Biting My Tongue

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This is my way of speaking out against a particularly horrid individual.

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



You act like you’re so sweet

Say how everything’s ‘so cute’

You’re a real ray of sunshine

But only when it suits.


I don’t want to sound clichéd

But you’re like Jekyll and Hyde

One minute your my best mate

Then I see your nasty side.


You think everyone else is rude

And trying to pick a fight

It can’t be that you’re to blame

Because you’re always right.


There’s no gratitude in your thank you.

You make please sounds like a threat.

There must be worse people out there.

I just haven’t met them yet.


You get all your rancid opinions

From the TV breakfast news

And spend the day shouting down

With your regurgitated views.


Here comes that word again,

You complain people are so rude

Never pausing for breath or to consider

It could be your bad attitude.


I’m not one for confrontation

I always try to bite my tongue

But the way you speak to people

Is just bloody wrong.


You wish people goodnight

Through your gritted teeth.

When you get up and leave the room

People sigh in relief.


You welcome other people’s misfortune

With a spoilt child smirk

You think you’re ‘oh so thoughtful’

But you’re a nasty piece of work.

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