Key of Coros Island

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An island called Coros, holds a dark secret that was accidentally unleashed. Now two souls are pitted against one another to decide the fate of the future.

Author's Note: I'm not sure if I want to continue I feel like it's better with that somewhat cliffhanger so unless a good chunk of readers want to see it continue part two won't be coming for a very long time!

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



Robert Rivera walked into a cold colorless room where the only light was from a lamp on a nearby desk. He shut the door, took the chair from the desk, and placed it in front of an old man  about seventy-six years old sitting a bed across from the desk. The man was a colleague of Robert’s three years ago, his name is Jason Alca, he used to be a famous college professor for archaeologist but now he just sits on a bed with a dazed look on his face.

“Who are you?!” he spoke in a low voice

“Jason, it’s me don’t you remember? Your old student Robert.”

“Are you the one who put me in here? Why did you put me in here?” Jason quietly asked.

“I’m not the one who put you in here, I’m just one of your former students.”

“Oh yea I remember you, straight a suck up! Always trying to be my right hand man.”

“A little hurtful but truth is the truth. So tell me do you remember anything from the last excavation from five years ago?”

Robert was not only a student of Jason but was also on the same archeologist team that was researching a civilization that like all others mysteriously vanished. This group worshipped some five strange statues on a small remote island. It was during this expedition that Jason got seriously injured and hasn’t been the same since.

“No you’re the man from the supermarket, I couldn’t forget the face of a man who threw me out of the store.”

Robert shakes his head and grabs a piece of paper and pen from his pack and writes something down for Jason and hands it to him.  

“Why are you here?” Jason asked staring at the piece of paper in his hands.

“I need your help, do you remember that strange island we found in which we were hoping would lead us to the village where the tribe Coros lived?”

Jason crumpled the paper in his hands and tossed it at Robert’s head, quickly dodging the paper but getting hit with a pillow Jason threw too fast for Robert to dodge and was knocked out of his seat.

“What the hell was that for you senile old man.” Robert asked standing up and rubbing his head while Jason bursted out laughing.

Robert stood up quickly and started to get angry “Oh so you think that’s funny, well do you know what else is funny? This pillow going right where the sun don’t….” before he could finish Jason interrupted him

“That thing you’re wearing around your neck… That key where did you find it?” there was look of uncomfortableness on Jason’s face.

“This old thing, don’t worry about it, just something I found on my travels excavating.”

Hanging from a chain around Robert’s neck was a rusty key, it looked just like any other key, except for the eerie red color it bore.

“Let’s get back to the subject at hand, I meet up with some of our old teammates to try to locate the coordinates to the temple after the originals were lost when you fell, however we had no luck, so I was hoping you might’ve written down somewhere else like a copy of the notebook you wrote the coordinates in. Can you think of anything like that?”

“Listen pipsqueak I ain’t never been out of this place for like twenty years.”

“You have!” Robert was growing angry now because it felt like Jason knew something and is playing dumb with him but managed to catch and calm himself before he did something regrettable “Okay then can you at least do me a favor?”

Jason nodded and so Robert reached into his backpack and pulled out a notebook after flipping through a few pages stopped and handed the notebook to Jason.

“Do you know what any of this means? It’s written in some strange language that nobody can seem to decode but do I think you can read it, after all you’ve studied many ancient languages in the past.”

Jason snatched the notebook from Robert’s hands and looked over it for quite some time before handed it back to Robert.

“No, none of this looks familiar nor makes any sense to me at all, it just looks like some three year old who scribbled on piece of paper.”

“I know right you’d think for an ancient civilization that built giant statues they would have better handwriting… Anyways I was hoping you would be able to, I feel this message has something important we need to know about the tribe.”

“Hey tell me why do you care so much about finding this place again, I mean what do you plan to do after finding it?” Jason asked looking down fidgeting with his hands like he was nervous of something.

“I want to go back to the Coros Village and look for some clues as to what this being that they worshipped. That’s all you need to know.”

“Listen here, first you come into my room asking me ridiculous questions and expect me to know the answers when I don’t even know who you are. But when I ask you what’s so important about finding this damn place you just brush me off? I tried my best to help you kid I really did, I told you everything I know…. Now get out before I call the nurse!” Jason was pissed now and stood up from the bed. Robert looked him into the eyes that’s when Jason saw something weird, Jason’s eyes bore a color to that of a monster, a bloody red color. Seeing the red in his eyes Robert knew he was in trouble and backed away quickly.

“F..fine I’ll go” Robert stammered “but I just want to know one thing…. You’re not the real Jason are you? You’re just some impersonator aren’t you? Some kind of monster roaming free from it’s master!”

“Monster? The hell you talking about, what makes you think I’m some kind of monster, because I got angry at you, You think you can just call me a monster? How about you? Coming over uninvited and asking me a thousand questions” Jason shouted his eyes returning to normal.

“Yeah I guess you’re right?” Robert laughed as though relieved, “Maybe I’m just paranoid or something.”

“Today’s generation I swear. No respect for their elders.” Jason scoffed.

“You know what? For being so rude earlier, I’ll make it up to you by answering your question about how I got the key but first you should knew it’s history” Robert grinned taking a seat in the chair he was thrown off of earlier. “You see ages ago, the earth was ruled by a very powerful monster who thought of this planet as it’s own personal playground. Destroying villages and would took the lives of anyone who didn’t obey it, however one day when it was just minding it’s own business sitting villages on fire, doing absolutely nothing wrong, some stranger appeared before it and used a strange artifact to seal its powers away in what would later be called the ‘Sealed Sin’. the mysterious stranger then tried to hide it’s existence so that the world would never again be shrouded in chaos which worked, well that is until your friend found one of the seals and released me.”

“What does any of this have to do with me?” Jason asked puzzled

“Well at first nothing, I just merely wanted the coordinates to get back to the island where the other half of my power is but now I doubt that it’s even there anymore, in fact I think I know where it is…. After all this vessel wasn’t the only one who had contact with the key isn’t that right?” Robert just smiled at Jason.

“I knew that island was trouble from when we found those strange statues in the center of the island.” Jason grumbled

“What’s that? Oh so now you remember or maybe you always knew and were just pretending to be crazy. Either way I honestly don’t care but because you had me repeat myself over and over again, I’m going to make you suffer the best way I know how.”

Jason quickly got up and ran for the door, however before he could the door to the hallway was quickly blocked off by purple flames trapping Jason in the room.

“This is all too easy I at least want to have some fun before plunging the world into chaos so how about we a play a game, if I win I kill you and get the last of my power back but if you win well I’ll let you live.”

“So if accept and lose I’ll be killed and the world is destroyed but if I win I’ll live and you don’t get your powers back. What if I refuse?”

“First of all if you refuse I’ll just have to punish your precious family one by one till you accept and trust me it’ll be so painful that you’ll want to step in. Secondly even if you win I’ll still get my powers back I just won’t kill you, well not right away! So shall we begin the game? The rules are simple all you have to do is avoid me until the moon and the sun cross paths, manage to do that and you win, if you lose well I just told you, however if you chose not to participate your precious family will be the first to pay for the consequences.”

As the flames died down Jason could feel his heart wanting to burst from his chest, he didn’t want to play but he had no other choice, he made a dash out of the door, ran down the hall and out of the building where he soon found himself back where everything started, Coros Island. Looking behind him he saw Robert flying towards him, Jason darted for the forest and the game to decide the fate of the future begun.



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