It only takes a second

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Jake is an eighteen-year-old boy who had it all, but not everyone loves you and everything can be ruined and it only takes a second

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



“Wake up you lazy piece of garbage!” Jake looked up to see two people one was his friend Ryan, and right behind Ryan was a shadowy figure who looked like Jake’s father. Jake looked around and he was still barley standing due to the sixteen shots that preceded Jakes finest moment. Jake began to crawl around the marble floors like a madman as if it would help some of the alcohol escape his dying liver. The floors were filled with pizza boxes, liquor, and teenagers from his high school and some he had never seen before. I guess this was the party of the century Jake thought to himself. Jake looked behind him again Ryan was still trying to get his attention. The shadowy figure behind Ryan began to laugh.

“Your dead” Jake chuckled “I don’t need you anymore”.

Ryan began to laugh “Dude you are seriously wasted”

Jake could feel his stomach turning and he decided the floor was the perfect place to release the alcohol trapped in his stomach. Jake could see burger pieces from his lunch at Jimmy’s earlier that day. His throw up and the floors seamed to blend right in front of his eyes. Jake looked over at the kitchen, he wished he could get some water only if he could move. Jake could see the path to the kitchen where the marbled white floors split of and became the shiny white floors of the kitchen. Jake could see dished piled to the celling all the way from the living room.

Jake began to laugh “Don’t you clean up in here Ryan”

Ryan walked over and kicked Jake in the chest “Dude I can’t believe I used to fear you, you are nothing more than a muddle piece of garbage” “Guess what buddy I finally got a sweet taste of your girlfriend in there she was actually much better than I expected”

Jake was trying so hard just to stand up he knew he wouldn’t be able to but, the thought alone made him happy. His dreams were all he had now. Ryan wanted to be king so badly he was prepared to do anything to get it. Jake didn’t even want to be the so called king of the school but his father had always told him that the world was trash and you are either on top of it or under it.

That didn’t sit to well with Ryan because he was always gunning for the top spot. Jake had the prettiest girlfriend who he had just recently begin to fall in love with. Ryan was always a good friend to Jake and never showed any signs of hostility. Jake would even go as far as to say that Ryan was his best friend. Ryan didn’t see it that way, Jake was an obstacle nothing more and he would do anything to have what Jake had.

Jake didn’t care about being on top but he also didn’t want to fade away. Jakes father did not accept failure and Jake always wanted to make him proud but you are never the son or daughter your father wants you to be. You could always be a lot cooler or smarter Jakes mom died of breast cancer when he was five and his Dad died in a car crash last month.

“I guess that makes me an Orphan woooo hooooo!” Jake said aloud

“What the hell are you talking about Jake, I must have spiked your drink even more than I intended”

Ryan began to drag Jake into the next room. “I want you to see what happens when you cross me” Jake looked down still in a daze, he saw hardwood floors and shiny white walls, if this wasn’t clearly hell, Jake may have thought this was heaven. The bright lights in the hallways shined so much that it made Jake wince.

Jake began to cough loudly. Ryan smiled as he looked down at Jake there was nothing more beautiful than watching the “ruler of the school” so beneath him. Jake was drooling at this point and singing songs to himself.

“Who do you think you are Mr. good stuff, you never gonna get my love! Oh Yea! Oh Yea!”

Ryan was pissed “Is this a Joke to you” Ryan stop dragging Jake and looked down at him. “You best friend drugged you, beat you up and raped your girlfriend. Is this a game to you”?

Ryan Hated seeing Jake smile. Ryan was finally winning he was finally getting everything he wanted. How can anyone smile after what he had done? Jake was honestly just too drunk to notice. He was a happy drunk nothing could get in his way when he was intoxicated.

Ryan began dragging Jake up the Mahogany stairwell it was the most beautiful brown Jake had ever seen. He was so focused on the stairs he forgot to ask where Ryan was taking him. Part of him didn’t even care.

Ryan Opened the soft white door and as the door creaked open Jake saw a bright blinding light and he couldn’t even think as the light seamed to stab directly to the brain.

Ryan grabbed Jake and screamed “Look at that best buddy that’s Jennifer” Jake looked around and he saw several empty condom wrappers on the floor and lights and a High-tech video camera. Football Jerseys and Jeans littered the floor and in a small dark corner was the dress Jake bought Jennifer for her birthday. Jake’s girlfriend Jennifer was on the bed unconscious her legs were spread open and her face was plastered with unrecognizable liquids. Some of the liquids where possibly alcohol, some of it was something else entirely.

Ryan picked Jake up and slammed him to the wall. “your life is a lie, your friends are your enemies and all of the people who pretend to love you actually hate you. You pretentious bastard.” “Every guy at school couldn’t wait to have a turn with Jennifer but, of course I got first dibs because I am the true king of the school”.

Jake began to laugh, the type of laughter you get when you here a joke so funny and unexpected that your sides begin to hurt as soon as you hear it.

“ How long will that last Ryan! What happens when they no longer worship you” What happens when they no longer love you and they want what you have!” “then what my friend! What happens after that!”

Ryan let Jake go and Jake slid to the floor, he still could barely hold himself up but at least his senses were coming back

“I’m not you Jake. I don’t trust anyone I keep everyone at an arm’s length” I don’t have friend or family my parents are practically nonexistent.  “Jake its 11:30 PM on a Wednesday and they aren’t here which means school is all I have.” “This world is all I have”

Jake actually felt sorry for him he understood that type of pain more than anyone but Jake didn’t give a damn the fact is that he took it to far. Jake knew that in another ten minutes he would be able to move again and Ryan can not beat him in a fight even while drunk so as soon as he had the opportunity Jake was going to beat the living hell out of Ryan. Until then he had to keep him talking.

Jake looked up “If you wanted the throne all you had to do was ask”. “I don’t want it; it was too much work anyway you think I knew everyone wanted my spot as a matter of fact I lived off of it. Watching everyone’s envious stares gave me power and I loved it but, if you wanted it you could have”.

Ryan kneeled so he can be face to face with Jake. “That is a beautiful offer believe me, but you and I both know you aren’t elected king.” “You take the power by force or you die a loser it is a simple as that”

Jake began to wiggle his fingers and smile. “All Hail King Ryan”

That pissed Ryan off more than anything it wasn’t easy to do this. He did want to have sex with Jennifer but he wanted her to want him. He wanted what Jake had but he wanted to do it by being better than him. It was taking too long though they were already seniors and Jake only seamed to get smarter and stronger as time went on. Ryan thought after everyone saw the video of Jennifer and how defenseless Jake was they will know that he isn’t worthy.

“Everything ends” Jake whispered.

“what the hell is that supposed to mean!” Ryan said tightening his fist.

“High school ends, college ends, your job ends, and one day your life will too” Jake coughed and put his hand over his mouth.

“Are you trying to say this was all for nothing” Ryan grabbed Jakes throat.

“Everything is for nothing” Jake punched Ryan in the face and pushed him on the ground. Jake stood up and Ryan remembered why Jake was so menacing. Jake was a muscular man and he was about 6’3. While Jake was on the floor he seemed like such a helpless loser but now Jake was on the offensive. Jake punched Ryan in the face and picked him up. Ryan tried to punch back and Jake tried to dodge but he was still kind of drunk so he stumbled. When he regained his footing he punched Ryan again and then, body slammed him on the hard wood floor.

“Ryan this world, High school means nothing. All I wanted was a friend.” “Everyone else Sucks, I have known you since middle school” “What happened to the smile that my friend used to wear”? “What happened to video games and anime afterschool” “I guess you forgot what it means to be a friend let me refresh your memory”
Jake Punched Ryan in the stomach and kicked him in the chest before he could hit the floor. “Friendship is supposed to be forever but you forgot about that didn’t you”.

Ryan couldn’t even speak he had let this world control him and he didn’t even care about anything else All he knew was that he wasn’t going to let Jake win he had come this far and he wasn’t going down without a fight. So Ryan got back up and tried to punch Jake. Jake knew he couldn’t dodge anymore so he just blocked all of the punches. Ryan slipped on a condom wrapper and fell to the floor. When Jake saw that he remembered that his girlfriend was on the bed right next to him. Naked and defiled because of his so called friend. Jake was even angrier now. His mind began to become clearer so he punched Ryan in the face each punch feeling harder than the last and his knuckles became a bloody mess. Some of the blood was Jakes but most of it was Ryan’s. Jake could see the light in Ryan’s Eyes begin to fade. Jake checked to see if Ryan was still breathing and stopped hitting him.

 Jake got up and grabbed Jennifer he took a towel from Ryan’s Bathroom and wrapped her in it. Jake also grabbed the camera on the way out. The Jet black camera was covered in sweat but, Jake tried not to think about it. Jake walked down the chocolate stairs and made his way out of the door and put Jennifer in the front seat. She was still unconscious but she was still breathing and Jake didn’t want to take her to the hospital. He didn’t want anyone to know about what happened to her.  Jake was eighteen when his father died so they allowed him to keep the house so he would have no one to bother him as he tried to piece the broken remains of his and his girlfriend’s life.

Jake started the car without any energy, he was still a little intoxicated so he knew this was a bad idea but what choice did he have. He wasn’t going to stay here. Jake looked at his watch that his father gave him it was Three thirty in the morning. Jake turned on the headlights which seemed to shine on a better future. As the car revved up Jennifer began to open her eyes.

“Please stop” She whispered “I don’t want to do this just leave me alone” “Jake!” “Jake!”

“Babe I’m here” Jake said trying to calm her down

He stroked her hair and sung to her “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.”

Jennifer looked up “Jake!” She said grabbing him and crying “it was awful it was the worst thing that has ever happened to me”

Jake looked at her and turned in his seat and looked at her “are you still dizzy or drunk Jen?”

“I am still a little groggy but, I don’t need to go to the hospital I don’t want to.”

Jake looked at her and smiled he tried to keep down his rage but, it showed. Jennifer began to rub his face and kiss him.

“I don’t blame you” Jennifer said tears streaming down her face.”

Jake began to cry too “You should”

Jake began to drive he was angry focused on the road thinking about how he is going to deal with this tomorrow. He thought maybe he should kill Ryan. He doesn’t have much to live for these days his mother is gone, his father is gone and his only real friend had just betrayed him. He couldn’t even look at his girlfriend without feeling guilt. Killing Ryan wouldn’t be too bad in light of all of that. Then he thought to himself that would be to easy. Ryan needed to suffer for what he has done. While he was thinking about the whole thing he noticed he wasn’t paying attention to the road. He was doing sixty-five in a forty-mile zone and the road looked like a blur of black and yellow. Jake thought to himself what the hell is wrong with me. Jake looked over and Jennifer had already dozed off again she was barley awake anyway. As he thought about that someone was behind him and this person hit his bumper. As soon as he was hit his body jerked forward and his front Jean pocket began to vibrate. It was Ryan, Jake answered the phone.

“That was quite the beating you gave me loser!” Ryan said blasting through the cell phone. “This isn’t over you have evidence in there that could send me to Jail, so either I go to Jail or you meet your father!”

Jake almost began to laugh out of all the horrible thoughts that he wanted to do to Ryan turning him in to the police wasn’t even on his mind. Jake wanted to be the one to give the punishment telling anyone else had not even crossed his mind. Ryan was still trying to crush Jake. Ryan’s all black Jeep looked like the grim reaper in the night. The red paint was slowly being chipped off of Jakes car as if the car was slowly bleeding and dying like a human being. Jake was surprised no one was on the street watching this.

Jake began to scream at Ryan “Listen you are wasting your time! I don’t even want to turn you in, when I get home I plan to destroy this stupid tape and I hope no one ever see’s it”

Ryan laughed “you expect me to believe that garbage I had my way with your girl there is only one way this ends and peacefully is not an option.”

Jake decided to hang up the phone he was not going to be persuaded and Jake needed to focus on keeping his composure and keeping his girlfriend safe. Ryan didn’t like that, not one bit. He decided he would drive up right next to him. The road they were on was a two lane road with a bold yellow line separating them. Ryan had officially declared that he no longer cared about his life. Is he really so dedicated to keep the façade he called his life covered? Who cared that he wasn’t going to be popular. Apparently he doesn’t see anything beyond high school and honestly it’s sad.

Jake began to speed up even if it was the last thing he did he was going to save his girlfriend. So Jake sped up passed Ryan and turned a corner. Ryan lost him where their High school met the sidewalk. At night the school looked like a creepy jailhouse. There were houses everywhere and Jake was still turning corners. Ryan was getting angry did he turn at the peach house, or the red house, did he turn at the old white house there were three corners and Ryan just kept turning. He had lost everything and he was going to make sure Jake lost everything as well. All of a sudden Ryan saw a Red car flashing its lights on and off.

Jake poke his head out of his car and screamed, “If this is how it is then let’s go! I will destroy you Jake said.”

Jake began to rev his engine making sure the dirt hit Ryan’s jeep. Jake drove on the road again looking for a wasteland or some type of open environment to finish this. It was time to put this to rest, Jake was tired and annoyed it was time to let go, this was no longer his friend he was an obstacle. Jake found it, he saw an old parking lot and parked. Ryan parked as well, the parking lot looked like a construction project. It’s like they were going to do it but they never go around to it. It was depressing and soul sucking and it was perfect.

 Jake put his arms up. “Let’s talk”

© Copyright 2018 Jake Sears. All rights reserved.

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