In service of my nation

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Patriotism is sure to be rewarded.

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



“Major Michail Bazarov, the board would like to see you.” It was a good day, indeed. After all his efforts, the board of generals would finally reward young Michail for his achievements. He expected a surprise party behind those thick, wooden doors.

The generals greeted him with a smile. “For your efforts and accomplishments in service of our great country, we wish to bestow upon you our utmost admiration.” Admiration? Yeah, right… Surely I deserve a medal, or at the very least a cake.

After the complement, the entire tone of the room changed. The expressions of everyone around Michail became more serious. “As you can probably understand, Major, our ideology, glorious as it may be, hinges on the idea of a strong leader.” Of course Michail knew that. All of his work served to strengthen the leadership of the great comrade. An empire could never survive without strong, powerful men at the top.

“I therefore take it you also understand the implications of your accomplishments. You’ve proven yourself brilliant. A bit too brilliant I’m afraid. If you keep this up, you risk upsetting the balanced structure we all enjoy.” Michail felt the cold steel of a barrel, pressing up against his neck. “The Soviet Union thanks you for your service.

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