Ugly Mouse

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Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



Once. There was a mouse. He was a very ugly mouse. No body liked him. Nobody would play with him. Nobody would love him. Nobody. Not even his parents.

One random day when he was sitting in a corner on his own in the school playground, he thought he would imagine a friend. An invisible friend that would love him. Little did he know that the love that he was searching for was not going to be found in his imagination either. He tried and tried to believe this friend into existence but it just would not work. He went back into the class when the bell rang, but still managed to get told off by the teacher and picked on by the rest of the class. The rest of that school day went pretty much the same, and, so did the rest of that evening after he got home as well. He was ignored or picked on. He didn't know which was worse but that was all he had ever known.

When he finally got into his bed that night he cuddled up to his one and only toy mouse and gave it a kiss good night. He really did love his toy mouse. It never loved him but at least it didn't hurt him. He was sleepy. He was in that lovely short state in between wake and sleep.


Suddenly he saw toy mouse start moving on its own. He didn't know what to think. This was not the friend he had tried to imagine. Suddenly fear set in and he associated the mouse with someone trying to hurt him in some way. He smacked it as it was very easy for him to react angrily to things. He smacked it very very hard, and as he smacked it, it felt as if he was getting his own back on everybody who had ever hurt him.

Toy mouse stopped moving.

He lay there for a couple of seconds thinking about whether or not he wanted to become like the nasty sort of mice that surrounded him in his life and the answer was... No. He looked at poor toy mouse and got very very upset with himself. He thought that maybe he should be punished, just like everyone else had always done to him. Life was on big fight against the outside but maybe the only person he could really punish was himself. He started thinking about ways to punish himself and suddenly big mouse started talking and calling him names. The only thing he loved was being nasty to him.

It got too much for him and unusually for him he started to cry. Things were getting weired now because toy mouse stopped calling him names and started crying.

Ugly mouse suddenly thought less about himself and started feeling sorry for toy mouse. He looked at toy mouse crying and... saw himself! He realised that he didn't like seeing anybody crying because he understood how it felt. The feelings towards toy mouse turned more towards compassion and toy mouse stopped crying. Then he started to once again love toy mouse, but toy mouse stopped moving or making a noise.

Toy mouse had been frightening towards him and he had been the same to toy mouse. Toy mouse had tried to punish him like he sometimes thought of punishing himself. Then big mouse had cried when he was unhappy. Then he thought less about himself and felt compassion and love for toy mouse but no love had been returned to him, just like it had never been given to him.

As toy mouse lay there being just a toy again ugly mouse wondered why he had only been able to love a toy when it was crying and never a real mouse.

The rest of that night toy mouse stayed as a toy and he spent the next day trying to love all the mice that were nasty to him (which was everyone he met), but it didn't work. Nope not even with his mum. The day and evening were just the same as normal. But when he got into his bed alone as usual he thought he would try to think about why people that he couldn't love didn't love him. He was so busy trying to work it out that for the first time since he had had toy mouse he forgot to kiss it good night.

Ugly mouse just couldn't think of why he couldn't be loved by nasty people but then...

In the middle of his thinking he suddenly had a powerful realisation .

He had spent the whole day trying to love other mice, trying to love everyone apart from himself. Despite hating them he had not become like them and nobody, not even him, had tried to love him!

He got out of bed, turned on the light, and looked in the mirror.

He was determined to make a change to his life. He said to his ugly self ... "I love you!".

Tears started rolling down his nose and he looked at this poor ugly mouse with such understanding and compassion and love that he realised that toy mouse was just a toy and that he himself was the invisible friend that loved him. He got back into bed with the love and support of his new found friend, and then to his surprise, toy mouse gave him...

A lovely little smile, and a wink ...


Then the toy mouse, said his last words before becoming a toy for the last time... "I Love You Too!".

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