This is love, This is hell

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This is something iv written about the long steep hills you climb when trying to get over someone you love

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



Lost it all before, I'm not yours I'm mine, one touch is enough, everything I caress is mine, leave me alone for one last time. Talk like I'm with you tonight, nobody hurts like me for you, your water ain't wine so don't make me yours, im mine.

Slip, slip, slip into your silk dress, imma keep watching you dancing around in that smoke and flicker, stop being that light I'm use to knowing. Trying to touch the light that just slips through my hands, you don't blind like the sun, but you burn much worse. I'm stuck in the storm you have made from all that rain.

It's taking me so long, maybe I'm just to shy too see it, maybe I'm too pale to see it, maybe I'm too loud to scream, too quite whisper. I let myself in, I let myself worry, I let myself wonder what we could be, when I know we couldn't be. Did I say too much or did I not say enough? Whats wrong with my being, I thought I was here for this existence, it's the only one that's felt right. Why can this thick love not only last a year, cut off all the ropes and let it fall, I told this love to be patient and I told it I'll be fine, Its like your love is holding all the tickets and im holding all the fines.

Someone should know the fools love of telling me I'll be fine, but who the hell was I? I was always breaking at the bridge and not drawing on the lines, I'll always fall far behind, always just so fucking blind. Falling for you somehow, I just can't refuse to not be doing so good, I cant refuse to put my hand in the Lions mouth. Pouring out the colorful blood you once created, the blood I cannot get rid of. Stitch me up and cut me open again.

I tried to walk away from this city, but it's so big and I can see it all, every bright light, despite all my might, will I ever be alright? I've even tried to fly away, like a chem trail I spelt your name, I flew the 7 seas to get away from you, but somehow found myself sworn to you like a wing to it's plane. I found love where it wasn't suppose to be, although this isn't love, this is hell. No matter how hard I try, I will never leave, I'll just weave my way to the devil himself, the devil you created yourself.

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