The Student and the Statue

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This is a story of true love between a young student and a statue of an angel possessed by the spirit of a young girl.

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



It was a beautiful winter morning in Northampton. William Taylor was late as usual and his mother needs to yell and wake him up to get ready for supper. "Mother can't you give me some more time, I just had a beautiful dream," answered William drowsily. “Oh dear, you don't give me the same excuse again. I can't spoon feed you big boy. Now get ready." She picked the bed sheet from his bed and folded it. Soon William got prepared and went down the stairs to join his four elder sisters and a younger brother. William’s father was a wealthy man always took care to see that his children always get the best. Life was fairy-tale for William, yet to know the real nature of the world; his innocence was intact.

While William toyed with his breakfast, his small brother heard a knock on the door and yelled: "Mother someone is at the door." One of the sisters stood from the table and went to answer the door. The children were delighted to see their favorite uncle who returned from war after a long time and soon joined the table. He looked at the whole family and described his horrifying experience about not able to see his wife and children for more than a year, all he could hear and feel was endless cannon blast. Lots of other soldiers were getting terribly home sick and how they dreamed of returning to their family soon. He looked at the eyes of William and said: "There is nothing heroic about war; people die in vain just because they are not able to accept each other." William smiled “I know uncle you always despised war but you had no option other than following the orders.” He breathed a sigh of relief and blessed William with all his heart that he will find a better career.

Williams wanted to study further and pursue his dream of becoming a veterinary doctor someday. He decided it is time for him to leave his loving family and attend the university.  William’s father was little saddened by the thought of leaving his son and promised him that he will provide all support he needs. Soon the day had come to leave his family. William’s mother and sisters were in tears, while his younger brother unaware of the situation continued playing with marbles on the floor. William’s father had given him enough money to spend for the travel and all other expenses. Williams took a horse carriage to reach St Albans. After seven days he finally reached his destination. It was a misty town. Williams required a good rest so he checked an inn and spent some time reading books on animal therapy. He got smitten by the women in the town. Soon the day broke and he had to continue his travel to attend the Royal Veterinary College in London.

The passengers who shared the seat in the coach with him told him about highwaymen hiding in the woods and how they will not hesitate to use their guns on travelers likes them to collect all the money. Soon they have to pass a long stretch of woods. Everyone felt uncomfortable. The coachman drove the carriage at full speed. It was a full moon and William prayed for the safety of everyone and soon fell asleep. Eventually, he reached London without any sort of trouble. It was snowing heavily. William dropped the luggage he carried to the ground and rubbed his other arm to make himself feel warm. Immediately he took an inn and had some breakfast which consisted of fried eggs and red meat and visited a barber shop to get a clean shave. He wore his best clothes and went straight for the university to meet certain professor named Hawking’s who was the head of the university. He attended some oral test as well as theory session and proved himself to be well versed with his subject. The professors were pleased to inform him that they have approved William to be part of this university. He was very grateful to them for giving him this opportunity.

Later one of the professors gave him the date to join the university. He introduced him to a certain gatekeeper who knows the city in and out very well and that he can help William to get a room close to the university. The gate keeper asked William for a little sum of money for the arrangement. He showed him some rooms which William disliked but finally, he settled for a small cabin on the first floor which stood to face a statue of an angel with wings. William considered the statue to be a good talisman. Many months passed he wrote letters to his family about his life in the university. More bulky books to read and dissect the bodies of various animals to study the internal features became a regular routine. At night he had booze with his friends who took him to woman’s chamber. Even though his friends were bold with the woman’s William was totally reserved. Soon he got fed up with this life and longed for some sort of miracle to happen in his life.

Every day he woke up to see the statue of the winged angel staring right at his face outside the window. To make himself feel little bit humorous, he shouted at the lifeless statue “Hello miss I am in love with you, will you care to marry me today.” There was no reply from the statue. He stared blankly at the lifeless eyes carved in stone. Then he started for the day and continued to do all sort of errands the university expected of him. Then later on at night he felt exhausted and returned to the cabin threw his boots around the room and fell flat on the bed. Three hours went by since he slept; suddenly he heard a soft voice calling him by his name “Yes I do wish to marry you, William.” His eyes were wide open he strained to hear where exactly the voice is coming from. To his astonishment, he found that the statue is showing some sort of life and spoke tenderly to him telling him that she cares for him deeply. He jumped out of the bed and shouted: “I was waiting for a miracle like this to happen and finally my Lord answered my wish.” The statue smiled and said, “I see you every day and you are very funny." William raised one of his brows “Yeah I feel the same and how is it you are alive today."  

Every night William spoke to the statue after he returned from the university. He found out that the statue is, in fact, a spirit of a young woman who died two centuries ago. She got trapped inside the sculpture after being cursed by a shaman for trying to take pearled necklace from her. William asked the possessed statue about how he can help her relieve from this curse. She answered, “The only way to get rid of the curse is to shatter the statue into many pieces; this will allow me to return to heaven peacefully.” He didn’t know what to do if the statue is destroyed he will never see her again in his life at the same time he cannot bear the pain she is going through. Few months passed one day William was a happy man but one day he heard the cabin owner telling to another person that the minister of the town decided to widen the road here and that the statue of the angel must be destroyed. William’s eyes were clouded with tears upon knowing this. They said the statue which stood for half a century as only less than a week to live.

In the pouring rain, he climbed towards the statue in the middle of the night when no one is around. He kissed her lips and said, “I will give my life for you.”  To this, the statue eyes became bright and moved. She smiled and replied, “Dear love when I leave you will join me.”  Finally, the day arrived the statue was dismantled completely to pieces. William became distraught to lose his beloved statue and he cannot tell the truth for no one will believe him. The cabin owner found that William didn’t respond the whole day when his attendees knocked at his door many times and finally with help of his men cracked the door open only to find the young man dead with his hand clenched tightly. He left the world to be with her in heaven happily forever.

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