The Splitting Of Atoms

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The final seconds after a nuclear explosion

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



There it was, the deafening crack


The unholy force of nuclear fission


The splitting of atoms, creating forces too strong to be understood 


We sat together and watched the mushroom cloud dance into the sky


Even from many kilometres away, we felt the incredible heat, it seared our flesh slowly 


To think, we all die because of the actions of stupid and selfish men


Who hunger only for power, to be the strongest in a world of strong people 


The earth rattles and quakes, the planet is weeping and suffers for our petulance 


The light was incredible, my vision was slowly enveloped in white 


I grabbed her hand and squeezed it hard, in a final attempt to express my love


Since the explosion had destroyed our hearing 


Our hands clenched, we waited for the shockwave to hit us 


And decimate us, reducing us down to nothing but dust 


We pay the ultimate price for another man's war 


A war we did not deserve 


I sensed a deep grumble in the ground


The earth was no longer weeping, it was hysterical with pain


At this point, I wasn't sure if  I was still alive 


There was so sound, just empty whiteness 


But then for a split second, I felt an intense and ripping pain, as my body was shredded into pieces 


The last thing  I remember was feeling her hand fly out of my own


And the tearing of my own cells



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