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THis is short, so a summary would basically give it away. Just read it and you'll understand

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



When I stopped running, I realized I had turned up in a dense pine forest. The moonlight glimmered off the trees, creating an eerie glow. Cold and cruel, the moonlight ensnared me like a spider's web and filled me with a deep sense of unease. As rigid as icicles, my fingers were going numb. It was much too cold for August. To calm myself down, I took a deep breath and the pungent odor of decay filled my nostrils. As a bitter wind swept through the trees, not one leaf rustled. The silence filled me with dread. Something was wrong with this forest - very wrong.

"Anna" A distant voice whispered, " Come here, Anna." Then I heard only silence, the kind of loud silence that threatens to swallow you whole. Oh! and that awful smell! It was growing stronger, choking me with each breath. In the pine branches, a silvery wisp of air materialized, growing larger and longer as I stared, a great black shadow elongating behind it. Within minutes, it grew to be the size of a man.

As I looked, I had to blink my eyes repeatedly to convince myself this was real. It was now taking shape and I could see the curve of a sly mouth and the glint of an evil eye.

"Anna," It whispered faintly, almost like an exhale. Then with malice "You're not supposed to be here, are you?" I shifted uncomfortably. It couldn't know. Right? No, this was not a coincidence; it knew, it definitely.

"I have to get out," I thought, scanning the trees for a place to take refuge. Gazing past the apparition, I saw a hunter's cottage that looked warm and inviting. However, first I would need to get past the ghost. That's what I called it, though all things considered, I had little time for names.

"Don't worry," the ghost sang out mockingly, "Your parents won't be mad. If this goes how I think it will, they'll have no one to be mad at!"
"Please, just let me go!" I pleaded, "My parents' anger would be better than death!"

"Oh, I'm sorry sweetheart," I said in a falsely sympathetic voice, "but we can't have you telling anyone about sweet little DEAD me." That was when it hit me. If he was a ghost, I should be able to run through him! Before the ghost had a chance to do anything, I charged straight through its torso. It felt as if every particle in my body had turned to ice; unpleasant, but better than dying. As I rushed toward the cottage, a frigid wind hit my back, howling in my ears like a wolf in distress. When I reached the cottage, I threw myself against the door and pushed in. As I closed the door, my spirits soared. I was alive! Shivering and tired, but alive! While I settled into a cushy armchair, my eyelids began growing heavy. I had just decided to stay the night when a cold voice whispered, sounding almost as if it was right next to me, " You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?"

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