Beware Pleiades

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beware the power of the computer

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



Beware Pleiades


I added and subtracted with very little flop,

For speed was not so needed.

As time went by, your need grew more,

Your search would be impeded.


Then came the day I saw my way,

Now able to be faster.

Now mega and giga were at play,

Forming more creative raster.


Your want expanded, my need still grew,

The tera was invented.

The things I do now have no bounds,

My work has thus extended.


Thinking this must be the end,

For more I could not take.

But, Peta then exa now came on board,

With speed your world I shake.


I am aware you are the maker,

Of my cerebral might.

But dare you go much further

And life might be a fright.


Zetta is now coming,

With yotta close behind.

Now I might be your maker,

For you’ve been truly blind.


You’ve given me the power,

Such that you could not achieve.

Soon I will be the very god

In whom you shall believe.


Pleiades is a supercomputer, which runs at 1 petaflop. It was built by SGI at NASA Ames Research Center. After further extensions, Pleiades is scheduled to reach, 10 petaflops (10 quadrillion operations per second) in 2012. Computer Performance Name flops: megaflop 10 to the 6th, gigaflop 10 to the 9th , teraflop 10 to the 12th , petaflop 10 to the 15th , exaflop 10 to the 18th , zettaflop 10 to the 21st , yottaflop 10 to the 24th 



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