State of Affairs

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A look at how a dystopian state could develop out crisis.

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



1: Anything can happen if the right things go wrong.  And what should develop in the aftermath of a catastrophe might be anything that we in the present do not now understand. 

2: In order to reassemble the resulting disorder of such a calamity, new forces would align, and, in the end, we would have no choice other than to resign ourselves to the laws they implement in order to ebb the flow between order and chaos.  The authoritative entities, now in power, would see to everyone's cooperation. 

3: In times such as these we must proceed with caution, because this hypothetical world would no longer resemble the relatable world we once knew -- a world filled with dystopian ethics, ambiguous uncertainty and real and manufactured peril. 

4: Such degrees of danger and dubiousness are conspicuously absent in the present habitat in which we inhabit, but it is nonetheless, despite the illusion, an uncertain world no matter what has been its aesthetic past -- matters of fact are subject to change. 

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