Zodiac: Sakura Chronicles

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On the planet of Sakura, life is free and full of adventure, however those that are brave enough walk the path of becoming “The Zodiac”; The Zodiac, the one who is blessed by Mother Sakura to lead the land to a new era, however with the current Zodiac destroying the regions, and for the first time EVER disturbing the peace, maybe the truth about…-
A Tournament is held to challenge the Zodiac, and only will Celestial Trainers be allowed to take part; first, you must train to materialize a Tulpa, and then earn ten Star Chips to begin your adventure…-

Table of Contents

Episode One: Gray Himalayan

Submitted: July 17, 2017

Table of Content:
{One Tulpa per Gym Battle}
{You will win a Red Chip via Gym Battle, and Blue via Street Battle}
{Recovery Centers are located throughout all of the Regions}

(Sagittarius is the beginning region of the planet; once a beautiful green region, the site of Sagittarius is now the home of the enslaved Xeah race, a short race of red haired humanoids that have eyes like that of the Ruby Sea.)
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