Dreamweaver Book 6; Sloth: Harbinger Of The Deplorable Dream

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The truth about Wanye's death has finally come to light. Zan's heart is filled with malice; this malice manifests as a curse that threatens to destroy Ayumi; the Chaotic Resonance. Zanfar, knowing well the nature of human beings has guided everything from the shadows; even the name 'Dreamweaver' was originally coined by him and now, he waits for Zan to yield to his human nature and save Ayumi. Zan is faced with a divisiveness that threatens his duty and to avert the impending destruction, he must rediscover his familial roots. Sloth and Decay have now finally fulfilled their purpose and now, as the signal for the Hunt For The Dreamweaver is given; and the forces begin to align; the king and origin of all Nightmares finally makes his declaration of war.

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Submitted: July 19, 2017

PROLOGUE In this world called Reality, there dwell numerous creatures known as humans. Thinking about it now, I can finally understan... Read Chapter

Chaotic Resonance

Submitted: July 19, 2017

EPISODE 22: CHAOTIC RESONANCE It was midnight in Dream City; a silent, gloomy midnight. After leaving the Kirisawas, I went to live w... Read Chapter

Better Half

Submitted: July 19, 2017

EPISODE 23: BETTER HALF I stood within Ayumi’s mind. I saw her memories, all of them. Do you now understand why I can narrate her p... Read Chapter

Divided We Fall (Part I)

Submitted: July 19, 2017

EPISODE 24: DIVIDED WE FALL (PART 1) 31st December, 2011 Ayumi and I finally stood before Decay. The evil soul had finally reveal... Read Chapter

Divided We Fall Part II: Which Of Us Do You Choose?

Submitted: July 19, 2017

EPISODE 25: DIVIDED WE FALL PART II: WHICH OF US DO YOU CHOOSE? I struggled to carry all the food up the stairs without falling. I wa... Read Chapter

The Hunt For The Dreamweaver And The Land Of The Dagara

Submitted: July 19, 2017

EPISODE 26: THE HUNT FOR THE DREAMWEAVER AND THE LAND OF THE DAGARA I stood on a land, a strange unfamiliar, yet strangely familiar l... Read Chapter