You had your fun I had mine too

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a story about how a bully was shocked as he received what he conceived

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



You had your fun, I had mine too..
Hey  bully. You  so happy being a bully? Put smirks  on  your face like crazy? You  walked arrogantly. You're proud  of  what  you  are...really.You're  the  lion're  telling  me?
But  no..not  to me.You're Mr Nobody. With  my  one  eye  I  won't  see. You play  dirty. Same with  me. You're  nothing  to  me.Just  another  bully. As  filthy  as  can  be.Yes  you  are.... mr  bully.And now you  don't  look  scary.  said. You  said I'm dead.There are  dues  to  be  paid.Yes that's  what  you  said. No more  will I be  playing  dead. This  time  you'll  be  dead. It's  you  instead. I'll be mean as I said. You  better  hide under the bed .
Your  fun  times  will  be  over. No  need  to  hover. Your  time  to  holler.Call  out  your  mother. Seek help  from  your  father. Look  for  someone's shoulder. It's  time  you  shudder. It's time you suffer  as  what  I  suffer. Don't  call me  brother.And don't think  ever
You had  your  fun. You lost  your  gun. No  more  laughter  in  the  sun. Cause you have  to  run. Hide  yourself  underground. I'm  coming  around .You  tell  someone. You  have  had  your  fun. I had mine too..pardon the pun.

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