I hate people

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Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



I stare at the crowds and I feel them stare back,

The longer I stare the more I shake,

Before I know it my world turns black,

I fall to the floor and feel my mind break.


I'm unstable and not in control,

I hate everything about myself,

How did I end up in this 6ft hole,

You could fit my favourite memories all on one shelf.


I reflect what I hate on the people I love,

I'm a burden to those that know me,

I try hide my feelings like a tight glove,

How do I act ever so carefree.


When people ask me if I'm okay,

I'll say yes and stop speaking,

I keep my thoughts locked at bay,

I look fine but my mind is shrieking.


I can't see unless I pass out,

I drink hard whiskey to stop the dreams,

My life is full of unlimited doubt,

Everythings falling at the seams.


I hate the people around me,

I can't live without them,

They hate my idiosyncrasy,

It's something I can't overcome..

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