Fires of Desires

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On the way to Goa I decided to meet my office mate Swati. What was supposed to be a casual meeting turned out to be hot and steamy event.

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



I often go on long journeys to remote areas alone. I usually don't plan for such journeys not even the final destination. On one such journeys, I started from Mumbai in my car and headed towards Goa. The initial journey was smooth and fast as I had started early in the morning. While I was driving through the narrow highway, I suddenly realized Swati's home is also on the way and she too is on vacations.

Swati works with me in my team and we share good rapport. Usually we go out for lunch together during office hours. We live nearby and mostly walk together to the office and back home.

Though I was attracted towards her physically and emotionally but I never conveyed my feelings to her. She was an average looking girl but there were some things about her which made her quite irresistible. She was a bold and courageous girl. She could crack jokes on any situation and make everybody laugh with her humuor.

I thought of meeting her on the way to spend some more time with her away from the busy office schedule. Fortunately she picked my call on the first ring. "Hey, how are you doing? ". "Hi Swati, I was on the way to Goa, thought of meeting you on the way". "That would be great, even I was getting bored at home"

Thoughts of seeing Swati increased my heart beats. The weather was perfect for such a meeting. Winters were approaching and there was a possibility of rains. I like going outdoors with friends in rains.

After about an hour's drive I finally reached her house. She too was waiting for me it seemed from the way she quickly came to open the gate and looking excited to see me. She was in her casual home clothes.

We were so close at the each side of the gate that I could feel her warmth. Or it was due to reactions hapenning in my body for being so close to her. Seeing her in a different setup at a different place was like knowing her from one more angle. This was helping us to bring us closer.

"hey, you reached earlier than I expected, seems you are driving even faster" she said winking as if appreciating my driving skills. "Couldn't have waited to see you for long " I said teasing her.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that she was alone at home and her family was away for a small function till night. Knowing this, I felt as if somebody released me to be a little more free and flirty with her. She had caught me checking her many times before as well but never stopped me or felt awkward. This always increased my courage to freely see how she looks.

"Let's go out for a drive around the city and lunch if you are OK? " I asked. "Sure, let's go" she agreed without any hesitations. "Give me a few minutes to get ready and then we are good to go"

She went inside to change. It was hard for me to not imagine that she would be undressing herself just behind the wall and I will have to control myself to not tease her for that.

But what I saw after a few minutes was a treat for my eyes. She came out wearing a dress that prompted me to scream "Sexy...!!! ". She winked at me as if she was expecting such a reaction. "Now you won't have to make efforts to check me thoroughly" she replied with a mischievous smile. "So you had an idea that I was always attracted to you physically" I enquired. "Does that mean your occasional brushing of boobs against me were not accidental?" "Absulotely intentional and well planned" she winked again. It was now quite obvious that she had worn the deep neck tight top with jeans just to lure me to look at her curves at my will. For me an entry to a women's heart is through her boobs and I was getting a nice view of those round and firm ones with a slight show of laced bra holding them in place.

I was quick to confess "Swati, being with you for so many hours in office and then living around made it difficult for me to not develop feelings for you "

"I knew Prem and sometimes I too tried to give you indirect hints but it seems you were always scared to take the next step" she said coming a bit closer. I could feel her heat generated by such moment. I touched her hand and said with my heart filled with love "Swati, I want to feel you" She said nothing but closed her eyes as I hugged her. Gathering senses, she cautioned "it's not a safe place for all this, anybody can come here anytime. Let's go out at some better place"

It was hard for me to concentrate on driving as my mind was filled with thoughts of what all we are going to do and where we would find a lonely place. After driving around 20kms through local roads, she asked me to take a turn towards a deserted bungalow inside a farm.

"It's our old family house and we usually come here on weekends for gardening. " Now she was holding my hands as we parked the car inside the farm and went into the house. "Feel free here, nobody comes here during week days. Most of the neighbours like us come here only on weekends"

I placed myself on a sofa and left some space so that I can be close enough to her when she sits besides. "Let me show you around" she said extending her hand to hold mine. It was a small house with wide windows giving nice views of the nature from every angle. I was not able to register anything she was telling about the house as her boobs were such a big attraction for my eyes and mind.

"This is my bedroom and I like to read here my favourite books here whenever we come here." I could imagine the joys of reading at a quite place with the views of lush green farm in the background. I suddenly pulled her closer and locked her lips tight. After a few moans she pushed me away smiling. "Let's go outside and show you my farm". She made her intentions clear with her smile.

They had a well maintained farm with a mix of fruits, vegetables and flower plants. We plucked some of the ready fresh produce and savoured them. She switched on the water valve to plant some of the thristy plants. "Seems your family really like gardening ". "We have been doing it regularly since childhood " she replied acknowledging the compliment.

It's really hard for me to stop my self from playing with the hose pipe. I took the opportunity to make Swati run around with the pipe in my hands chasing her. Within a few minutes I had completely drenched her. "I didn't know you are so naughty with water" she said trembling a little due to be being wet in pleasant weather. "I don't have another pair of clothes " she said with a little worry.

"Take them off quickly so that they can get dry in time. " I said with sparkles in my eyes. With no other option we headed towards house. Both of us knew that something was going to happen and we didn't want to stop ourselves even.

The intentions were clear as she chose such a place to spend time with me. Without wasting further time I pulled her closer and kissed her on her hot and wet cheeks.

The last few hours had removed any fears and doubts in my mind. She was all set and ready for some physical action.

I slipped my hand inside her shirt from back to check how much time it would take to unhook her bra. Her skin was soft and warm. She wrapped her arms tightly around me to feel me.

"Why don't you take off the barriers and feel what you always wanted to and fulfilled them through your eyes till now". I never knew that girls can drive you easily when they are fully charged up and makes your work lot easier.

I immediately took off her shirt and bra to hold her beautiful and firm boobs in my hands. She was already taking deep breaths and her hand had already reached inside my pants to check how hard and big I was by now.

"Show me your monster. I always used to notice it coming to life whenever I brushed my boobs against you." I grabbed her lips with mine and directed her to undress me. I really liked the way she multi tasked. Giving me pleasures through her lips, getting her boobs squeased, undressing me and increasing my urges with her moans. And she she had already started waking my monster and making him hungry.

"I will make you feel like a women today " I said taking full control of her body through my lips and hands.

We were standing completely naked and letting our bare bodies feel soaked into each other. "You are so beautiful, Swati " I whispered in her ears kissing her neck and shoulder. She tightened her grips around me listening this.

I lifted her slowly in my arms and stopped to look at her while she was enjoying my body touch will closed eyes. "Feel free Swati, I won't hurt you " I said. Her entire body got relaxed on listening this as if her fears of making love for the first time got disappeared.

I laid her and on her bed where she used to enjoy just reading all these years. Her boobs were looking so beautiful with small pink tits. I just placed my hands on her glowing hard boobs and feeling tits closing my eyes.

I could feel every minute change in her body hapenning due to just the contact between my hands and her boobs. She was so warm with soft skin. She was taking deep breaths of varying intensity. Each breath was bringing small trembling of joys in her.

To increase her urge even more, I let me fingers run slowly through her parts up and down stopping to press her tits a bit harder each time. I could easily sense the pleasures she was getting by looking at her half closed eyes.

I was vigorously kissing around her neck and ears and feeling her increasing urge for more. The gentle kissing of lips had turned into biting and sucking. The tongues were playing like fighting pigeons.

Everything was becoming faster and more intense. Even her urges for insertion and my intentions of denying her that. "Get inside me, Prem" she was shouting in desperation.

Instead, I turned her back and my tongue was caressing her entire back. She was getting lot more aroused and out of control by my tongue massage. But I was sure that I won't let her enjoy my monster till she is literally dying for it and begging me to insert.

I was getting even more excited thinking that this meeting had opened the gates of pleasures for us when we get back to Mumbai.

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