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Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



Antiquités de Paris

Wake up girl, you have a wishing disease

And when things get tough, you will escape once and for all

The only symptom I have, is that I dream of drowning

The oceans gorgeous, and the foam is alluring

When this plane lands my love, this will get started

This cities lit up, and we are full of heartache

We fall asleep drinking and wake up in the past

We are adventurers on the road, but the road is now parting

So much of our problems are brought on by over thinking

We think, we’re both fucking up

...we leave storms in our chest

Do you love the moonstone ring?

If you weren't here, there’d be a cast of French girls

I’d fall in love fast, and still be broken hearted

Simply prisoner, to my “golden age thinking”

I do this to myself, regret is my home

Slow dance with me, you’re filling her void

I forgot what she sounds like, and she’s become so cold

I’ll bleed out on the floor and we can call it art

I’ve realized life’s a little unsatisfying, replace “life” with “ the present”

Although, I read that in a script holds true

This cities perfect but I’m so scared that I think that

Stereotypes are ruthless, but I don't care now

Lets walk in the rain, I’ll pretend like you’re her


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