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Abusive parents and a life of hell, time to escape and find a new life.

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017




It was seven o’clock on a typical Monday morning, my parents were rushing around getting ready to leave for work, neither of them thinking to come and check on me, they never did. Each day was the same thing, they would work all day, come home, eat and change their clothes then go out for the evening while I was locked in the house always on my own and never shown any love or attention.

I had no food to eat or anything to drink, I felt so forgotten, so unloved, people forgot that I even existed, never asking about me, they just carried on with their lives while I slowly died a sad and lonely death. If my parents did finally notice me it was just to blame me for all their problems, to call me names or even to take their problems out on me by kicking me or throwing things at me, I would try and roll into a very small ball in the corner of a room, crying silent tears. I had bald patches where my hair should have been, bruises covering other parts of my body. I sat huddled in the corner watching my parents finish getting ready and heading out the front door without so much of a glance behind them at me. They knew that I was there, how could they not, they just tried to forget me.

I heard the front door shut with a bang and I was all alone again. I shut my eyes tightly and tried to slow my breaths, I was shaking so badly, I knew that I had to try and do something, I was slowly dying and there was no one that could help me, so, I had to try and help myself. I had to wait for the right time, when the front door stayed open just a few seconds longer, enough time for me to gather every ounce of strength that I had, to run out of the door away from the torture and the hatred that existed inside the prison that was my home. I would find a new life, maybe a new family that would love me and look after me. I fell asleep dreaming of the new life that awaited me.

I was dreaming about making lots of friends, I never had a friend before; we would go and play outside of the house, my parents watching me with big smiles on their faces, showing me how much they love me. We would play hide and seek and even play catch, my parents would join in, they would watch me fall over then run over to tickle me, I would be laughing so much that tears would be running down my face.

I woke with a start, the front door slammed shut and I heard raised voices, my father was home, I tried to shrink, make myself as small as I could but I knew that he would still find me, he was good at that.

Footsteps were getting closer to where I hid, his voice was getting louder, I knew that he was not in a good mood; this meant that I was in trouble. I started to shake with fear, why could he not love me, what had I done wrong, why did it hurt so much?

“Sam, where are you?” he bellowed.

I lay as still as I could, maybe, if he could not find me, he would forget and leave me alone, but it was never to be, he was angry.

“Sam, get your arse in here NOW,” I knew that I would be found soon so, it was better for me to just go and face what was to come to me eventually. Making my way out of my safe haven, I slowly made my way into the kitchen where I could still hear his voice, he was getting angrier by the second, my whole body was beginning to shake, I knew what was coming, I did not know how much more I would be able to take.

He was pacing back and forth in the kitchen, his face was red with anger, both hands were clenched into fists by his sides, I slowly approached him, my head down, he would notice me standing there eventually, and he did.

“You useless piece of shit.” He bellowed down to me.

“I have had the worst day of my life and I have to come home and see your ugly face.”

The punches and the kicks started to rain down on me, I cowered as low as I could but he just would not stop, it hurt so bad but I could do nothing to stop the torture and pain from coming at me, my legs gave way and I had no choice but to lie on the floor, somewhere in the distance I heard the front door opening, now was my chance, I winced as I stood up, legs trying to buckle from underneath me, I turned and run towards the sound, before my mother had time to shut the door and my father to grab me from behind, I run past her and made my escape, as I run down the path and out through the gate, I could hear my parents chasing after me screaming, I was not going to stop now, I could not bear thinking about what more they would do to me if they caught me and dragged me back home. I kept running despite the pain in my whole body, the pain screaming for me to stop, but, I kept running, down the street and through the alleyways to a nearby field, once I got far enough away, I was able to sit and rest for a bit, the tears running down my face like a river running into the sea, for now, I was safe.

The sun was starting to fade and night was beginning to creep in, I had never been outside, ever since my parents brought me home, I had been kept indoors, away from anything in the outside world, I had never been given the chance to see what the sky looked like during the day, what different colours were and what birds sounded like. The moon was beginning to shine bright in the sky and different animals were beginning to show themselves, I was so scared, I had no idea what these weird creatures were. Hearing a noise behind me, I quickly turned around and saw a furry animal, he had a long bushy tail and little ears either side of his head, little brown eyes looked down at me then he quickly scuttled higher up into the tree. He seemed rather nervous of me and so I left him to do what he wanted as long as he left me alone. I hunkered down behind a bush and tried to rest. My whole body was covered in large blue and black bruises, there was a little dry blood on my face, tomorrow if it was safe, I would try and find some water to clean myself. I curled up in a tight ball and fell into a restless sleep, tossing and turning for the rest of the night; I was cold, hungry and sad. My first night out in the big wide world.

Tuesday 15th

Morning came quickly and so did the rain, it came down so heavy so I decided to stay where I was, at least it was some kind of shelter until it calmed down then I would have to move on. I had no home to go to, it was not safe to go back home, my parents would beat me until I took my last breath, so I knew that it was best to get as far away from home as possible, I just had no idea where.  I stood up on painfully bruised legs and took a few small steps forward, today was going to be a long hard day, first I needed to find some food.

Leaving the comfort and safety of the woods, I started to make my way out towards the road, I was so scared, I had no idea where to go or where to even look for something to eat, but, I kept on walking in hope.

Across the road from the woods, I lifted my head up into the air, I could smell something, it was really nice, my stomach started to rumble in protest to being empty, I started to move towards the smell, it was getting much stronger, I reached the road and noticed people sitting outside a building with plates of food in front of them, my mouth started to water and before I knew it, I was crossing the road towards them.

“What you want?” someone shouted at me.

“Please I am hungry, can you spare some food please?” I asked them.

“Get away from me, go on.”

“Please just a little.”

A man came out and kicked me, with fear in my eyes; I turned and run off down the road. Why did everyone hate me so much, was I that bad that people just wanted to hurt me? I run down an alley way and hid behind a big rubbish cart, I decided to stay there until it got dark then go hunting for food, I was sure that it would be much safer for me.

It was pitch black by the time I woke up later, it was eerily quiet and so it was time for me to go foraging in the large bin.

The lid was already open and the smell of old, rotting food rose deep into my nostrils, I felt my stomach start to turn but I had to eat, no one was going to help me but myself, jumping up, I made my way in and started to look for my dinner.

My stomach was so full on thrown away burgers and sandwiches, I realised that people wasted to so much food but finally my stomach was satisfied, I was hidden well behind the bin and decided to spend the rest of the night there, no one seemed to come down the alley and felt a little safer, I curled up into a tiny ball and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

Wednesday 16th

I woke up to very loud and angry shouting, raising my head quickly, I saw a large man with angry eyes and a deep red face staring down at me, I knew immediately that if I stayed there he would beat me just like my father, I got up, dodged his arms reaching down for me and run for my life, I run so fast away from the alley way and run as far as I could before I had to stop for breath, I was gasping for air, my whole body was still hurting, I was so tired from constantly being hurt by people, I just wanted to be loved and I wanted to love.

There did not seem to be anywhere that I could hide, I had already been walking for hours, darkness was coming in again and the temperature had got so cold, I had to find somewhere to sleep and quick before it got too late.

A bridge came into view, it was old and I could hear a faint sound of water, approaching it slowly, I saw a dark tunnel going underneath it, looking around, I saw a small stream but not much else, peering into the tunnel I noticed that it seemed quite dry and warmer than some of the places I had slept. I found a space inside the tunnel and sat down, the bruises were beginning to fade a little but my muscles and bones were hurting but my heart, was something that was going to take a very long time to heal, if it ever did.

Thursday 17th

Four days I have been on the streets now, I have noticed that I have lost a little weight, that did not surprise me in the least. In the middle of the night, I heard something in the stream and noticed that I had company, lots and lots of tiny fish, I knew what I was going to have for dinner today, all I had to do was try and catch them, I had never been fishing and did not know the first thing about catching fish but I had to either give it a try or starve to death. I never thought that I would ever manage to catch one, no one had ever taken me fishing, my father never had time for me let alone show me something like this. I was having fun, even though the fish, however small, were really fast. I kept it up and finally the hard work paid off, I had a few fish ready to be eaten. Taking the fish back under the bridge, I began to eat. I have to admit that the taste of raw fish was not something that I was about to get used to but I was just about starved, I had nothing else, I had no idea if or when I would get my next bite.

After finishing my food, I hid the scraps then curled up into a small ball and tried to get some well needed rest, I had lost count of how many days I had been living on the streets now, but, I had faith that, one day, someone would find me and take me into their loving arms and, take him home. A tear made its way out of my eye and slipped down my cheek, I had no idea that I still had any tears left, thought I was all cried out.

The sun was bright the next morning and I could hear the birds singing happily away, high in the tree tops. It had been another cold, miserable night and I was starting to slowly give up hope.

A noise made me jump up, leave the safety of the bridge and hide around the other side, nearer to the stream. People were making their way under the bridge, I had moved just in time, I had no idea what would happen if they had seen me. I wish that I could find a home, not the one that I had run from, a loving, safe one. I had no idea, that my journey was soon going to come to an end. Until then, I had to keep moving, keep safe.

Friday 18th

The morning came far too soon, I was still huddled under the bridge from the night before, cold, hungry and still alone. Today I noticed that the sun was shining high in the sky and there was not a sound apart from the birds singing their usual cheerful song.

I uncurled myself and stretched out my weary bones to prepare for the day ahead. In desperate need for food, I knew that I needed to leave the bridge and go in search for it.

I decided, that, I wanted this nightmare to end, I had had enough and wanted to find a nice loving family, one that would look after me, love me and keep me safe but, that seemed like a lifetime away, first I needed to find food and another place to sleep when night comes.

It was busy on the roads this morning, so many people were out and about doing their business, not noticing me at all, this was good, I did not want them to see me until I needed them too, I was taking a big risk with so many people but, I was so hungry.

I crossed over the road and started to walk down the left side, in front of a row of shops, I could smell the food, it had to be close. My heart was pounding, what if someone chased me away again, all I wanted was a little bite to eat, at that thought, my stomach growled and then I saw it, the place where people sat outside eating, drinking and laughing. People taking time out of their day to meet up with their friends, surely they would be in a good enough mood to share a little.

I slowed my steps down, approached a table with caution, two ladies were sitting at a table talking quietly, one looked a little upset, I could see tears in her eyes. I stepped a little closer, the lady with tears in her eyes seemed to sense me and looked up, right into my eyes. She smiled, and it caused me to stop in my tracks, I had to look behind me just in case I was mistaken, but no, it was me she was looking at.

I moved a little closer and she pulled me over to her, she put her arm around me and started to talk. I was speechless; she was actually talking to me.

“Hey, what are you doing out here all alone?”
She seemed really nice, I looked into her eyes and they seemed kind, they were green in colour, a bit like the grass but nicer, clearer; her hair was brown, long down one side. I don’t know how hold she is, I am not good with ages but the main thing was, she noticed me.

“You hungry? Here you go you can share this toast with me.”
She handed it to me and I think I swallowed it without chewing or tasting it as I was that hungry I did not have time to think. She saw how quickly I ate it and waved a waitress over to order more.

“Where is your mum little man? You should not be out here alone.”
I could not answer her as I was so shocked by the turn of events. Her friend was looking at her with a shocked look on her face.
“What are you going to do with him Ebony?”
“I’m not sure, I can’t just leave him here, I will just have to take him home then work it out. What do you think?”
“Maybe you’re right. Poor thing, how could someone lose him?”
“Because no one cares in today’s world Lisa, too busy caught up in their own lives.”
I just sat there; not taking my eyes off the lady that I now know is called Ebony.


Once they were finished and I had eaten the rest of the toast, the ladies rose from their seats and moved away from the cafe, I followed behind them slowly, not sure of what to do, was I meant to follow or just stand there, I wasn’t sure.

“Come on young man, let us get you home, warm, and find out where your mother is, she must be really missing you and will be worried sick.”
I know she would not care where I was or even if I was alive or dead, but I was not going to tell this woman that, she would want to know the full story and that would be telling her what my father was like, I didn’t want anyone to know, no one needed to know.

My eyes scanned the large white house that we had arrived at, I could not believe it , I had never seen a house this big in my entire life, my old house was so tiny, we were all practically living on top of each other, this house could fit ten families at least. She opened the door, and ushered me slowly in, allowing me to take in all that greeted me. There were large mirrors and pictures on the walls, really soft cream carpets, which made me retreat straight back to the front door and wipe my feet, I was slightly embarrassed not to have thought to have done that the second she opened the door and allowed me to enter.
As I went to walk forward again, I stopped suddenly, there in front of me was a dirty print, I did not wipe my feet in time, she was going to beat me. I turned to run but she called me, stopping near the door, I cowered away from her, getting ready for the fists to start flying. They didn’t come.

Uncovering my eyes, I looked up and saw her staring at me with concern in her eyes, she walked up to me, sat down on the floor so she was at eye level with me and pulled me gently into her arms, I had never felt the kindness and love like this before, it was alien to me but, I liked it. She pulled me closer and kissed me on the top of my head.

“Whatever has happened to you, little one, you do not have to worry anymore, I am here and I will look after you and love you the way you deserve. No one will ever hurt you again. I promise.”
I believe her, for once in my life, I actually believed in this person, this woman who I knew nothing about, apart from the fact that she was showing me love.

From that day, she kept to her word, no one ever came forward to claim me, no posters were put up asking for help in finding me. I was grateful for that, I did not want to have to go back home to my abusive parents, I was happy where I was.

One problem was, she still had to give me a name, I could not tell her what I used to be called, there was no point. One day she came home with a big smile on her face, picking me up in her arms, she cuddled me close to her and whispered in my ear.

“I thought about it all day, and I have it, your new name. I hope you like it, when I met you it was my lucky day, the state you were in when I met you, it was lucky that I found you, so the name suits you perfectly. How does Lucky sound? I love you Lucky.”

I moved my head and looked her in the eyes; she was my saviour, my hero and now my new Mother. I poked my tongue out and licked her all over the face, letting her know that I was very happy with the new name.

Finally, I found my best friend, a home to call my own. Now I can live the life I was meant to live, a dog’s life.

Because of the love and kindness that my forever Mother gave me, I lived to the ripe old age of thirteen before I had to say good bye and go to another place. I did not want to leave her as she never left me, but, my heart gave out. I still watch over her and she senses me around her all the time. Now, all I have to do is wait until we are reunited once again.

The End



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