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this is about a girl on her journey threw a hard relationship

Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



i woke up to the sound of birds out side my window. it was a cool Wednesday morning in march and everything was going as pland. i was on time for school well fed and in a good mood ready to start my day. when i got to school i was talking with all my friends when all of a sudden i jumped when my phone wen off and a message came arose the screen it was from my boyfriend and the message read " call me when you out of school we need to talk ". all that was going threw my head was what could it be is something wrong is he ok is he hurt is he upset but it never closed my mind that he might be dumping me. so all day i found it hard to think and focus about my work because i was worried. when lunch came around i decided to message him back and maybe he will let me know what was going on. so i messaged him back and i waited and waited and waited when recess was over he still did not respond back so now I'm really worried. the rest of the day my head was in the clouds i would sit at my desk not doing  anything just staring in to space and thinking. the end of the day finally came and i called and it went right to voice mail. now i was ready to cry. he said to call him so i did and now he wont answer is he in the hospital or something is he hurt. my whole body was shacking and full of fear. so i decided to shack it off and walk home and think positive, it was helping till my phone went off and his name went across the screen. i answered frantically hoping everything was ok.

" Hello is everything ok???"

'yes everything is ok but.........." 

" but what ?"

now I'm really worried and that when it crossed my mind.

" don't let me down easy just say it its going to hurt either way" i said 

" ok if you say so....... i don't think me an du are going to work out" 

" ok figured you where going to say that" 

so that when my heart was shattered to a million pieces.

 when i got to school the next day everyone asked me why i was so upset and that when i said 

" he dumped me" 

they where all like

"oh I'm sorry that he dumped you are you ok ?" 

"No I'm not ok i was just dumped"

"well did you really like him" 

"if i did not like him i would not have let him hurt me this much so yes i really like him "

that day i was just done i didn't know what to do with myself. i just felt so lonely i wanted to go home cry in my room and never come out. as the time went on i tried to move on and forget about him but it was allot harder then i thought. i started talking to other guys to get my mind off him. i talked to this one guy for a long time we had so much in common, so much to talk about,we talked for hours on end non stop. by then i had totaly forgotten about my boyfriend dumping me till one day this guy i was talking to decide to tell me something.

" so i should probably let you know that.......that.... I'm your ex boyfriends cousin."

that when i started thinking and realized that i was still not really to let go of my ex.

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