A mysterious gift from my mystery girl

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A mysterious gift from my mystery girl is a short story about a guy who met a mysterious girl that had visited him on his sixteenth birthday and had left him with two mysterious gift that had changed his life completely.

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



A MYSTERIOUS GIFT FROM MY MYSTERY GIRL A decade and six years had marked my being and the day I met the girl with the ebony eyes. Surely, she hadn't come to celebrate with me. She had come specially for me. With my eyes, had I beheld the most alluring sight of my being. Right before me, had she stared at my unworthy form with those endless pools that had had me hypnotized by peering into its endless depths, falling deeply without the notion of wariness. Deeper and deeper had I sank into its unending depths. Helplessly enjoying the enigma of its loving darkness. Astonishingly had stronger hands rescued me from my unconscious comfort with a placid zap and wondrously had an enigmatic wind dominated my already billowed soul. Graceful dissapointment had greeted me, when I realized it was a voice... Her voice. " Hi " She had said. A word I had heard and known each day of my life, became the most pleasurable sound that danced through my soul. Musical, magical and magnificent. I could have sworn I had been obliviously teleported to a different world . " Hello boy " Another placid zap, jolting me back to reality, obviously as a reminder that I stared like an insane alien. My helpless mouth opened, without my permission. Words battling to pour out uncontrollably. Fortunately, my voice box had forgotten its duty. " Hi, Errm, sorry... I... " Treacherously had my voicebox connived with my helpless mouth. Unfortunately, they had won and wisely had my sixth sense taken control and had disrupted the treacherous activity that had taken place. It had been my faithful ally that day, to avoiding a foolish blurt. She wasn't helping at all. She had worsened my gracious predicament. Had she thought smiling to be a cure for uneasiness?. If she had, too bad she was right. Right for others and wrong for her. Obliviously or rather magically had her smile pulled me back into a world of real fantasy. A world that shone as the sun in a crimson garden. " Happy Birthday boy " Sweetly had her voice brought me partially from my world of real fantasy to a world of false reality. My heart jubilated along my joyful soul when she twirled a tiny lock of her long dark hair around her index finger... A mystery that can never be demystified... Certainly, had her glorious finger represented my heart and soul. Smiling in the comfort of those tiny strands. " Are you an angel? " I had gasped unconsciously. Hating my choice of words. Sweet pattering sounds rushed through my billowed brain like a magnificent and tremendous wind, burgeoning my entire head and driving me on a journey to loosing my mind. Rhythmically and melodically did it replay continuously, making my dispersed cerebrum come into place ,for numbness had dominated my entire thinking faculty. And for a moment, thinking properly became the most arduous journey in life... Then like a miracle, my recovered cerebrum divulged the truth about the melody... It was a giggle... Her giggle... How foolish of me, had I thought it to be rain... Or ... Maybe I wasn't so foolish... Perhaps mesmerized, bedazzled, intrigued, captivated or more... Probably in love with my Mystery girl... " Oh my, is that why you've been ogling at me, like I landed from a star ?" she had said and made a hilariously loud sigh " I wouldn't be here if I were an angel... I'm Langelo " BLAST! An invisible bomb had blasted in my impoverished brain. LANGELO!... A name that shook my viscera vigorously. " Are you okay? " My mystery girl had asked with a look of worry, etched on her angelic features. Surely, had my paleness been one of a ghost. My body, the one of a goose and my eyes widened about to be popped out. Her well manicured fingers had made a bee line for my arms but my faithful friend had taken control again. Quickly, had my sixth sense commanded my body into jerking involuntarily, in a backward flitting motion. " DON'T TOUCH ME! " I had yelled so loud that I feared the loudness would deafen me and I had anticipated a cold stare or worstly an outburst of pure indignation . But she had given me the most horrific astonishment of my life... A guffaw, an awful one that scared me to death. " Really boy, I never knew my name to make humans jump out of their skins. I only wonder what scares a pretty boy like you. " Mockingly, had she said with a wicked chuckle. " Go back to your world! " I had snapped loudly out of fear, with my little eyes bulging widely. " I will. Not until I'm done with you. It will be best, if you do not attract the attention of others. Peaceful and civilized... Agreed ?" Nothing could ever be more dry than the way she had sounded. But she had been right. I would be thought insane ,yelling in exasperation at the most intriguing girl in the universe. " Agreed , but please... " " Today's your birthday " Not a question, surely it had been a statement in form of a question. " Yes, why? " " I brought you a gift " she had spoken so quietly that I hardly heard her. " What gift? " I had asked with wary curiosity. She had smiled, a mysterious smile that held a lot I couldn't decipher but one thing I was sure of was that whatever it was, It wouldn't be good. Better if she hadn't the chance to give me the gift. Nothing good ever came from the the Ghostans. Mostly their princess. They were demons that raided the earth. Danger lurked in their every presence. " Please leave us alone " I had pleaded with a snap. Fear rushed through my entire soul like a rushing wind, as a deadly scowl replaced her sweet smile. " Us ? " she had asked in irritation. " Yes we humans " A loud snort was her reply. Clearly, I had brought a new surge of anger upon her with the word ' humans'. " Of course I'll leave your race alone, only if you sacrifice your blood link and join my race " I had felt my ear grow heavy, there was no way I would join the race of the Ghostans. It would mean betrayal to the human race. " I won't " She had sighed in exasperation, clearly she hadn't anticipated me declining her offer. " Great. I had brought you two gifts, you were to choose one. And now you have... We the Ghostans are very grateful, for you have given us a cause to wipe off your race... I've always loved you and it's not my wish that your race be wiped out by ours... but as you know I'm the princess of Ghostan ,I'll rather betray my feelings than betray my people. " ' I've always loved you ' I hadn't believed my ears. Those words made it transparent enough to know we were made for each other... And in some ways... We weren't... She loved me but couldn't betray her people... Neither could I... Painful joy had greeted me as she turned to leave. Her gracious legs ambling forward, with her back for me to watch. Whatever made me see those endless pools again. Certainly, would be balefully disastrous... POP !... My heart had lost a beat as I watched my worst nightmare unfold before me... Those endless pools glaring at me. ANGER! Written boldly in them. " Forever shall you be blamed for the deaths of your race... Your race shall loathe your existence... You chose this gift " closer she had walked to me. Then had I seen those endless pools nearly and clear. I had been mistaken .It was tears not anger. And something else.... Perhaps Love... She brought her lips close to my ear and whispered something... ****** Blur had my world become after my encounter with my mystery girl. She had brought two gifts... One from her race and another from her.

One that had lifted my soul beyond unreachable heights .... And one that had awfully altered my destiny forever...

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