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"Hope" the only thing that stays with us during hard times.

Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



It was half past midnight.There was heavy rain outside.In the middle of his poorly lit room sat Mr Blue.His head was placed on his knees.His hand was tightly holding on to a white plastic bottle.The label on the bottle read sleeping pills.Below the name it was mentioned in red lines "overdose could be fatal".

It was another tough month for blue.He was rejected by another company.He had finished his engineering a year back but still couldn't find a job.

Engineering was pushed down his throat.He wanted to be dancer.After going through his primary lessons he was forbidden by his parents from even practising it,apparently doing classical dance was too feminine and moreover it dosen't pay good.But Blue went on to practise at every oppurtunity he got.He hoped he could convince his parents one day.During college he shifted to another city where he did a night shift at hotel and used that money to master the art.Speaking of Blue he was mostly the silent type and an introvert.He didn't have the courage to start a conversion.For such a person of his character attending an interview was a nightmare.This was main reason why he couldn't find a job.He was a tough guy to break,atleast that is what he believed he was.He had never been so wrong.

Coming to present day,he was holding his bottle firmly.It was not for a job.It was for a whole different reason.Earlier today during his dance class.His teacher selected a few students for an upcoming dance competition.It was an important one.All the dance celebrities would be there to select the next prodigy.He had been a part of the dance instituion for five long years and had never ever missed a class,not even one, wheather it rained or snowed he was there.He was quite shocked when he got to know that he was not selected.In all these five years he never got an oppurtunity to participate in any major events.He was patiently waiting for his oppurtunity but today he wanted to see the end of it.He approached his teacher.The reaction he got from his teacher was the reason why he was holding that bottle.The teacher politely said that Blue was never suited to be a professional dancer and he could never entertain an audience of such caliber.Those polite words was a like a knife stabbing his chest.He could feel it passing it through him, with just one sentence all his dreams was shattered.He quickly ran out of the class trying to hide his tears.A few hours later he sat in his room.There was no usual song or dance.He cried all alone. All those years of practise was of no use.He was cursed,betrayed and murdered.Only  one thing remained, to release his soul from his useless body.There was bottle of sleeping pill near his bed.He quickly grabbed it and while looking at it his whole life played in front of his eyes.

But there was something strange in those memories.In his entire life there was only one thing which made him happy.It was not family nor friends.It was dance.The only light in his otherwise dark life.It showed him the path.All he had to do was follow it.At that very moment he realised making it to a stage was never his dream.His only wish was to dance.He dropped his bottle and stood up and started playing the music to which he started to dance.There was a knock on the door.It was his teacher.


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