Broken smile

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What will you do if there is someone you don't want to trouble with your problems
but that person insists on you telling your problems.

Two options:
You are honest and say the truth
You lie and hide behind a broken smile

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



Broken smile


There used to be a time where I was happy

Now my world is gray and sappy


I don't even really remember the good times, I haven't for a while

Now I just go around with a broken smile


I used to laugh a lot, making funny jokes and puns

Now whenever I breath I feel despair and death in my lungs


I used to see the beauty in this colorful world

Now all this is far away from me, nothing but memories having been curled


I once was able to speak freely and with a loud voice

Now I am silent and never say my opinion or make a choice


I once had vigor and strength in my flesh and bones

Now I feel heavy as if my body has been filled with stones


And the worst of it all?

My emotions are closed behind a doorless wall


I used to be free and had style

Now I go around with a broken smile


I had everything to make myself happy, but I wanted more...

And since then I lost my strength, I cry and fall to the floor...


Only two words escape my lips..

MY FAULT” I scream during my life's eclipse


When everything is dark and horrifying

And I wish nothing more than for myself to be dying


I had so much and was so happy, I used to smile

I try to think back to those times once in a while


But it brings me only regret and hatred for myself

I look towards the picture on the shelf...


The last we took together, where I still smiled

Now it is broken, and my body and mind are defiled


Only I know that my face is a sight so vile...

But all I can do is go around with a broken smile.

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