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A demonic entity possesses a schoolgirl.

Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017





Grace doodled absently, and the teacher droned vapidly. She didn’t like listening to maths when letters were forced into the equations. They had no business mingling with numbers, pretending like they weren’t out of place. It was downright rude.


Maybe when she was done designing this sad looking frog she would look out the window. Maybe not. Maybe staring through Mr. Howe would at least be enough to ensure he thought she was paying attention. She hoped he didn’t single her out to answer a question.

Oi, Church Bitch!

The tone of the comment sizzled like the tongue of a burning snake. It also came from inside her own head.

Ehehe, hi. 

Grace’s heart shrieked, but she didn’t let it show.

Who’s there? Are you in my head? she thought.

Yeah, the voice bit. And I think I’ll stay here. What do you think of that?

Who are you? Get out of my head. Grace found herself mentally trying to push, almost as if she was in labour. A murky, hot haze was beginning to settle inside her, and there was almost a stink to it – rotten and putrid.

Ha, you can’t push me out, your brain is too small and too stupid. I’m gonna have a little poke around in here, and see what I can find. 

Grace literally felt the presence dig inside her mind. It dragged out old memories, ones even she had forgotten, and studied them. It glared and sniffed at her thoughts and she could feel an oily tongue lick and drool over her most private secrets and ideas. It was such a sudden and violent attack she almost threw up right in the middle of maths class. Having her most inner self grabbed and pried was so invasive and personal it felt like a rape. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Leave me alone! she thought, now visibly shaking.

The presence snickered and sniffed her fear. I’m not going to leave you alone. I’m going to keep reading all this retarded shit in your head. Good Christ is there some ignorance and stupidity in here, girl. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Nobody in the class had noticed Grace’s terror yet, they were all lost in their own blank thoughts.

Wow, and such bad, naughty thoughts for such a cute little church girl. So much lust for Henry, how funny. That little homo’s into boys, you’re never gonna get to spread your legs for him.

Grace made a mental push, but nothing happened. She could feel something ooze over her brain and breathe her in. A dark smoke had swept through her, and she could feel its piercing hatred slice and cut a path throughout her entire being. She sunk in her chair, knowing there was no fighting it.

I can feel your hope slip away, didn’t think it would happen that quickly, but you’re right to catch on. Say bye to hope, Grace. There’s no hope any more, it’s just you and me. In here, alone. Together. We could get up to all sorts.

She felt phantom hands grab at her, and she cringed outwardly. Her schoolmates barely registered.

Why are you doing this? Leave me alone. Please.

You wanna know why I’m doing this?


Because fuck you, that’s why.

There was an otherworldly barking that chattered and chirped, and from how best she could comprehend the mental sound, the presence was laughing at her. The school bell shrilled, and most class members sighed in relief. Even Mr. Howe looked relieved the class was over. Evidently, he had even bored himself. Everyone packed up their books and papers, and shuffled out the room, chittering and yawning.

Going? I’ll come with you.

The presence followed her, biling up inside her like a disease. She could smell its putrefying stench in her nostrils, but nobody around her seemed to notice anything. Grace ran out of school and on the route home, trying to outrun the demon, but it snarled and tittered, forever nattering. There was no outrunning the creature embedded in her brain. She slowed down to catch her breath, and she felt the presence smile.

See that man over there?

Grace offered no comment, but she did notice a large man with a duffel bag sitting at the bus stop some feet in front of her. He craned his neck and looked at Grace.

He loves little girls about your age. Wanna go over and say hello? I think you two would make a cute couple.

‘Hey!’ Grace’s voice said. She tried to close it, but the presence had a stronger control over her body already than she did. The man with the duffel bag looked around, and he smiled widely.

‘Hi, there,’ he said, already excited. ‘What’s your name?’

Grace’s legs skipped over to the man, her skirt and ponytail bouncing up and down. He enjoyed watching her approach. ‘I’m Grace. You’re really cute, sir.’

His toothy grin was yellow. ‘I think you’re cute, too. Beautiful even. Come here and sit next to me.’

Grace moved over to the man and smelled old liquor. The presence shrieked with that otherworldly laughter as it manipulated her legs into parting over the man’s lap. She sat on top of him, and the two of them were facing one another. Up close, the man looked even worse. It wasn’t just the hideousness of his greasy pores and slimed lips - it was the desperation in his eyes, the quickening of his breath. What was happening now was a dream come true for him.

‘A girl could fall in love with eyes like those,’ Grace said in what sounded like sincere admiration.

The man looked left and right, and people were beginning to notice the pair of them. Some looked puzzled, others looked angry. ‘Listen, why don’t we take a walk together?’ he said. ‘We can walk together and go back to my place. We can talk, I have chocolate and Cherryade. Would you like that?’

‘Gee whiz, mister! Damn right I would like that. Then we can cuddle for a bit, you look nice and strong. I bet you could wrestle a girl like me to the floor.’

The presence was lost in its own maddening laughter.

The man grabbed Grace’s arm and pulled her to her feet. He held onto her hand like a vice and the two of them power-walked down the street. He was breathing hard.

The sound of Grace’s own thoughts screamed over the mirth of the presence, and so strong was her will that she was finally able to pry open her own lips and scream, ‘Stop! Leave me alone, get off of me!’

People were already suspicious of this odd couple, and on hearing that scream, many of them looked around and already a group of men was approaching. The man with the duffel bag looked almost hurt by her betrayal, but quickly disappeared from sight. The group of men tried approaching Grace, but the possessor made her legs run away, and she ran until she was several turns away from the scene.

What did you do that for? You little bitch, how dare you defy me?

Grace felt her insides boil and had she been able to open her mouth, she would have been screaming in agony. Her eyes went red along the edges, and she coughed up blood. As suddenly as the feeling started, it ended. The presence grumbled at the back of her mind, and Grace had control over her limbs again. She ran home.

Grace’s mum instantly knew something was wrong. ‘Jesus, Grace, you look terrible. Are you sick?’

Grace looked in the lounge’s mirror and hardly recognized the creature looking back at her. Her eyes were dull and lined with red veins, her nose was a snotty mess and her hair strands clung in groups, forming dark, dead ropes. Her skin had an unmistakable yellow tinge and it clung to her skull like a wet dish rag. She burst into tears, then, and she began to feel the full force of her body’s suffering. In all the panic, she hadn’t realized how sick she felt. She could barely support her own heavy head and there was a throbbing fire in her throat that pulsed and scratched. The dim light of the living room hurt her eyes and sweat oozed out of her every pore as if she were leaking. Her stomach rumbled and she could feel its nauseating acid eat away at her. She fainted, and before her mum caught her, she heard the demon cackle.


‘I’m back, mother.’

Nora was in her living room, and she looked at the dead body of her ravaged daughter. It smiled at Nora as she sat in her armchair.

‘Why are you doing this?’ she asked the thing controlling Grace’s dead body. ‘You killed her, you got what you wanted. Why do you have to taunt me?’

The thing that was Grace smiled. The skin around the lips cracked, but no blood spilled. There was no more blood left to spill. ‘Why do anything? Because it’s fun.’

‘I know what you are. You’re a demon, sent to shock and disgust the living.’

‘I like your interpretation,’ it said. It pulled out a clump of Grace’s hair and let it drop to the ground. ‘This wretched body’s falling apart. I’m gonna have to get a new one, soon. Yours, perhaps.’

‘You think I care? Take mine and stop desecrating my baby’s memory. Of all the people to possess, why her? She was good and kind.’

‘Maybe that’s why I chose her,’ said the presence almost thoughtfully. ‘There’s a logic to that.’ It grinned loudly, exposing the few teeth Grace’s body had left. ‘But are we operating on logic?’ It spat out a tooth onto the ground.’

‘How long are you going to sit in that body? What’s the point? How bored are you that you have to pester me with it? What a sad, bitter existence you must lead.’

The zombified Grace hissed. ‘I’ll stay in this body until it falls off the skeleton. Wanna know who leads a sad, bitter existence? Your daughter. She’s in the afterlife right now, burning and being tortured for eternity. Would you like to hear her screaming?’

Nora heard Grace’s piercing wails in her head, and Nora shook her head, closed her eyes and shook the sound away. ‘It’s not real, it’s a trick. If there’s an afterlife, she’s not with your kind. She’s in Heaven.’

‘There’s only one place to go after you die, and that’s with us. There’s no Heaven, there’s only what you would interpret as Hell. Everyone joins us, eventually. You will, too. I look forward to it.’

Nora stood up and went face-to-face with the daughter she’d lost. She looked into the melting eyes of this demon who paraded as some twisted version of her little girl. She felt a rage stir inside her that made even this supernatural force retreat a few steps. It was a true and pure hate that filled her very insides like boiling water, and she threw out her arms and closed her hands around the zombie’s neck. It was easy to crush that already weak, clay-like throat, and the demon squealed in pain and terror.

In the next moment, only Grace’s dead body was left. Decomposing and rotten but free of any malignancy. Nora knew in that instant that it was something about her potent hate that had driven the force away. She cradled Grace in her arms and wept, not understanding what had happened or why.



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