Quiet Paramour

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Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



We hold this moon

right before our eyes.

As we gleam with passion ,

and watch the Chanel rise .

We take in the glow

of the harmonic stares .

We breath the last draw

of the October air.

It smells so crisp.

A star made a wish .

To last forever with

a love to resist .

It's amazing how you

can speak into my heart.

With only a kiss ,

we can light up the dark.

The heavens had a plan .

To join a table

with love at the ends.

The look in your eyes

let's me know that I need you.

There's a fire in the skies

saying you'll never hate me.

A touch of your skin

it can catch me if I fall .

The quiet says it best ,

when we don't speak at all .

The flower at home

gets lonely as a man .

That traveled too far

searching for the one

who left .

The baby is new.

longing for return.

Silence is best ,

when the quiet's at rest.

An old fallen oak

where we bonded that oath

of faith.

It revives my weak heart.

And makes our love run away.

The warmth of the sun

let's me know that we miss you.

There's a look in my eyes

saying you'll find me.

The shadow at home

holds the flower

in your hand.

so we kiss,

and we don't speak at all .

We love the best ,

when you return to my heart .

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