My Enemy's Name.

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A very short piece of writing about my mental turmoil following a breakup.

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017




Fear and Judgement be mine enemy's name.
I have assessed them thoroughly. I know how it is and why they defeat me and leave me in ruin each time we come face to face. Which, by all accounts, is an even larger nuisance than it already is because I now know what must be done in order to bring them crumbling down. I had my "Eureka!" moment on how to vanquish them from existence. The trouble has been, my thoughts and emotions are themselves their own tribes, with individual beliefs and rules on how they must conduct themselves. This in a time of war is no good, to be frank, it's quite abysmal. All too stubborn and contradicting, busy bickering over the minor details pinning each other's short comings as the guilty party. Meanwhile, their lives are corrupted and taken apart beyond reconciliation. All this idiocy when what must be done is for them to band together, find a balance and create stability. This way their combined fortitude can hold fast from the creeping force of destruction. If only the stubborn buggers would be rational, I'd wager they could do something more than a little marvellous.

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