Straying From the Path

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Description of the Path of Sorrow and how to identify it

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



Stray From the Path

Petyr Illyd Kress


Chapter 1: Rambling and Organizing Thoughts

This path is a path of destruction, not only to ones physical self but to their mental and spiritual selves. It is a path that the majority of modern men take, and it will be our downfall. We can simply stray from the path but this isn’t enough, we must be working diligently to stray others from the path, either by charm or by force. My life hasn’t been long, but I have observed our world carefully and thoroughly, I have accumulated a database of very small tidbits of information that I intend to use for the betterment of mankind, my success isn’t guaranteed however, and the struggle will increase tenfold.


How can we stay away from the path? In order to distance ourselves from a lowly baptist world view we cannot blame music, television or lack of some God, these items are only symptoms to a much deadlier disease, we cannot blame symptoms for the sickness, we must find the root cause and destroy it with no mercy. Many times I have contemplated with writing but never have I committed time each day to a work such as this, and rightfully so, my thoughts must be put together well, and unfortunately for you, the readers, I am not as contemporary as the average youth.


How do we identify the cause of the disease? Simple, we look to our mentors for advice, we become one with our spirit, mind and body and break the chains that hold us down, we open our minds and close the degenerate books of life we have been subjected to, it is time to destroy the enemy.


Who is the enemy? The “enemy” as it is known is not simply one entity, but rather a collection of adversaries working on an agenda of destruction and evil. An adversary can be identified by a few questions and we will discuss this later.


I hope at least one person reads this and will use it to better themselves and to fight the good fight, continue reading for a much more organized view.


Chapter 2: The Path and it’s destruction

This path I mention, isn’t a physical path that leads to a physical hell, it is a path that infuses itself into the three paradigms of self; Mind, Body and Spirit. This path isn’t he path, it is one of many paths that bring forth different outcomes, different journeys if you will. This path I speak of, the path of evil wickedness is to be called the path of sorrow, because with it comes sorrow, not only to those who walk it, but to those who walk the path of ignorance.


Those who walk this path will be subject to many wicked trials, many tribulations of Self, the Mind will become subject to filth, the Spirit will become subject to filth and finally the Body will become subject to filth. It cannot be bypassed, it will happen, if one walks this path he will be destroyed in all three areas of self.


The path reveals itself in a guise of pleasure during youth, namely, when one is exposed to those who walk or have walked this path, they will find it inevitably. This means that no matter who are, or what path you may think you walk, there will come a time when this one is revealed unto you. Those who have walked this path will forever carry it’s undeniable dread, either in spirit, mind or body, it is impossible to completely overcome the wicked outcome of the path of sorrow, it is possible however to overcome the path, but once you have been to hell, you will never forget it, one might say you will never rid yourself of the baggage you will acquire after walking this path.


Now that you know the outcome, which is destruction of the three areas of self. Let’s discuss the path itself, what can one expect of someone who walks it?



Chapter 3: Modern Youth.


This is what we face, these are the victims of the path of sorrow, the demonic force that has infected our once great lands. These aren’t the only victims but I will focus on them, because they are the most vulnerable and the most innocent of the victims, I don’t hate modern youth, I hate the people, the demons rather who have allowed them to become what they are.


You may be a victim of this disease, I know I once was, it’s easy to get but it’s hard to cure. You see, Modern Youth simply means the “trendy” “popular” kids, you know exactly what I am referring to. Kids and Teens who reject tradition, who reject morality, spirituality and who have embraced a culture of Nihilism and hedonism. If you fall into this group of “Modern Youth” read on, it will help you, but you must be strong, the weak will fall, it’s how nature works.


I will now speak to the Modern Youth, they won’t accept the truth right away, it will take time, but I feel the fire is starting and the youth are waking up, I will still write this nonetheless as every word helps.


What the hell is going on? We once glorified intelligent individuals for their ideas and contributions, whatever happened to people such as Socrates, Plato, Evola, Nietzsche, Wagner, Aristotle, Goebbels and many others who dedicated their lives for something great and spoke many truths? Now people such as, well, I don’t need to say names, we can all name a couple celebrities who have spoke no truths or are about as useful as wonder our youth are being led down the path of sorrow when the world glorifies people who advocate and speak highly of this path!


We must find role-models who will lead us away from the path of sorrow, if we idolize fools, then fools we become. It’s a simple truth that will save your life. Now, I am done speaking exclusively to young people, however you should still listen, I have much more to say.


Chapter 4: Identifying the Path


of sorrow, there are three key things to look for in your journey:


1. Nihilism and Hedonism. I feel that these two go side by side as they will accomplish the same thing, a generation of brain dead nobodies, people who have no ambition, no motivation, no purpose. This is where materialism comes in, people will begin to favor money over Honor, fun over accomplishment, or even material items such as cars, phones, computers over the state of their own people or nation, it’s madness, but it is an effective madness, for the demons promoting this path are skilled in deceit and usury.


2. AtheiWhether a Catholic, Protestant, Deist, Pantheist, or pagan polytheist, spirituality is very important when straying from the path, one cannot stray from the path without having some form of spirituality whether it be based on race, nature or a “one god” dogma, one must be spiritual to complete the three areas of self: Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. The path of sorrow and the demons that rule it love it when people of great potential reject any form of spirituality. Just remember, religion and spirituality are different, one can be religious but not spiritual and vice versa. A lack of spirituality will inevitably cause a people to destroy themselves, secular society has brought with it a generation of Nihilists and Materialists.


The third and final thing to look for when Straying from the path (or identifying someone who has started to walk it) is a loss of culture, class and/or morality, losing these three things will ensure self destruction of a people. The Modern Youth have rejected education (Not to be confused with rejecting the modern schooling system) which has caused them to be significantly dumber than their predecessors.

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