The Things I Should Have Said

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Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



"I don't know, when she left, it made me really sad, you know? I thought about her a lot, and... do you ever feel like something is going well and then it just falls apart?" You said to me in the dim lighting of the coffee shop late at night. The way you looked at me then, you showed me a piece of you I had needed to know for so long. 


"Yes," I wanted to tell you. "I know that feeling. When one day you have it together and the next it's like you're living a different life completely. And God, do I understand what it feels like to lose the one who think is meant for you to someone else. I get it. You were that person for me, and here we are, talking about the girl you loved that left you. This whole time, darling, I have been here waiting for you to realize that she isn't good enough for you." 


But instead I nodded and agreed, because oh, the things I wish I could have told you. Would we be who we are without them?

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