dance of alytiria

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when the eye of alytiria is disturbed, the fate of the tumultuous four realms is in dire straits.

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



The four realms lay in discordant tatters. Brihiomel. Immerat, Astragoth and Strusumel. Left without their Anchor, their guiding deity who saw them through each judgment, each world changing event which created long-lasting peace throughout existence. But the Anchors had left their stations, and the realms began to drift, the leyline between them fading into oblivion with every millennium. The old anchors must be replaced, must be completed, before the Dance of Alytiria came to fruition.

The dusty tome closed, and she smiled at the man, her tour guide through the Arcanex, through catalogues of ancient histories from across the realms, gathered in this central plane, the rest of her fellow students almost materialising behind her, armed to the teeth with stacks of books like a rogue with knives on their “last score”. The Grand Arcanist continued his ramble, as the group of plucky and wide eyed bookworms and students wandered around a fractal path of eternal spirals. “So class, we come to the final section of our tour! Before you, is the very object that ensures our demise, but also our safety, in the right hands as it has been. This, students and scholars, ladies and gentlemen, is the Eye of Alytiria.”

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