Annabelle Gets Her Bell Rung

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Little Annabelle has been a naughty girl. She's been spending too much time with Brad and not enough time studying. The university isn't pleased, so it's sent her to see Eva, down in the punishment room. Annabelle might not know it, but she is about to have a life changing experience.

Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



Eva the hangwoman waited impatiently.  The silly girl had been told to report to the punishment room at three in the afternoon, sharp, and it was now ten past.  Not for the first time, Eva looked at her watch and snorted.  If the creature didn't turn up within the next five minutes she'd have to alert security.

There was a timid tapping on the grey painted door.  "Enter!" Eva bellowed.  

The door opened slowly to reveal the worried face of a teenage girl.  "Is this the punishment room?" she asked nervously.

"That's what it says on the door," Eva replied fiercely.  "Are you Annabelle Cole?"

The girl smiled wanly.  "Yes," she said quietly.

"Well get in here then," Eva thundered.  "You were supposed to have been here fifteen minutes ago."

"I'm very sorry," Annabelle stammered, "I got lost."  She stepped through the door and looked around uncertainly.  The punishment room was a chilling box of unadorned breeze block walls, painted white, a hard grey floor, and square white ceiling tiles, inset at intervals with cold neon lights hiding behind clear plastic covers.  The one thing in the room of note, the thing that caught Annabelle's attention, was a centrally placed square metal post, painted a shiny grey, with a projecting metal beam at its top from which dangled a noose.

"Shut the door," Eva ordered the shaking girl.

"Sorry."  Annabelle flashed a fearful smile at Eva and turned to shut the door, almost tripping over her own feet as she did so.  Pushing the door shut, she faced Eva once more, her brilliant white teeth biting her scarlet lower lip.

"Do you know why you've been sent here?" Eva asked, frowning.

"Annabelle shook her head.  "Not really," she said innocently.

"It's because your work doesn't meet the required standard that's expected at Abton University.  You've been warned twice before about it."  Eva looked sternly at the auburn haired girl.  "There's no third warning."

"What are you going to do?"

"You know very well what I'm going to do," Eva snapped.  "I'm going to hang you."

Annabelle's bright blue eyes opened wide.  "WHAT!" she blurted out, taking a step back.  "You can't do that."

"Miss Cole," Eva said sharply, fixing Annabelle with a penetrating stare, "the punishment for inadequate effort is laid out in your student contract.  The one you signed."

Annabelle blinked.  "But I never read it."  

"Too bad, Miss Cole," Eva retorted grimly.  "You should always read documents before signing them.  Now please get undressed."

"Undressed?"  Annabelle shook her head.  "I'm going, and there's nothing you can do about it."  She spun on her heels and opened the door, a purposeful look on her dimpled face.

"It's a pity you didn't read your contract, Miss Cole," Eva said quickly, "otherwise you'd know what will happen if you step outside this room."

Annabelle faced the older woman.  "What do you mean?"

"There's security at each exit to this building," Eva said.  "If you try and escape you will be apprehended."  She gave the girl a wicked grin.  "Then you'll really be punished."

"Really punished?  How?"

"You'll be dowsed in petrol and set alight.  Burnt alive in front of your whole class," Eva replied with relish.  "It should be quite a salutary experience for everyone.  You'll die a slow agonising death, wishing you'd been a sensible girl and chosen to hang quickly."

"You're making it up," Annabelle said, shuddering.

Eva unzipped the front of her figure hugging, black leather jacket and pulled out a buff coloured envelope.  Opening it, she extracted a sheaf of papers and handed one to Annabelle.  "If you read that," she said, pointing to a passage two thirds of the way down, "I'm sure you'll see that I'm telling the truth."

With shaking hands Annabelle took the sheet of paper and read the paragraph twice.  "No," she wailed, shaking her head violently, "you can't do this.  It's against the law."

Eva smirked and shook her head, sending her long blond hair swirling.  "If you'd spent less time gazing at you navel, Miss Cole," she replied, "you'd be aware that the new euthanasia laws allow this very possibility.  All that's needed is a witnessed signature on the appropriate document and the law will be quite happy to see you burnt to a crisp.  Or hung."  She held out another of the papers and pointed.  "I believe this is a photocopy of your signature, Miss Cole.  Witnessed and dated.  You stupidly signed your life away."

"But I told you I didn't read the blessed thing,"  Annabelle shouted.  "I didn't know what I was signing.  That means it's not legal."

"Well, you can argue that in front of a judge," Eva retorted, "after you've been hung."

"But it'll be too late then," Annabelle cried.  "I'll be dead."

"Most definitely, Miss Cole, but that's what you get for not studying."

"But I couldn't help it," Annabelle pleaded, "Brad keeps distracting me.  He won't let me study."

"You should have kept your legs crossed and told him to fuck off," Eva replied, smiling coldly at the quaking girl.  "Now stop acting like a child and start undressing."

"I want to appeal," Annabelle said desperately.  "I want a lawyer."

Eva threw her head back and issued a great peal of laugher.  "You want to appeal?" she gasped, tears running down her cheeks.  "You stupid little cow, don't you get it?  There's no appeal.  You're going to die, period, so live with it."

"Annabelle shook her head, the colour drained from her face.  "But I don't want to die," she sobbed.

"Few do," Eva mocked, "but they die just the same.  Now make up your mind.  Do you want a nice quick hanging, or a painfully slow roasting?"

Annabelle froze.  Images of burning to death raced through her mind.  Shuddering at the horrible thought, she shut the door of the punishment room with a click, her pretty face drawn and grey.Tears welled in her eyes.  She brushed them away with her hands and sniffed.

"Sensible girl," Eva said, "now start undressing and put your clothes in that bin."  She pointed to a circular black plastic rubbish bin near the door, the word "clothes" painted across it in large white letters.

Annabelle looked at her intently.  "Why do I have to undress?"

"Because you could shit yourself.  There's no point ruining those clothes.  They'll do for charity."

Annabelle stared at the floor.

"Come on girl," Eva chided, "you must have undressed more times than you've had hot dinners.  Would you like me to help you?"

"No," Annabelle snapped testily, "I'll do it."  Relaxing her clenched fists, she grasped her skimpy white vest and tugged it over her head.  Stepping to the bin, she held it over its gaping mouth and let it fall.  Looking down, she slipped her bare, petite feet out of her shiny red leather shoes.  Bending, she picked both shoes up and inhaled their still-new scent wistfully.  With a regretful look she sent them tumble into the bin, where they landed with a hollow thud.  Next, she unzipped her skin-tight blue jeans, undid the single bronze button, and wriggled them down her tanned, toned legs.  Stepping clear, she folded the jeans neatly and dropped them carefully into the bin.  Then, finished, she faced Eva.

Eva stared at her.  "Well," Eva asked finally, "what are you waiting for?  Get your titties out.  You wouldn't hesitate for Brad."

"You aren't Brad," Annabelle spat back.

Eva sniggered.  "Are you shy undressing in front of me?" she taunted.  "We've got the same, you and I."

Annabelle shook her head.  Defiantly, she put her hands behind her back and fumbled with her red bra.  Unhooking it, she slid its shoulder straps slowly down her silky smooth arms, revealing her large, firm breasts and pert nipples to Eva's smouldering gaze.  With downcast eyes she flung the crumpled bra into the bin and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her gauzy red panties.  Taking a deep breath she slid them tantalisingly over her wide hips and drew them down to her well manicured feet.  Standing clear, she straightened and cast the balled panties in with her other clothes, peeking at Eva as she did so.

Licking her ruby red lips with a long moist tongue, the hangwoman was eyeing Annabelle's taut, young body with evident longing.  Appreciatively, Eva contemplated the girl's downy wisps of pubic hair, rounded buttocks, and flat, hard abdomen.  Lifting her dark, liquid eyes to Annabelle's, she purred.  "Now doesn't that feel better, little one?" she asked, a knowing smile curling her mouth.  Without waiting for the girl's reply, she stepped forward unexpectedly and grasped Annabelle's left wrist.

"What are you doing?" Annabelle shouted, her eyes wide with alarm.

"Cuffing you," Eva replied, pulling a pair of shiny metal handcuffs from the pocket of her black leather pants.  With a dexterous motion she slipped one end of the handcuffs over the girl's slender wrist and snapped it shut.

"Ow, that hurt," Annabelle squealed.

"Don't be such a crybaby," Eva scolded, twisting the girl's arm behind her back.  She grabbed Annabelle's other wrist and wrestled it backwards into the other set of wide open jaws.  Using all her strength Eva forced the handcuffs firmly shut, smiling happily as the girl screamed in pain.

"Bitch," Annabelle yelled, "you did that on purpose."

Eva sniggered and began to massage one of Annabelle's dark red nipples with a black gloved hand, smiling as she felt it stiffen between her fingers.  Lowering her head, she gave the girl's sexy, full lips a grazing kiss, then nipped them quickly with her sharp front teeth, drawing a small bead of blood.  Flicking the blood away with a lick of her wet tongue, Eva brought her mouth close to the girl's left ear.  "Time to party, little one," she whispered seductively.

"Fuck you," Annabelle snarled, spitting in Eva's face.

Eva giggled and wiped the spittle away with the back of her hand.  "Now don't be like that," she said, pouting.  "Not when we're having so much fun."  She pointed at a four legged wooden stool on the floor and pushed Annabelle roughly towards it.  "Now be a good girl and hop on that so we can get the party rolling."  

Stumbling forwards, Annabelle recoiled at the sight of the stool beneath the white nylon noose dangling from the gallows.  "I'm not standing on that thing," she shouted hoarsely, twisting to free herself of the hangwoman's powerful grip.  "Ow!"  A searing pain in her right buttock made her jump.

"Aren't you the tender one," Eva chortled.  "A quick pinch on the bum and you're leaping round like Kermit the Frog."  She gave the girl another shove.  "If you want to make my day, keep on resisting."

"Fucking dyke," Annabelle hissed as she reluctantly approached the wooden stool.

Eva stood the girl to the side of the stool and kicked a blue plastic stepping stool beside it.  "Use that to climb on up," she said, indicating the stepping stool.  Annabelle looked at it and backed away.  "For fuck's sake," Eve asked, "do you want another pinch on the bum?"  Eyes brimming with tears, Annabelle shook her head.  "Then don't be a silly little trollop.  Climb up where you belong."  Shaking, Annabelle put a foot on the plastic stool.  "Go on," Eva said, prodding her.  Annabelle lent forward and straightened her leg, placing her other foot on the stool as she did so.  Without warning she uttered a loud belched.  Eva tutted with exaggerated seriousness.  "Who's a nervous kitten, then?"

Annabelle suddenly wanted to be free of Eva's groping hands.  Quickly, she stepped onto the wooden stool and turned away from Eva.  Sensing the girl's change of heart the hangwoman smiled, stepped onto the plastic stool, and grasped the nylon noose with both hands.  Pulling it down, Eva slipped it expertly over Annabelle's head and tucked it under the girl's jaw.  Sliding the knot with a practiced move, Eva tightened the noose snuggly around Annabelle's neck and kissed the girl gently on the cheek.  Annabelle shuddered involuntarily as she felt the rope constrict her throat.  Quickly, Eva stepped off the stool and walked to where the free end of the rope was dangling.  Picking it up, she tugged it to remove the slack, then tied it to a bracket projecting from the side of the gallows.  Annabelle winced, and fought to suppress the panic rising inside her.

Walking back to Annabelle, Eva faced her and blew a little kiss.  "You're looking good, girl," she said with a sly wink.  "Anything you want to say before we set those dainty legs of yours kicking?"

Annabelle's mind went blank, then a thought popped into it.  "What's going to happen to me after I'm ... ?"

"After you're dead?  You need have no worries there, little one."  Eva smiled at her cruelly.  "After your bell's rung your stinking little whore's carcase will get carted off to the kitchens.  You'll be pride of place on tomorrow's menu."  Eva licked her lips suggestively.  "Yum."

"WHAT!"  Annabelle couldn't believe her ears.  "That's disgusting."

Eva sniggered.  "Waste not, want not, little one," she said, grinning broadly.  "Nobody has to eat you if they don't want to, but somehow I doubt there'll be much of you come teatime."  She stepped back a pace and looked Annabelle squarely in the eye.  "Are you ready for your little dance?"

Annabelle felt her legs buckling.  "Not yet, please," she gasped.

Eva shook her head.  "Waiting won't make it any easier, my little dumpling," she said.  "Do you want to kick the stool away, or shall I do it?"

Opening her mouth, Annabelle gulped in great lungfull's of air.  She wanted to speak but could manage only a pitiful gurgling sound.  Suddenly she heard the wooden stool go clattering across the floor.  An instant later she felt a terrible pain grip her neck as her fall was arrested.  Startled, she tried to cry out, but couldn't.  With a shock she realised that Eva had kicked away the stool, and that she was now hanging.  Panicking, she attempted to grasp the noose with her hands, but they were firmly cuffed behind her back.  Her starved lungs tried to draw in life giving air but she couldn't breath.  In desperation she began to flail her legs, searching frantically for something to stand on.  There was nothing.  A great rushing noise filled her ears as a pounding headache pulverised her brain.  Then, as her body began to buck and twist, a deep dark mist clouded her eyes.  She could no longer feel the pain around her neck, or the urgent clamour in her lungs.  Without realising what was happening, she slid into welcome unconsciousness.

Eva watched Annabelle's death struggles with glee.  The girl was a good kicker, exactly what she liked, and was dancing pretty, but wouldn't last much longer.  Eva was right.  It ended quickly.  Annabelle gave one last shudder and went limp, but didn't stop moving.  Like a pendulum, Annabelle's body continued to sway from side to side as a spatter of urine formed a golden puddle on the floor.  Eva smiled and tiptoed to the door.  Opening it, she took a last, long, lingering look at the lifeless girl, then stepped into the corridor.  She would go and tell the kitchen staff that they needed to collect tomorrow's meat in an hour's time.  Then she would go home and luxuriate in a hot, scented bath.  Shutting the door quietly, she began to walk towards the stairs.

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