Strawberries Ain't Sexy

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I don't get it... why do we sexualize food?

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



I don't get why whip cream

turns you on

or why roses 

mean romance


Sure - there's history

behind it all

But in reality?

I don't want a fucking rose

Just another flower that I have to keep alive

And when it dies,

what then?


Do you continue to buy flowers?

Until when does this 

morbid circle end?


And whip cream - 

watching a woman lick it slowly...

that's considered sexy?

The fuck why???


Let me feel fat on my own

and in peace

as I eat a spoonful of whip cream

I don't need you watching me eat


And strawberries???

That slow bite into

chocolate covered fruit...


You sick person


I ain't trying to eat one bite of a strawberry

You give me a few or a box

It's like potato chips

You don't just eat one

That's blasphemous


I guess... 

the point I'm trying to get across...

me eating = not sexy

don't watch me

that makes it weird

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