The Voice Of Death

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It's the voice that telling you to do this right?

Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



Aylin couldn't understand why her mom didn't believe her, well she could at first, because saying "I just saw someone being murdered". Really did come out of the blue, even if it had been a Saturday afternoon, which honestly Aylin couldn't see how that was a problem. "Aylin honestly I don't know where you come up with this stuff, but something like murder is too much even for you". Aylin continued staring at her mother with disbelief, how could she reamin so calm when there could be a murder lose in this town.

Aylin turned to her father who was calmly reading a book on the couch, and as always he had that vacant look on his face whenever Aylin opened her mouth to say something. Taking a deep breath Aylin tried to calm herself this is what always happens when she tried to be serious, her family always thought she was just lying to get attention. Although Aylin had that problem when she was eight years old she had outgrown that, why couldn't her family see that. Before Aylin could say anything else a voice stopped her "Do it".

"Do what?". Ayllin hadn't realized she said that out loud until she felt her parents looking at her. "Aylin please don't do this, your father and I are trying to enjoy the rest of the day please don't ruin it". Alyin stared at her mother wondering how a mother could talk like that to their own child, but after all she put them through Aylin could somewhat understand. Not saying anything else Aylin went up to her bedroom the only place in the house when it was safe to be herself.

Aylin didn't know what brought herself to stand in front of the full length mirror that was in her bedroom, but she was there. "Do it,Do it, you did it last time what's stopping you?" Aylin knew that the voice was coming from her own head, it had been there for a few weeks telling her to do things until she did. Aylin wanted to tell her parents about the murder, she wanted to tell them about the five year old who was stapped to death this morning in a ditch, but what Aylin wanted was help.

"Help, you want help, from people that neglect you and act as if you are a burden, the only thing that can help you is freedom and your about to get it". Aylin knew what the voice talking about she had kept the knife hidden in her drawer thankfully her mom never came into her private place. "Do it this is the freedom that you want right, the help that you so rightly deserve". Aylin didn't know what had come over her, but she saw herself taking the knife and walking downstairs towards her parent's this was finally going to be her freedom. After all Aylin was a good liar she tricked her sister to play out at the ditch as well, and if the voice was right she would be free of the guilt.

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