The Immoral Acts of Man - The Sin of Avarice

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A story of a man that is troubled by his own cousin. This is a post that the man posted and is requesting help for those that see the post. (MAIN STORY) A man named the Dark Angel views the post and makes plans to help the boy out.

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017




A happy man that lived in Boston at the age of 10. His family moved to the states to start a better life. Noel Cantin was originally from Antibe, France. Living in a family of 8 and being the oldest of the family, Noel always wanted to be on his own. After facing numerous obstacles, he couldn't move out, go to school, or do any fun activities that excited him.

At the age of 21, Noel found out that his father lost his job. Noel was also working to provide for his family, but felt lost when he heard of his father. Noel’s favorite pass time was watching crime movies, moves that dealt with cops and robbers. Noel had it in the back of his head to always support his family, when hearing that his father lost his job. However, something broke inside of him, he decided to go forth and rob a bank.

At the age of 26 Noel successfully committed 15 robberies without the authorities finding out. Noel began to purchase things for himself instead of his family. Not once did he give a dollar to his family, who were struggling ever since his father lost his job. Noel began to feel a pull from his family, which did not bother him. He didn't want nothing to do with them ever. He wanted them to parish, to die, to never roam the earth any more. With more and more successful robberies Noel has committed, the evil inside of him beginning to grow.

At the age of 42, a family member of Noel placed a hit on Noel. The hitman found Noel but instead Noel plead a bargain with the hitman. The bargain was highly irresistible that the hitman turned and went to kill Noel’s family. He wanted the house his family was living at destroyed and build a better house for only him to live in. Noel wanted to live on top of his family’s remains.

Sadly, the hit was successfully in getting rid of his family. As this does not affect Noel at all, one person from his family managed to escape and personally find Noel and kill him for what he had done. Noel’s brother found him and successfully killed Noel, letting his body rot. From all the evil Noel grew inside him, turned into one of the demon lords of the 7 Sins, Nomaliah The Demon Lord of Greed.

Nomaliah can only be summoned by a talisman and a ritual chant. The talisman has not been found for over 600 years. Until one man found it.





A rainy night at Audacious Church in Manchester. As the church was empty and permanently closed, one room blazed with computer lights. Inside the so-called Pastor’s office resided a man in a black suit, wearing a full black Fedora, and hid his face. The man faced a numerous amounts of computer screens as it presented numerous pictures and videos of people blogging. The man sat there, while resting his head on the top of his knuckles, legs crossed, and showed no emotion to what was playing on the screen.

A man who over-accessorizes enters the office. He is dressed in a suit with no tie, well-groomed, and always presents an angry facial expression.

“You called, boss?” Said the man.

“Nomaliah, I may have someone for you, chap.” Said the man in black. Gave a file to him with a picture of a young man that was paper clipped on the front.

“Fresh meat. This man looks greedy. I can’t wait to grab a hold of him. The boys downstairs are hungry.”

“Within time, chap. What I want you to do is find this character. And make haste. Your little girlfriend already got a taste from me. Do not pull the same act as her.”

“Asmodelia, she is out for one thing and one thing only. You know that.”

“Business is more important than trying to have sex. Leave!”

“I will not return until I find his whereabouts, boss.” Nomaliah leaves the room.

The man in black retrieves a remote control and clicks on a button. A video that was paused on the screen turned blue.

“Let see how qualified you are.” The man in black said and clicked on another button on the remote and video playback began.



*television static from the video*

I don’t know if this thing is on. I think it is on. Oh okay. Hello, my name is William Fremont. I am 23 years old and I am needing help. You see, my cousin, who is my best friend, is troubled. I do not know what to do with him and the choices he makes. But I have nowhere else to turn. My cousin’s name is Eric Audibert and he…he is troubled, like I said. Greedy and only thinks of himself. Here is my story.

Eric and I never really knew each other until my senior year in high school. We met through a mutual friend and from that point on, we became close. It wasn’t until he invited me to come over to his house for his ‘cousin’s’ graduation party that he was throwing. When I arrived at his house, I saw someone very familiar. I couldn’t help but to think who this lady that walked into my best friend’s house was. I know this lady from somewhere, but where. I walked into the house and immediately I saw her. My aunt Rachel.

“Rachel?” I said.

“Hi, mijo! What are you doing here?” Aunt Rachel said.

“I am here to hang out with Eric. What are you doing here?”

“I here because of my cousin Patti. She invited me.”


“Hi there, I am Eric’s stepmom.” Patti was an older lady perhaps in her late 40s. You could tell she was a mother. A mother of 4. Eric’s father, his sister, and he were from Paris, France. They moved here when Eric was 13 after a divorce that his father and mother had. From what Eric was telling me, Patti and his father were chatting online and grew an interest into each other. Once the divorce finalized, the three moved up here to Austin, met with Patti, and stayed living with her for a while. Eric’s dad married Patti and from what Eric thought it was only so that his father could get his green card. Not sure if that was true. They dated for a while before Eric’s dad proposed. Eric is illegal, but since at that time he was considered a dependent. From the things I heard, it got crazy trying to get Eric’s green card.

I shook Patti’s hand and I looked at my aunt Rachel.

“Wow so if you two are cousins? Does that mean…” I said.

“You and Eric are considered cousins.” Rachel said.

I saw Eric come down stairs and witness the breaking news.

“Dude are you hearing this?” I asked Eric.

“Yeah, I’m like surprised.” He said.

“Yeah it’s like destiny or something.”

Later that day we partied the night out and I even spent the night there. We kind of got a little personal about ourselves, but I noticed something more about him. We talked about girls, which was perfectly fine by me. But we were talking about how many girlfriends he had, he wanted to see how many girls he could date, but the sad part, he was still a virgin. It surprised me he said that. From all the girls he dated, not once did he have any sexual encounters. At first it didn’t bother me. It was guy talk. Nothing wrong with that. He kept saying that he wants to live in a big house and have fancy cars and live like a millionaire.

He told me that he had a close encounter one time. It was one of the girls he used to date back in middle school. Veronica. It was one day he told me that he went to her house to hang out. Her parents were not at home which made it okay for him to come over and ‘hang out’. They started to make out, then making out led to blow jobs, and heavy touching. They had to stop when they heard the door close on Veronica’s mother’s car. Eric told me, that he got dressed and sneaked out from her window. They do not talk anymore, but he did say that he had some love her. He missed her. He wanted to go all the way with her, but never did. She lived in a big house. Her father was a CEO for some oil company. When they dated, her parents would pay for everything. Her family even bought really expensive things for Eric. Which was crazy I thought maybe the love was because her parents would pay for everything.

Eric had some problems with Patti. They never really saw eye-to-eye. They would always argue. Whenever I would call, he would tell me that he would be grounded. Which I found stupid for stupid reasons. I would always side with Eric. I mean he was my best friend. My cousin. My brother. It wasn’t until one day I got a call. I was upset but rather excited at the same time. I picked up the phone.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey man, could you please help me with something?” Eric said.

“Sure, what is going on?”

“Look, I can’t stay here. Patti is being a total bitch. I need to leave. Could I stay with you for a while?”

“Sure, man. You need me to come and get you?”

“Yes. Come now! I have my things packed already.” 

I had to help Eric out. I couldn’t just leave him when every time I call he has something bad to say about Patti. Patti had told him something horrible. Patti this. Patti that. I was getting upset at this Patti. On the family tree, she is considered my aunt, but I have never met someone who can be so ugly to someone.

I grabbed my keys, got in the van, and drove to pick him up. Upon arrival, I saw Eric’s father coming home from what I assumed work. I called his house phone, since he didn’t have a cell phone. A woman’s voice answered.

“Where is Eric?” I demanded.

“I am sorry he can’t come to the phone right now.” Said the lady with a soft respectable voice.

“Where is Eric?!” I raised my voice.

“He is busy talking to Patti at the moment.”

I hung up the phone and waited. Seconds later, my phone went off again and I answered it.


“Dude, are you here?” Eric asked.

“Yes, I am parked right outside. Who was that that answered the phone?”

“That was my Aunt Norma.”

“Oh well, hurry up. I do not want to be here.”

“I am saying good bye to everyone. Hold on.”

A few minutes went by and Eric came out of the house with a gym bag over his shoulder, a suitcase in one hand, and a pillow underneath his arm. I came out of the car to help him out and load all his things in the van.

“Wait.” Eric shouted.

“What’s up?”

“Do you think I am doing a good thing? Moving out? I mean Patti would get me everything I would asked for. Who am I going to ask to help me get stuff for me?”

At first, I thought it was weird that he had said that.
“Well I am tired of hearing you complain about Patti. She is a terrible woman. Why, are you having second thoughts?”

“Well, I am going to miss my brothers and sister.” He said sobbing slightly.

“Dude, you can always come back here to visit them. Or if anything they can come over to hang out with us.”

“I guess you are right.”

“Come on, you need to sleep. It seems like you had a tough day today.”

“Yeah, I did.”

We drove back to my house where we went straight to bed and didn’t say a word to each other until the next day.





A few days went by and things were getting better. Eric looked happier than ever. I got a call from an old high school friend. Audrey was a good friend to both Eric and me. Audrey was this very attractive girl; however, her personality was not all that attractive, but was cool to hang with. She looked white but was Mexican decent. She would always complain about boys non-stop. She said that she had a friend that wanted to hang out. So, all of us got ready and headed out. We met up at a grocery store where Audrey and her friend, Helene, worked at. Helene, was a very pretty girl. She would wear heavy makeup which made her look attractive. She had a bob-cut brown hair and was short. We went to different places. The movies, the hookah bar, and then to a restaurant. We had fun, though. But I did notice something from Eric and Helene. Love sparks were flying. They became real close. Helene looked a bit shy. Eric on the other hand looked like he knew what he was doing. I mean of course he did, he was a huge ladies man. I didn’t have anything against him. Other than I wish for his ability to talk to girls.

At the movies, I saw Helene and Eric holding hands. Audrey looked like she was getting mad. Jealous really. At some parts of our time hanging out, Audrey and Eric would argue as if they were a married couple. Everywhere we went to, Eric would ask Audrey to buy him something. Audrey would get upset at him for asking, but then she would cave in and buy whatever it was he wanted. She even bought him clothes when I know he has a huge wardrobe as well. It was a bit sickening to my stomach. It really did get annoying. She kept telling him to get a job. Of course, he can’t since he is illegal, which started an argument between the two.

“Are they together or something?” Helene asked me quietly.

“No, this is how they are all the time.” I responded back. “I see you eying my boy.”

“He is cute.”

“I think he likes you.”

“Oh, my god!” She laughs.

After the movies, we went to the hookah bar. There goes Audrey and Eric going at it again. This time Eric asked Audrey to purchase a flavor that he wanted. At this point, Helene looked like she was disinterested in Eric. Audrey decided she wanted to go home and couldn’t argue anymore. They would argue for the stupidest things. Stuff like Audrey would say something and Eric would misinterpret and an argument would arise; or Eric would ask her for something and she would say no and they would argue about that too. Not to mention when Audrey would joke around about his immigration status. I wanted to take Audrey home and only have Eric and Helene to hang with. After a while hearing Audrey and Eric argue for something so dumb, I didn’t want to hang out with her any more. Audrey was more Eric’s friend than mine. So, I am not too worried. We dropped Audrey off after the Hookah Bar. Then us three went to a restaurant to go and eat. We went to an IHop. The two were craving pancakes. I was craving a Chicken Fried Steak. Mind you it is around 1 in the morning.

We laughed and got to know each other a little better without Audrey butting in and starting an argument with Eric every 5 minutes. After IHop, we went back to drop off Helene at her house. I was driving, Eric and Helene were in the back seat holding on to each other. She had a small one-story house. She still lived with her parents. The neighborhood looked like the ghetto. But it was quiet from what Helene said. Nothing ever happens on her street. She could have her front door open, go to the store for 2 hours, come back, and see that everything was still there. When we arrived at her house, Eric quickly approached my ear.

“Dude, can you stay here real quick?” Eric said.

“Oh sure. Good Bye, Helene. It was fun!” I said.

“Yes, it was good meeting you. Thank you.”

The two talked for about a half hour. I couldn’t help but look at them talk. The two were standing on the drive way with Eric’s back facing toward me. I saw them hug, and they were hugging for a long time. Eric came back and got in the passenger seat. 

“So, I see someone should some interest in a lovely lady.” I said.

“I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes.” He said back.

“What! That is crazy and we just met her today.”

“I know go figure. She is a nice girl man. I want to hang out with her again. Plus, I had asked her for 5 dollars.”

“Um, Okay. Anyways, we can hang out with her tomorrow.”


We went home. Eric asked for my phone and called up Helene. They talked for hours. But it seemed that things were going to get better for him…so I thought. This was just the beginning of everything. I swear I regret him ever getting in a relationship with that girl.





Eric and I went out one day. When we returned I got a text message from Helene. Remember Eric still does not have a phone at this point. I didn’t even read the text message. I handed the phone to Eric to look at it himself. When he looked at it…

“What?!” Eric screams.

“What, dude. What happened?” I asked.

“Look at this text Helene sent.” Eric said. I took back my phone. I took a glimpse of Eric’s face. It showed worry as if someone one died. I read the text.

I do not think this is working out for us. It’s not you it’s me.

I do not know what that meant. They were dating for like 2 weeks and now she wants to spring this on him?

“Why did she say that?” I asked.

“I don’t know, man.” Eric went upstairs. His voice sounded like he was about to bust out crying. I slowly went upstairs and, of course, I did hear him sob hard. He ran into my room and sat on my bed, placed his head in his hands, and cried his heart out.

“You are alright, man? This is troubling you, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Yes, dude. I can’t seem to keep a girlfriend.” Eric said.

“What do you mean?”

“Come on, dude. I’m a ladies man. I keep dating girls. I want to meet someone that I love.”

“Are you in love with her?”

Eric nods his head softly.

“I do not understand. You guys have been together for only 2 weeks. How can you have grown that much love for her? Besides, I feel like you smooch off of them?” I asked.

“What the fuck? You never had a girlfriend. You wouldn’t know.” Eric said.

“Okay, I never had a girlfriend but I can understand things. 2 weeks and smooching off of them? Come on now! Obviously, it’s not meant to be. But I guess it has with you.”

“Sorry, man. These last two weeks have been great and she has been giving me money. I told her about my situation and I am not going to complain. But I need to talk to her. May I have your phone?”

“Sure.” I handed him my phone and went back downstairs as I was cooking. I live with my parents. My parents didn’t mind the fact that Eric literally moved in with us. As I was upstairs trying to comfort Eric, I could smell the bacon that I was cooking from upstairs. It freaked me out as you can smell burnt things from upstairs rather quickly. I dashed downstairs to see if I had burned anything. But luckily, I didn’t. After finishing cooking, Eric came downstairs quietly.

“She didn’t answer. I did text her though. I don’t know why she won’t answer my call. I need to know why she wants to do this to me.” Eric said with a sad facial expression. I felt bad for Eric. He seemed very happy after the whole dilemma with his stepmom. I want to help him as much as I can. But I know that this is something he should deal with on his own.

Eric went out to the backyard. I caught a glimpse of him just standing out on the yard. His eyes were red. I walked outside to check on him.

“You alright, man?” I asked.

He shook his head.

“Is there any way you can take me to Helene’s house? I really need to talk to her.” Eric asked.

“Of course. Let’s go.”

I grabbed my keys and placed the plate of bacon that I was cooking on the dining table. Eric and I left to go to Helene’s house. I too wanted to know why she would want to break up with him. It is sad to see a family member that I love so much go through so much pain. I couldn’t see that. I would want my family to be happy rather than sad or angry. I thought I was doing Eric a favor. But, me taking him to Helene’s house was just the beginning of what is yet to come. He didn’t even care that I was low on gas. But from the bottom of my heart I wanted to help him out.  

We arrived at her house. Eric, without a word, jumped out of the car and went to the front door of her house. I saw that he had knocked on the door. An older woman opened the door and let Eric inside the house. I waited two hours for Eric to come out. I literally took a nap in the car while I was waiting for him to come out. Eric came out of the house and scared me by banging on the door as I napped. My heart was pounding hard like a jack hammer. I almost wanted to get out of the car and run a marathon.

Eric got in the car and we drove off. The car smelled really good. Eric brought in a plate that was covered in a napkin. It had some chicken, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

“She made you food?” I said.

“Yeah. I made her to for having me come all the way over here.” Eric said.

“Yeah and me.”

“Whatever.” Eric said with no emotion.

“So, what happened? You literally left me there for 2 hours!” I said.

“I lost the V-Card.” Eric said.

“Your what?”

“Helene and I just had sex.”

“What?! Are you serious?” I said. I didn’t know whether to be happy or confused. I was turning more into happiness since Eric came back into the car feeling happy. I mean he got some pussy so maybe that is why he is happy.

“Yeah things happened really quick. We talked. She said she was confused. She didn’t know what she wanted. We talked for a while and then suddenly, a make out session turned into hot sex, man. It was awesome.” Eric said very happily.

“Well that is good, man. So where are you guys at now?”

“We are good. We are back together. But man. I was so close on telling you to just go home and I would stay here. But I didn’t want that.”

I didn’t how well to process that. But I was glad that he was feeling better now. At this point I was wondering how things would play out with the two of them. I still didn’t quite understand why suddenly she wanted to break up with Eric. And then they got back together by sex? Well they did talk. So that is something.




A few days later, Eric and Helene continue to hang out. Every day after hanging out with her, he would bring something new. Like a stuffed animal, food, even money.  Eric has been coming home late and I would get worried on where he was at. Of course, he would always get mad at me when I ask him. Like if I was his girlfriend or whatever. I can’t control the fact that anything could happen to him. I do worry about him. He is my best friend. My cousin. Every time Eric comes home, there is always something to discuss about Helene. Both good and bad. It is like pick up your mind already.

“So how was your date?” I kindly asked him.

“Dude, we had fun. We went to the movies, then out to eat, then back to her place, did the you know what, and then back here.” Helene said.

“Well that is good. Everything is alright between the two of you?”

“Yeah. Sort of. I mean we had a huge argument today about someone that she has been texting.”


“Dude, I don’t want her to be talking to anyone else. She is my girlfriend why would she talk to another guy for?”

“Maybe friends?”

“Friends? That can only lead to one thing. I do not approve of that at all.”

“So, you guys were arguing about a guy that she was talking to?”

“Yeah for a good while.”

“What are your plans for Valentine’s day? It’s tomorrow you know?” I said.

“I was actually wanting your help with something.”

“Sure, what is up?”

“I wanted to take Helene out to dinner. Would you help me?”

“I mean I can give you some money not a lot though.”

“I mean like help me pawn some of my stuff so that I can have some money on my own.”

“Oh, well why can’t you do it?”

“Well I am going over to her house tomorrow and I am going to be busy with her. That reminds me you need to take me over there and then when I am over there you and take the stuff that I need money for to the pawn shop.”

“Why not just go together to pawn your stuff? Get it out of the way?”

“Dude I have already told you that I am going to be at her house. Just do what I say please. I do not ask for much”

At that moment, a confused light bulb turned on. This dude always asks me for help and never once has he ever paid me back. But since I have a huge heart, I will just go with what he says. I do not need an argument here.


The next day, I take Eric to Helene’s house and drop him off. I had some computer games, a television, and a game console. I went to the pawnshop and get some money for Eric. Everything came out to be $150. I even called him to see if this was okay?

“Hello?” Eric answered.

“Hey, it’s me. They are wanting to give me $150 for everything.”

“What the fuck? No you need to tell them to go higher! That is bullshit.”

“I have asked, they will not go anything up to $175.”

“$175! Dude, William, you are ripping me off!”

“Me! This is your shit not mine!”

“Look whatever. Just do the $175. So much for your help.”

The call hung up. I was already upset at this point. I couldn’t believe that he would get upset at the fact that he is getting money. The dinner should not be that much. He is getting mad at me and blaming me that he is not getting a higher amount of money from all the stuff that he asked me to pawn? That does not seem right. And at this point, I am upset.

I take the money, and then drive to Helene’s house. But then my phone rings.

“Hello?” I answer.

“Where are you?” Eric said. He had a tone like he was disgusted with me.

“I am on my way back to Helene’s house.”

“I need you to do me a favor.”

“What now?”

“Are you giving me fucking attitude with me?”

“What do you need, Eric?”

“Never mind. Fuck you.” Eric hung up the phone. I do not understand his problem at this point. I am trying to help him out and he is being a stupid asshole. I texted him asking him what he needed.

I needed your help to get something for me with the money you got. But if you are going to give me attitude forget it, He said in the text. I asked him to call me so that I can ‘apologize’. A few minutes later he then calls me back.

“What?” He shouts.

“I am sorry. What is it that you need?” I said.

“I need you to go to the store and get me some flowers. The good kind.”

“Okay, why don’t I just go to the flower shop and get you some there. I’ll even take a picture of some and you choose.”

“No just go to Walmart. I need to save the money that I got that you ripped me off from.”

In my head, I wanted to cuss him out so bad. I go to the Walmart that was by Helene’s house. I search for some flowers. Obviously, the ones that are on sale. I took a picture of some flowers that I thought were nice and send them over to Eric. He responded back with him saying that he likes the bouquet in red. It was for a cheap price too. He was all for it. I went and checked out and left back to Helene’s house.

When I arrived, I texted Eric saying that I am here. Both Helene and Eric walk out. I get out of the car and give the flowers to Helene saying that they were from Eric, of course. She loved them of course. Eric was not happy to see me. I am not sure why. But I didn’t want to ruin his day with her. She seemed happy. I wanted to leave them alone. But…

“Hey, Helene and I thought maybe you could join us for dinner.”

I was a bit surprised coming from Eric himself.

“Sure, yeah. I do not have a date. Why not?” In reality, I did have a date, sadly she bailed on me. I was going to ask Eric if I could join him and Helene with my date. I had asked this girl from work to join me. She had a child, but I was more into her personality than what she was carrying. She said yes. But then after driving around getting Eric’s money and getting his stupid girlfriend her flowers, she texted me saying sorry, I can’t make it. I felt sad that she had said that to me. I never had a date before. Knowing that I was going on a date with a girl and then joining my cousin with his girlfriend, I thought it would be fun. Now I am just a third wheel. I hated that.

Dinner went well, and I drove everyone back to Helene’s house. Eric told me to wait as he was saying goodbye. I didn’t have a good night. Seeing my cousin be all happy with his girlfriend made me feel a bit lonely. Knowing that I was close to getting a girl to just come out and hang with me and have a date, that was all I was asking for. It didn’t happen of course. I was a little bummed throughout the night. Eric came to the window and knocked. I rolled the window down to see what it was he wanted.

“What’s up, man?” I said.

“You okay? You seemed down tonight.” Eric said.

“Yeah. Well I had a date tonight and she bailed on me. See you guys together made me feel down. And it didn’t help when you were getting mad at me when I was only trying to help you today.”

“Yeah you pissed me off.”

“About what?” I changed from sad to mad quick.

“I wanted a higher amount on my things, you couldn’t even try to help me get a higher amount on the stuff I wanted to pawn.”

“Are you fucking serious?”

“Yes, I should have gone with you.”

“Well no shit, Sherlock. It would have been better if you had came.”

“Look, dude I am getting really tired of your…”

“Go home.” Said Helene to Eric who came out of nowhere.”

“What do you mean?” Eric said.

“Just go home. I will see you tomorrow.”

“No, I am going to stay, I am just telling William to leave.”

“Goodnight, man. I am going home.”

“Yeah whatever.”

I drove away. I couldn’t even talk to him. He was being unreasonable now and I didn’t understand why he was so upset about the whole pawning situation. At that point, I knew money was a big thing for him. Not sure why it was such a big thing for him. I wanted to confront him, but I didn’t know how.




The next day, Eric comes home late. I was already asleep. I didn’t know that he came home at all. Sometimes Eric would stay the night with Helene when I drop him off at Helene’s place or at her work.

I woke up to the sound of a phone ringing. I turned to see Eric looking at his phone and get up from his bed and answer it. He exited from the room and talked to whomever it was outside. Not even a minute later, I hear screaming downstairs. I get up from my bed and walk downstairs. I see Eric pacing back and forth while on the phone. It was Helene. He wouldn’t speak to any one so rudely like that.

After he gets off the phone he slams the palm of his hand hard on the dining room table, creating a loud bang noise.

“Dude! What is wrong?” I asked.

“It is Helene. She is fucking with me. She is over here saying that some guy is going to come over and I told her no, but she won’t listen to me.”

“I do not know why you bother with stuff like this man. She is stressing you out. You do not need this.” I said.

“Shut the fuck up, William. I need you to take me to her apartment, please.”

“Why the fuck should I?”

“Because I do not have a license and you do. Just take me!”

“No, man this is your problem. Do not drag me into this.”

“You know what, man. Fuck you. You want to rip me off for the expensive ass shit I had to give up and all I am trying to do is ask for your help and this is what you do to me?” I see Eric take my keys and head to my car. Immediately I noticed that I do not have insurance in my car so having him drive would not be the best idea. I ran outside and grabbed the keys. Eric looked like he wanted to have a brawl with me.

“Stop it! Fine! I will take you!” I said.

We both got into the car and drove off. We didn’t talk throughout the entire car ride. Eric was on the phone mostly trying to get a hold of Helene. We arrived at the apartment and Eric gets out of the car fast and heads to her apartment. I stayed in the car. But I could see him walk up to the door and knock. He continued to knock and no answer. He walked toward the car and tried calling her on his phone. Of course, no answer. Helene’s apartment is on the 2nd floor and you can see the parking lot from the “backyard” patio portion up there. I see Helene come out and Eric sees her. I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Helene had a dog. She went out to the patio and scooped up the dog poop and try to throw them to Eric. Eric would dodge them, but then he had enough and walked up to her door and began to bang on it. You could hear the bang from where I was parked. I wasn’t parked that far from them either.

After a few times banging on the door, someone came out and apprehended Eric. Guessing he was the security guard of the apartment complex and he was off duty. He pulled him to the side and I came out of the car. I was really upset that Eric had to go this far just to talk to a girl that he may or may not have feelings for.

The security guard had pulled Eric to the side and I came up folding my arms.

“Did you need some help sir?” The Security guard asked me.

“No. I am here with him. He had called to get picked up.” I had to lie. I didn’t want the security guard to think I had something to do with him disturbing and actually trying to barge into an apartment. Like I do not want to get in trouble.

“Your friend is in a lot of trouble.” Said the security guard.

I just nodded my head in agreement. Eric saw and was mad.

We waited for the police to come. Eric and I were a little worried thinking that maybe Eric was going to jail or whatever. We waited for a long time for the police to come. We heard the sirens from a far going off. I was getting impatient as I was already running late to work. My mom even called.

“Where are you?” My mom said.

“Um. I am somewhere right now.” I responded.

“Where are you, William?”

“I am with Eric right now. I can’t talk.”

My mom hung up and didn’t even say bye. I knew she was mad. After an hour later, the police came. A young police offer came out of the car and approached Eric and the security guard.

“What seems the problem here?” The police officer said.

“We had a call from someone that stated a man trying to kick down a door to an apartment. I went outside and saw that it was him.” Said the police officer.

“Okay, and your name is?” He turned to Eric.

“Eric Audibert.”

“Eric, I am not going to throw you in jail. However, I am going to place a restriction on you. You are not allowed…”

“But I want to see my girlfriend…”

“Shut up! Do not talk when I speak. You are not allowed to set foot on the complex again. If you do and we catch you, we will throw you in jail. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Eric said.

As the Police officer and Eric were talking I turned a see a car drive down the street. It turned out to be Helene watching from a far. The police officer turned to me and told me the exact same thing. But he told me if I am seen on the premises then I would get in trouble for helping him. I got real upset at Eric. He never seems to listen to the fact that this is serious. We drove back home so that we can get ready to go to work.

“Dude, why the fuck do you bother with her?” I said to break the silence.

“I don’t know, man.”

“No, obviously you do since you are trying to so hard to get her to talk to you. You almost went to jail for the bitch!”

“Dude watch your mouth! That is my girlfriend that you are talking about.”

“Yeah your girlfriend that makes your life a living hell. Like seriously, what do you see in her?”

“Look, man. I love her.”


“What do you mean why?”

“Why do you love someone that doesn’t care for you? That treats you so wrong.”

“She is mad at me right now, because I had said something to her that she didn’t like.”

“And that was something that made you go all out crazy and almost made you go to jail? What the fuck, Eric!”

“Look I want you to butt out of this.”

“Butt out? I am trying to figure out why you want to be in a relationship like this. This is not right. I worry about you, man.”

The car got real quiet after I said. Eric looked away and looked out of the window.

“I am sorry, man. But I do care for you a lot. You are my cousin. I hate the fact that you are going with this.”

“I know, man. I…just…I just love her. There is something about her that I love.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, man. It is really hard to explain. Even you won’t be able to understand. Because I don’t.”

“Is it because you lost your virginity to her?”

“That is part of the reason but not the reason. And I also want to apologize for getting mad at you for the pawn shop thing. I know that wasn’t right.”

“Its okay, Eric”

We talked all the way home. I was glad that Eric was opening up to me. I wanted him to. He is my best friend. My cousin. I didn’t want nothing bad to happen to him. We got home and Eric got out of the car and then turned to me.

“I am going to break up with her.” Eric said.

“Oh dude. I don’t want you to do that. I mean I’d say stay with her but try to fix her.” I said.

“I can’t fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed. And I feel like I have been putting you in the middle of things and I do not want that. This is an issue between her and I.”

“Right, but Eric let me tell you something. It is like you having the best toy ever. It breaks, you know how to fix it right. But then it breaks again, you fix it again. And it just does the same thing it just doesn’t seem to quite stay fixed. Eventually you will give up and want to get another toy. I do not understand why you are keeping that toy for.”

The car got quiet again. Then Eric pulled out his cell phone and started texting.

“There. I did it.”

Through a text message I thought? I had a feeling that something was going to happen and I was not going to like it at all.

We get home and immediately his phone goes off. I let Eric take care of it. I went inside and prepared myself for bed. After a half hour, Eric is still not inside the house. I walk outside to see if I could spot him. He was nowhere to be found. I called his cellphone and he wouldn’t answer. At this point I was scared to death wondering what had happened, where did Eric go? I couldn’t reach him. I literally screamed his name out. After calling him for the 8th time, he calls me back upset to the extreme.

“Why the fuck are you always calling me?” Eric said.

“Dude you just disappeared. I am trying to see if you were okay, where did you go?” I asked.

“Where else. She is over here saying that she wants to kill herself. I think she might go and do it, dude. I need to go and stop her.”

“Whatever, she is probably trying to trick you.”

“I know her, dude. She is going to do it. You are not going to stop me.”

He hung up the phone. I immediately got into the car and raced back to her house. Luckily her apartment is not that far away from me. I drove over there and saw that her living room lights were on. I waited in the car. I texted him letting him know that I was here. I didn’t get a response. Instead I see the two come out of the apartment. I was too far away to actually see what it is they are saying. But you could hear them yelling from a far. It kind of got annoying. They both started to go the other way away from my car. I waited for them to come back but it was almost 45 minutes they didn’t go back upstairs. I saw Eric come out and walk toward the car, but then walked back to the apartment. Another 30 minutes go by, I see a text from him. It said ‘I need you to leave. Do not worry about me. I am going to stay here.” I was already tired. I didn’t want to wait for him. So, I sent a reply and said okay. I was upset at the fact that I had to go all the way over there and not pick him up. I wanted to not help him anymore. Things have been getting crazy. I know this isn’t everything. There is more. But its stuff that is too hurtful to say. I guess I will say this last part.





I woke up the next morning. I got a call from someone. It turned out to be Marcelina. A friend of mine that Eric used to date.

“Hi, William. It’s Marci. Is Eric there? He is not answering my calls.” She said.

“No because he is back with his stupid girlfriend.” I replied.

“What! He is so stupid. I need him to call me. It is serious.”

“Oh, is everything alright?”

“No, that dude owes me money. Him and his stupid ass girlfriend were stuck at the movie theaters one time and needed money for the pop-a-lock. They had locked their keys in the car. It costed me $150. He told me he would pay me back. Well that was like a month ago!”

“A month ago? What the fuck? He is a greedy asshole. I am tired of helping him out. He is a liar, a stealer, and greedy for money. Like he always wants people to pay for him.”

“I do not know why you guys are friends.”

“Well we are cousins. But family is family, but at the same time I am getting tired of helping him. I am not sure what is going through his mind.”

“Yeah I do not know either.”

“He I see him getting dropped off. I will talk to you later.

I hung up with Marcelina and waited for Eric to enter the house. I was clinching my fist and I was ready to punch him. Eric came in looking pissed as well.  

“What the fuck is your problem?” I screamed.

“I am sorry, I was trying to calm her down. I needed to stay with her.” Eric said.

“You have been treating me like shit for the last time.”

“I am sorry.”

“Do not apologize. I will not forgive you for lying to me and using me for all your little shit you have been pulling.”

“The fuck you talking about, man?”

“Having to take you to your stupid girlfriend’s house, lying to me about where you are, always using people for money, getting mad when it comes to money, and always dragging me with the stupid shit that you and Helene have, dude. You use them to get whatever it is you want. I am done, Eric. I am done trying to help you out, man.”

“Well some friend you are, William.”

“Some friend? Some friend? I will tell you that I have been nothing but a fucking friend that would stick his fucking neck out for you. What about Marcelina?”

“What about her?”

“You owe her money. You locked the keys in some car?”

“She locked her keys in her car. I had called Marci and she came to help.”

“Are you going to pay her back?”

“How? I do not have a job, you fucking idiot.”

“So that gives you the right to not pay her back?”

“Until I get a job, I will.”

“You are so stupid. Not to mention that I have been beaten by your stupid girlfriend’s family.”

Yes, this is true. There was one time, his girlfriend, Helene, came to the house to hang out. We were on good terms all three of us. Well something happened between Eric and Helene that began a scream war between the two. Helene called her sister Jasmine to come and pick her up. When Jasmine came to pick Helene up, Jasmine immediately tried to get into Eric’s face. Almost to the point she wanted to punch him in the face. I quickly came in and tried to break her away from him. All she was doing was screaming and talking mess to Eric. I grabbed Jasmine from the waist and pulled her away, then she turned over to me and punch me right in the face, thus almost breaking my nose. Blood was all over my shirt.

“That was your fault.” Eric said resuming our argument.

“That was my fault yes, but it was to make sure your stupid ass wouldn’t get into trouble. But yet it got me into trouble from your stupid girlfriend and her fucked up family.” I said.

“Stop talking shit about her, dude. Or else.”

“Or else what? You’re going to hit me too? Why don’t you go and fuck that piece of shit of yours.”

“I am on the verge of hitting you if you don’t stop talking all that shit.”

“Man fuck you and your stupid insane fucktard of a girlfriend. And get the fuck out of my house. You are no longer welcome here.”

It got quiet and I looked at Eric and he looked at me ready to tackle me down. In that he did. He rushed toward me and tackled me down. We started to wrestle as he was trying to pin me down so that he could give me a clean blow to my face. He pinned me down and raised his fist and almost hit me. He just stood there with his fist up in the air. He could hit me at any moment.

“What? Aren’t you going to do it? Hit me. I know you want to. You are crazy!” I said as my voice started to crack as if I was going to cry.

All I saw was Eric’s face went from mad to sad. “No”

“Come on. Your only friend that has been there and you want to hit me. Go on. Release your anger onto me. Come on, tough guy.”

“I am so sorry.” Eric said. He got up. I got up after him.

“We can’t do this. I can’t do this. You need help. I have been trying to help you but I can’t anymore, Eric!” I said.

The room got quiet.

“Get out of my house. If you want to come and get your stuff you better make sure that I am not here when that happens.” I said calmly

Eric didn’t say a word. He went upstairs, grabbed a few clothes, and left. Helene wasn’t even outside. But I knew he called her. That was the last time I heard from my cousin. I am saddened that this had to end this way. I loved my cousin so much. We were so close and for one person to ruin our friendship, our relationship as cousins, it hurts me so much.  Not only did she cause problems, but him as well. I was always there for him, but he always wanted her. And she mistreated him badly. Still to this day, I do not know what it was that made him want to stay with her or even act like the person he is today. Like I had mentioned before, he lost his virginity to her so maybe he was obsessed with the sex that he had and knowing that he can get any other girl as well and get into their pants. He will do it. Or maybe he loves the fact that people pays for him and he can find out some way to get out of it.

That is my story. I hope you can help. I want my cousin back like old times. I miss him. I miss him a lot.

*television static from the video*





“This poor bloke. What has the man done to you?” Said the man in black who remained sitting while watching the video end its recording playback.

A Few days later.

Eric and Helene were at a restaurant eating. Nomaliah enters the restaurant and spots the two that are eating in the far corner of the restaurant. Nomaliah gets seated at a booth that was adjacent to the table that Eric and Helene was at. Nomaliah overheard the two quietly arguing.

“May I get you anything to drink, sir?” A waitress asked Nomaliah.

“Freshly squeezed human blood.” He responds.

“I…I’m sorry?” the waitress gained confusion.

“Sorry, I tend to freak everyone out when I ask for that. Just water please.”

“Right away.” The waitress dashes away from him.

Eric gets up and walks to the restroom. A moment later, Nomaliah walks up and goes to the restroom. Eric is in the restroom doing his business when he notices that the lights in the restroom start to flicker. The lights then go out making the room pitched dark.

“Um. Hello?” Eric said.

“Hello.” An unknown voice was projected.

The lights in the restroom flickered back on and everything in the restroom look rusted, bloody, destroyed, and corrupt. Eric started to freak out. He grabbed what he thought was toilet paper to clean himself, only to find out that it was square cut outs of human skin that he was using. Eric slowly used the human skin toilet paper to clean himself. After cleaning, he rose up to vomit in the toilet after what he just did. Eric then examined the entire restroom. The sink was clogged up with what looked like blood. The mirror was broken with great crack marks. Eric could see himself multiple times though the mirror. The foul smell of something decaying frightened Eric and he ran out of the restroom. When he exited, he noticed that everything went back to normal…so he thought. The people in the restaurant did not show any movement. Everyone was still as if time itself halted. Eric saw Helene right where he had left he.

“Hey, babe. Let’s get the hell out of here. Something is going on.” He then locked eye contact with her. She wasn’t herself.

“You have been invited. Prepare yourself. The end is near.” Helene said in a monotone voice.

Eric walked back slowly in fright as he didn’t know what to do. Which response to respond to, Fight or Flight. He bumped into Nomaliah. Nomaliah spun Eric around to face him directly.

“You have committed a cardinal sin. Now you will pay the price at Capital Vices Arena for the Lord’s Supper. You will become our V.I.P. Guest.” Nomaliah said. He waved his hand across Eric’s face and Eric fell to the floor unconscious. Nomaliah dragged him out of the restaurant and disappeared. Time restored.


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