Falling for you

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Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



I got tired of wasting my time on men that don't care,

Constantly checking my phone for a message that won't be there,

Believing this one's differant always left my heart in repair,

Once again,

You can't trust men,

But this one's differant 

He offers commitment

He's doesn't stay distant 

He's persistant and consistant,

Even though sometimes I can be resistant

I realize I had been looking in the wrong place

Skipping over him for a prettier face,

Empty until I realized he filled the space,

There's no games with him he cuts right to the chase,

There's a differance when someone puts in effort,

He doesn't leave me confused or hurt,

Feeling a feeling I havn't felt,

Cause it's been a long time and I thank god he's the card I got delt

He drives a truck,

And he doesn't give a fuck, 

But he gives a fuck about me,

Leaving me asking how I got so lucky,

Driving down dirt roads and back roads,

Couldn't find my frog prince cause I was always chasing toads,

He's been calling me baby 

And it's driving me crazy,

I'm not even wavy,

With him there's no maybe's,

Finally I got tired of being called hun,

Cause that's all there was and I'm done,

Cause I've had a tough run,

But I've never stopped trying to find that someone,

I felt it the day I met him,

That roughed up barbie finally found her quirky ken,

Cause when he said it was over,

I realized I'd rather be sober,

And even though I still have my bad days,

I'd rather cope in other ways,

Cause I'd rather not drink at all,

Feel like picking him won't make me fall,

And it certainly won't leave me lonely at last call,

Thank god he's so charismatic,

He stops the static

Makes my anxiety less sparatic,

Finally let me put my past up in the attic,

And I'm ecstatic.



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