I'm Not Gay

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I am not trying to clarify my sexuality because this story isn't about me. In fact, I'm not trying to clarify anyone's sexuality but the story isn't about clarification... I suck at explaining things. Read the damn poem

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



If I were gay

I'd be gay for you

But I'm not

And it sucks


Not because I'm not gay

But because being with you

Will never be a thing



you have everything

I want in a man

You are the spitting image

of my dream partner


But I don't love you

A sad, twisted fate

As we are each other's perfect halves

And yet we don't love

in that way


So, I'm not gay

But I'd be gay for you

It's just 

since I don't love you

This can never work


Am I destined to be alone?

What happens when

you find your perfect half

in someone you don't want?


What does my love become of then?


© Copyright 2018 D. Nic. All rights reserved.

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