"Summer Camp"

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About a guy that is bored at summer camp, but makes a friend in the arts and crafts cabin... It is a bit long...

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



“Summer Camp”



He sat alone on a wooden bench

in the back row

of the arts and crafts cabin,

his 1-foot by 2-foot piece

of construction paper

was lying before him

on top of the wooden pine table.

The construction paper

had glitter across the top of it

spelling out “I Miss You”

he lightly blew across the glitter

causing the loose pieces to

flutter away onto the

well-worn cabin floor.

Underneath the glitter

covered words, were

“I Miss You”

he had a large M

made out of macaroni

securely glued in place.

He hated free time

two hours a day

when there were no planned actives,

summer camp

could really suck at times,

he knew no one here

it was filled with kids

from all over the state

many from schools

he never even heard of.

This was only the second time

he had spent his free time

in the arts and crafts cabin

both times he was the only

camper in here,

the only reason he came in the

first time was because it was

like 110 degrees outside and

it had air conditioning.

Nobody bothered him here

except for the counselor who

came by like a prison guard

every 15-minutes to check in on him.

She was an older lady

who just sat at the art supply table

which was clearly marked

with a hand drawn sign

made by some grade school camper

many years ago,

her main job as far as he could tell

was making sure only the older

and more responsible kids got the

scissors with the pointy ends.

Most of the other counselors at camp

were young and athletic

probably out paddling canoes

over glassy surfaced lakes

or hiking up uncharted trails

leading to some new discovery

for the good of mankind.

He looked up at the clock 1:13pm

any minute and she’ll walk by

with her quarterly hour

words of encouragement,

he starts gluing elbow mac

to the large O

he feels a hand on his shoulder

no need to look up

he knows who it is

“So neatly done” says the counselor

“I like how you used”

“Both glitter and macaroni”

“Most people would only use”

“One or the other”

“So original”

Looking down on his work

with a happy smiley face.

Well, I had to use macaroni,

I ran out of glitter.

She was caught off guard

by his matter of fact answer,

her smiley face starts to

look more like a prune

as she quickly shuffles back

to her book and the safety

of sitting behind her

big wooden table.

He looks back down

at his construction paper

only one half of an O

and one more M to go

before it is finished.

Not that he really cared

if he finished it or not

he wasn’t going to take it home,

he was just doing time here

A white collar prison camp

for kids or so he felt.


“Doing ok over their sweetie?”

The counselor calls out

from behind the safety of her desk

he gives her a brisk salute

wondering why he didn’t merit

the quarter hour walk about this time.

Maybe she was just at

a really thrilling spot

in her book, could it be

she is reading Friday the 13th

and just getting to the part where

one of the Hot young co-ed counselors

meet their grizzly demise,

that might be the reason

she keeps such a strict eye

on all the sharp scissors,

or did she just run out of

up lifting things to say,

how many times can you praise a kid

for keeping his macaroni inside

the preprinted large block letters

on his construction paper,

at 15-years of age that isn’t

exactly a ground breaking accomplishment.

He has been at camp for two weeks

all the events or activities

he has picked out during free time

have been DOA, “DEAD ON ARRIVAL”

He went to archery yesterday

with visions of being a male version

of the Hunger Games hero,

but the bows were of

poor quality and the arrows

had rubber tips on the end of them

if you were lucky enough

to hit the large target

taped over some bales of hay

the arrow would just bounce off

and fall to the ground,

ten other kids had started out

with him but 30-minutes later

everyone was gone.

He even gave cooking class a shot,

but you didn’t really cook anything

it was just a thinly veiled con

to get you to do kitchen prep

for the upcoming meal.

A lot of the fat kids liked it though

you could snack on the fruits and veggies

you were chopping

and the big perk was

you got to be first in line

for that meal which

meant you could go through

line a 2nd time if you so cared too,

and some of those kids

you could tell cared too.

He took the Elmer’s glue

and squeezed out a big drop

on to his finger

then sat there and watched

as it started to dry

a thick film hardened over it

like a dome,

he pulled back his finger

like a catapult

till his finger snapped back

in place, sending the

whole white glob flying

through the air, and just then

the front cabin door pops open

and a fellow camper walks in,

surprising him and the camper

as the white mass strikes

the door frame eye level

of the new kid as she

walks in the cabin door,

she turns her head

looks at the slowly dripping

mess of white goo,

looks back at him

and nods her approval,

he quickly looks down

at his macaroni O

he is working on,

but tries to steal as many

looks of this intriguing girl

as he can as she checks in

with the counselor signing

her name on the sign in sheet.

She is wearing tennis shoes

the camp issued shorts

and a white tee shirt

that has the camp logo

on the upper left front of it

but the rest of her white shirt

was covered with sayings

and song lyrics written in

with different colored sharpies,

she gathers up her supplies

walks to the back of the cabin

where he is trying to look

like he’s not noticing her

at all, even after she

roughly drops all

her gear on to the table

in front of him and takes

a seat on the bench facing him.

“So what did you use?”

“To launch that glue bomb”

“All the way from back here?”

“A rubber band?”

Ah, no, just my finger

like this,

as he demonstrates for her,

very impressive she says

but with these popsicle sticks

rubber bands and some paper clips

we could make something

never before seen in the history

of the arts and crafts cabin.

He sat their fascinated as she

glued popsicle sticks together

then wedged them in the cracks

of the wooden table

tied together 8-rubber bands

then folded them in half 4-times

running them between the popsicle

sticks and takes the paper clips

and twists and chains them together

“Quick, I need a 1-inch by 2-inch

Strip of cloth”

He just froze,

mesmerized by the lighting fast constriction

she had going on before him.

When she barked her sudden command

“Stand Up” he snapped to attention

“Lean Towards Me” she said

And as he leans towards her

she quickly grabs his tee shirt

yanks the front of it out of

his shorts with her left hand

and just as swiftly with her right hand

took the scissors and cut

A 1-inch wide by 2-inch long

strip of cloth out of the bottom

front of his tee shirt

then takes the strip of cloth

and attaches it to the paper clips,

as he stands their holding his tee shirt

looking down at the missing chunk

then hastily tucked his shirt

back in to his shorts.

“You two doing ok over their?”

“Yes mam, were fine”

he calls out to her

as she blocks the counselor’s view

of the now complete composite

slingshot with her body.

Ok, so what do we use for ammo?

She says as they both look around

the cabin for the perfect projectile

for their weapon of mass excitement.

She spots the counselor’s veggie bowl

full of carrots, cauliflower and the prize

red ripe cherry tomatoes,

I’ll distract the counselor

while you liberate those cherry tomatoes,

their just the thing we need,

he just nods as she walks up

to the counselor and engages

in a little small talk with the

counselor as he sneaks in behind

her in a fashion that makes

his sneaking so over emphasized

that it looks as if he was acting in a

high school play.

She can’t help but smile

as she looks past the counselor

at him as he cautiously

slips his hand in to the veggie bowl

and grabs two cherry tomatoes

and one chunk of cauliflower.

The counselor was just about

to turn around towards him

when his female accomplice

shouts out, What’s That!

Pointing to a bird that had

flown in one of the open windows

“Oh that happens now and again”

I’ll open the front and back doors

and it will fly out said the counselor,

I’ll get the back door he shouts

to her not wanting her to notice

their black ops arts and crafts project.

Both campers begun a quite discussion

about what to shoot at with their

newly acquired ammo.

Why did you get a piece of cauliflower?

 Who shoots cauliflower with a slingshot?

Looking at him as if that is common knowledge.

Well, ah, I was looking at something else,

When I grabbed them he said.

You were looking at me, is that it,

I can have that kind of effect on a guy.

No, he says not understanding the

Implications of her statement, I was

Looking at something else.

“OH” ok then, so what’s the target?

We could shoot the bird he says flatly.

Her mouth actually drops open in shock,

Are you crazy? Pointing to a hand drawn

dove on her shirt with the words

“Give Peace a Chance” written underneath it,

Any other bright ideas? Still looking around

the cabin for a target. Maybe I should

read the rest of your shirt first

before I speak? She can’t fight back

her smile and says let’s go for

the open front door,

nodding her head yes

in a rapid fashion.

He looks at the door, then at the slingshot

then at her, who is still rapidly nodding

her head yes, you realize that the counselor

is directly between us and the door

don’t you? Yes, I know, that’s what

makes it such a sweet shot.

I figure we’ll have to clear

her head by a foot to make the distance

but not hit the ceiling she says to him.

Ok, I’ll block her view as you get it ready,

then shoot, on my command he tells her.

No, No, No, we’re in this together

it’s my design you’re the gunner.

He reluctantly takes the seat

behind the table mounted slingshot

puts a cherry tomato in to the

cloth and pulls back on the rubber

bands, ready he says, she steps

to the side, giving him an open

field of fire, he lets go of it and

it just lazily lobs up and over

the counselor dropping ten feet

behind her, causing the bird to

slightly flutter it’s wings.

The counselor looks over at

the bird then back to her book,

what kind of sorry attempt was that?

Hands on her hips looking at him very

matter of fact. Well you may

not know this, but this is the

first time I’ve ever fired a table

mounted slingshot. She steps back

in front of the table as he tries to

get the piece of cauliflower to

to sit right in the sling, this cauliflower

is really awkwardly shaped, I don’t

think I can use it. Here, let me

see it, she says holding out

her hand to him, he drops it in

to the palm of her hand, and she

promptly pops it in to her mouth,

rolls it around with her tongue,

then spits it out on to her hand.

Really, he says looking down

at a perfectly round piece

of cauliflower, couldn’t you

have just used the scissors?

Hmm, that would have worked too

I guess she says, still standing

with her hand held out.

He has a grimacing look

on his face as he hesitates in

taking it from her hand.

She tilts her head and looks

at him oddly, I’m not asking you

to eat it, it’s just a little spit,

you get more spit then that

in your mouth kissing a girl,

am I right or what?

He grabs the piece of cauliflower

and starts to fashion it in to

the sling as he mumbles in

A quite low voice,

“I’ve never kissed a girl”

Oh, Sorry Chief, I’m sure it will

happen someday, you ready to fire?

He just nods, she steps to her left

and whispers, fire.

He pulls back the still dripping

piece of cauliflower and lets

it rip, it rockets over the

counselor’s head and hits three

feet above the door with a loud BANG!

Scaring the bird and causing it

To fly around for a moment

Before landing again.

“What was that?” The counselor

blurted out.

“Just The Bird” They both say

at the same time as they turn

to face each other with

mischievous looks on both

their faces.

“Oh My” that gave me a fright

said the counselor, fanning herself

with her open paperback book.

Living through more excitement

in the last two minutes

then the last two weeks as

arts and crafts counselor.

She begins to relax and slips

back into the storyline of her

book, as the gunner

and the spotter have

to try real hard to contain

Their laughter.

“Ok”, we only have 1-shot left,

We have to make it count she says,

feeling closer to him now after their

two shot artillery barrage, and he’s

carrying around a lot more pride,

after breaking a few rules for

the first time this summer,

and even though this girl might

be teetering on the edge

of psycho, he still thinks

she’s pretty cool.

The two of them quietly

discuss their 3rd and final shot,

and now feeling good about

their aim and how far to pull

back on the rubber bands,

they decide to add one more

variable, and that is to try and

time their shot to not only

fly over the counselor,

out the front cabin door,

but to also hit a fellow camper

walking by.

He gets the cherry tomato

wrapped snugly in the sling

and puts a little tension on

the rubber bands as she

scouts for a target through

the side windows of the cabin.

Here comes someone, get ready

she says, he glances out the

side window “Are you kidding me”

that guy is so skinny it would

be like hitting a walking

stick of spaghetti, “And No Girls”

he says.

Just my luck, she says

I have a hopeless

romantic firing the weapon.

He’s feeling pretty good

about speaking out to her,

she’s happy to see him

breaking out of his shell.

Get ready, target acquired,

it’s big, it’s moving slow

and it doesn’t have breasts

she says, he smiles as he

puts more tension on the

rubber bands, out of the

corner of his eye he can

see a large hulking kid

moving at a snail’s pace

going by the side windows,

she’s standing in front of him

counting down as he pulls

way back on the rubber bands

cherry tomato firmly in the

sling and just as the shadow

of the big hulking kid crosses

the foot of the front cabin door

she jumps to her left and

being all caught up in all

the energy of the moment

she shouts out “FIRE!” as

loud as she can,

causing him to pull back even

harder on the rubber bands

before letting go,

and almost  immediately

after that cherry tomato

took flight you could hear

a juicy sounding splat as

it hit the counselor of the

arts and crafts cabin right in

the middle of her forehead,

then a loud screech cut

through the quite of

the cabin as the

normally docile counselor

bolts up out of her seat

screaming “Bird Strike”

“Bird Strike” causing the

once calm and relaxed bird

to freak out and start flying

all around the room,

as both kids stood their

stunned, staring at the

counselor who is running

around the room trying to

get away from the bird she

had caused to take flight

as she shouts into her camp

walkie-talkie, “Bird Attack”

“Arts and Crafts Cabin”

“Bird Attack” “Arts and Crafts

Cabin”. Both kids start tearing

down the table mounted

slingshot pieces flying

all over the place,

as the counselor

feels something running

down her face, she reaches

up with her hand to her

forehead to touch the

sticky liquid and when

she looks at her fingers

and sees the red sticky

substance on them she’s

sure that it’s blood and

caused from the beak or

claws of the bird, much

worse than she first thought

and in a high pitched

panicked voice she shouts

in to the walkie-talkie

“I’ve Been Hit!”

“I’ve Been Hit!”

“Counselor Down!”

“Arts and Crafts Cabin!”

“Counselor Down!”

Both campers now turn

to face each other and

in unison yell “RUN!”

They both tear out the

back door of the cabin

the terrified screams of

the counselor echo behind

them as they run as hard

as they can down the trail

onto the empty archery field

and both collapse behind a

block of hay bales being used

as a back stop for the targets.

They sit their panting with

their backs to the hay bales

and in between labored

breaths they laugh,

still trying to regain their

composure, hearts and

breathing not yet back

to normal, her shoulder

leaning up against his,

he can feel each breath

as she takes it in and then

lets it out, trying to slow

it back down to it’s

natural rhythm,

both just sitting their

looking straight ahead,

no words being spoken,

he unconsciously counts

the seconds between each

breath she takes, every

nerve in his body poised to

feel the subtle movement

she makes with each and

every breath.

She turns to him and says

you know once they see

some of the pieces of the

table mounted slingshot we

left behind and that now

flat cherry tomato that

struck her on the forehead

their just going to look

at the sign-in sheet and

were sunk.

I wouldn’t be so

sure about that,

he says with a big grin

on his face as he pulls

out a paper and hands

it to her, she looks at it

and bounces to her feet

“The Sign-In Sheet!”

When did you get this?

She says as he climbs to

his feet and explains  

how he saw it when he

was getting the cherry

tomatoes and was thinking

it might be a good idea to

grab it too. She takes him

by the hand and starts

dancing around,

one more call to my parents

and I would be toast she says.

Well you’re not out of this

mess yet, with that tee shirt

your wearing you pretty much

stick out even in a big crowd,

he says. Yea, your right, she

says as she pulls off her shirt

standing before him in only

her bra and camp shorts

“Give me your shirt” she says.

He just stands their looking

at her, unable to move

or speak.

“What” she says, haven’t?

you ever seen a girl in a

swimsuit? It’s the same thing,

now give me your shirt

before I catch cold.

He starts to take off his

shirt, I’ve seen many girls

in a swimsuits before,

just not you.

They both hear a bell

ringing over the camp

loud speakers signaling

the end of free time,

as a voice comes over

the speakers next,

reminding all campers

to return to their sleeping

quarters for mid-day cabin

clean up, he holds out

his shirt to her,

what am I supposed to wear,

I can’t wear this shirt, he says

Looking at the all marked-up

shirt she is holding in her hand,

just tell them you went out

running today during your

free time, besides you

don’t look half bad

without your shirt.

The bell rings again over

the speakers, hurry up

or we will be late for

cabin check in, he hands

her his shirt and takes hers

both of them standing

before each other just a

foot apart shirtless.

What am I supposed to

do with your shirt,

keep it to remember you by,

he quips.

She takes one end of his

tee shirt in each hand

and as the final bell rings

over the loud speaker,

she throws the shirt

behind him like

a rope quickly

pulling him close

with it like a lasso,

and gives him a big

long kiss on the mouth,

then drops one end of

the shirt and trots off

down the trail,

“That Was To Remember Me By”

I don’t care what you do

with the shirt, she turns

and continues to trot

away, then over her shoulder

she yells back,

“I Hope My Kiss Didn’t”

“Taste Like Cauliflower”

He doesn’t say a word,

just watches her as she

makes her way towards

the girls side of the camp

and disappears down the

trail. He holds up her shirt

before him and takes a long

look at it, then he takes her

shirt and holds it against

his face and takes a deep

breath in, not having any

idea what prompted him

to do that but glad that he

did, it made him feel like

she was still there for

a second or two.

He half trotted, half skipped

down the trail, looking at

her shirt as he went along,

reading each verse

and every phase

giving him a little more

insight to who she really was.

He made his way to his bunk

his camp counselor barks out

“Your Late, Where’s Your Shirt?”

I was out running during

free time and got lost, sorry.

That’s ok, it happens, I’m

just glad to see you didn’t

waste all your free time

sitting in the arts and crafts

cabin again says the counselor

as he heads out of the cabin

on his way to check on the

next one.

He lies back on his bunk

looking towards the ceiling

reliving what might just

have been the best day

of his life, and when he

gets to the part where

he hands her the arts

and crafts sign-in sheet

it hits him, he never even

got her name, he franticly

starts checking his pockets

in his shorts for that

paper when he

remembers watching her

stick it in her pocket when

she took his hands and

started dancing, he laid

back down on his bunk

laughing to himself at

the fact he never ever

thought to ask her what

her name was, then a voice

comes over the P.A. system

stating dinner would be

starting in one hour.

He suddenly realized,

that he was starving,

and for some odd reason,

he hoped that they,

would have cauliflower,

as one of the veggie choices…


Tom Allen…07-16-2017…




© Copyright 2019 Tom Allen714. All rights reserved.

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