us toward the ship

“Found them sir!”

“Good! Now lets colonize this place my way! Shouted, what I assumed was, the new leader

“Dave was an idiot and he got what he deserved. But now we must do things my way! Call the ship and tell them we found hostile life and get reinforcements. If war is what they want, war is what they get. Take these two back to the Thronemaker. As for everyone else, Destroy them!”

I hung my head as we boarded the ship. We were so close to peace, but with humanity war is only a few mistakes away.

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