Random Ramblings of the Day 7/17

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Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



I'm sitting here at work right now, late appointments means free time.Free time means boredom.  So, yeah there you go... Not much today going on actually got caught up with my work enough infact I could get a head start on prepping tomorrows paperwork, but that would mean more free time tomorrow. #1stworldproblems.


The dark clouds are rolling in, so another rainy day it seams. infact just in time for me to leave work so yea! rush hour traffic and rain woohoo!


So Saturday I was discussing some issues with someone and tried to come up with a solution to fight my boughts of depression.  See the problem with me is while others fight depression with meds I more of a "what can I change in my life to change the way I feel?" kind of person.  So normally I color my hair or get it cut or some other shallow/vain notion.  Instead I thought I should make a change in my day to day actions, you know like pick up a hobby, so yeah as I was saying I was discussing this with some Saturday and decided that will I would love to learn something new and exciting, but coundn't really think of anything so I decided it would be better to make an internal change first and then come back to it.  So I started thinking about people in Aulstralia's outback that go on walkabouts, or people who disapear for a period of time and come back with a new perspective.  Now while I may not be ready to buy that plane ticket and head to the Navajo Desert, I decied to pick up hiking, something I need to plan and work out. And hopefully by next year save up and take an extended vacation from work and get lost in the wilds of where ever for a undetermained amount of time and maybe I'll have a diffrent outlook on life.  I have a saving you can't find something if it's not lost, so I figured if I got lost I could find myself. (that's some deep shit).


When I was younger I imagined my self a world travler, I was fearless infact on may occasion my mom would tell me how it amazed her how I would get these wild hairs and just get up and go i.e. driving home from work one night there was a radio commercial for the Grand Ole Opry and I thought to myself "gee I would love to go to the Grand Ole Opry".  When I got home I went online and bought tickets and booked a hotel, and a few weeks later I got in my POS car and drove from Florida all the way to Tennessee.  After the show I decided to squirrel and instead of going to a hotel I just drove.  Took a night drive through the Smokey mountains, and just kept driving.  Stopped around 3am at a hotel slept a few hours and then jsut kept driving.  Did a big circle around Tennesse and then took a scenic route home.  Smaller examples would be not being able to sleep at night so I would just get up and walk the city, hours on end.  Come home shower and go to work.  I used to be spontatious and now i'm as predictable as the hands on the clock.  I miss me, I miss what I should be doing and I can't quite figure out how to get some of that back.  When I leave work in a few minutes, the same people will make the same comments "and where do you think you are going?" "home" "you can't go home who told you, you could go home?" "me".  Then I'll get in my car and drive the same route hell I'll even move into diffrent lanes at the same place I did the day before.  Why? because that my friend is called living in a rut.




Random ramblings of the day over... Till we meet again.

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