laying awake

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Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017





 It was a long day today i should be tired but im not,insted im laying in bed writing this because i cant sleep. there are so many things to think about like graduation tomorrow, graduation trip to ottawa, my grandpa who is in the hospital very sick, my little cousin who was diagnosed with neroblastoma cancer, my ex boyfriend who i am still in love with. so many damn things. some nighst i just wish i could forget about everthing and you know what i mean. as im laying her and thinking i start to daze off and imagin myself on a beach,soaking up the sun, listening to the waves as they role in and out on the beach, and feeling the hot sand on my feet. its was the best feeling in the world. when i come out of my daze im now thinking about all thoes things i mentioned earlyer. its now almost 2am and im still wide awake. now im getting mad with myself because i have to be up at 7am and its now 2am. so one by one i start relaxing and taking things off my mind first graduation then graduation trip then my grandpa and then my cousin, but i cant seam to get my ex boyfriend off my mind and in my head i start to say 

" as i lay here in the dark hearing nothing but silence im thinking of you. thinking and thinking of only you. again and again replaying all the happy memories leaving the sad ones out. all the nights we fell asleep on facetim, the nights we stay up late texting, and the night you made me pull and all nighter with you so we can say we did it together. all thoes happy memories make me miss you even more then i already do as i lay her wide awake" 

i try to stop myself from saying that but i just keep repeating and repeating it in my head when all of a sudden my phone lights up with an unknown number so i ask whoit is and its my ex.

" hey we have not talked in a while whats up" he said 

"nothing much just cant sleep"

i was totaly not going to tell him i could not sleep because i was thinking about him.

" same i cant sleep either"

this is when i can try and see if he really still likes me or not so i ask him why he cant sleelp.

"i cant sleep because im thinking of you and i cant get you out of my head" he said

after reading that i finaly decide to tell him.

"i cant sleep either because im thinking about you and cant get you off my mind"

"well that makes two of us" he said

we talked till 5am and then we finaly fell asleep talking to him was like nothing in the world mattered anymore.

" good night i love you" he said 

"good night i love you two" 

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