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life's pretty easy but we make it difficult.We can choose simplicity and truth but we like to indulge and lose ourselves in the modern fake world.We start searching for answers of the questions,the world teaches us.After a while we find ourselves trapped in the maze of guiltful pleasure,the truth gets lost and life gets left far behind and there seems no light of finding redemption.But we'll always find a light that will lead us home ,only if we could give up looking for answers out there and take a look inside.

Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017




I won’t come up with a cheesy opening line so that people will think I’m some kind of genius .Maybe I’m a fool but I’m gonna write this anyway and I’m not ashamed of admitting that I tried to be cheesy most times but now I understood that it’s not worth holding back my heart and then write some derivative shit afterwards.I realized that if your work could even touch a single person’s heart ,that’s enough ,maybe far better than a hundred blind trend followers.So lets forget this and just remember that I started with an answer that was holding me back from a long time and I guess each and everyone of us have these frequent questions in our head ,”why can’t I be like him/her”,”why can’t I do it”,”why don’t I look good”,”why he/she doesn’t like me” and blah blah blah……,there are a million others.Each and everyone of us just surround our daily lives with this shit and dip our heads so deep in this ,that all that’s left is, for our mind’s to keep searching for the answers.We skip work,skip love(don’t even realize it),stay awake at nights,smoke,drink,take drugs,curse home & even our parents ,and all this just to find some stupid fucking answers that some guy with a nice face fed to us.You keep digging for answers and they keep getting all the gold.They make money by questioning your very existence.We keep filling our search history with these questions and all we find are some other fuckers who would even make videos and write articles just to tell you how shitty your life is and they always end up with some positive quote or a positive routine and we believe every crap we just saw or read.doesnt it seem like they are “dementors” who feed  on other people’s feelings and won’t stop doing it until you stop showing up at their doors and the worse thing is that they make you feel depressed for something you are totally not  and then give you a shoulder to cry on with their positive crap and then sell their ideas to you.doesnt it sound like pure business.I mean it’s so easy,just make anyone feel like they are nothing until they are most  vulnerable,then throw a shoulder for them to cry and lean on and then just ask for favours.

Life is easy ,we’re not.It’s good to take things hard sometimes.It means you care,you are awake.But being hard on yourself just cause we live in a world of perfect fake lives or as you folks call it “social networking” ,is total bullshit.We feel like we have so many people to rely on,talk to,share our feelings with but all they are doing is pretending to be nice .You’ll see these perfect lies floating around in images and videos on instagram or facebook or snapchat ,asking(I prefer questioning) the way you live your life everyday and we take it so damn serious that we go in war with ourselves and not only start questioning our very existence but also every second of our lives that we lived since the day we were born.So in all we ruin our past ,procrastinate the present and kill our future ,all because we don’t have perfect lives.Perfect has become such an obsession these days that we think, it’s good to have everything perfect.We keep waiting for a perfect opportunity to show our talent  so we just waste our lives waiting for something that’s been with us all the time.We keep waiting for perfect love cause we saw so many people find their’s on facebook and instagram.Honestly we lose the love that’s always been there in front of us and keep waiting for something that isn’t there.We keep waiting for magical fixes while we smoke our time and drink our already happy lives just cause some dumb page that we follow says so.There are no magical fixes, you cant just sleep around thinking it will get better.You need to get off your ass and figure out the shit.But you can always go back to those social sites that feed you with all these false hopes.

It might not seem good but its true that all of us are just waiting for our perfect life to begin.We just leave opportunities cause they are not perfect and without perfect opportunities, we won’t happen to have a perfect life.Guess what, life is happening all around you, it’s happening right now as I write, as you check that hot pic of your perfect friend, as you scroll down all those worthless notifications, as you waste your money buying cigarettes or as you waste your hours fighting who you are.This obsession with being perfect, talking perfect, eating perfect, looking perfect and a whole lot of other perfects has just erased everything you were, that made you unique, who knows may be that was perfect.

But it isn’t the end, you can still find your way back home where everything’s the same as you left , where love exists, where people care for you, where somebody’s foolish enough to love you, where you have friends and family, where you have all these lovely dreams and stories waiting, cant you feel the wind calling out your name leading you there.Just go ,you don’t need to keep blaming yourself ,life’s too short for that and you damn sure don’t need answers for your life to happen cause when it’ll finally stop happening , you might realize that your heart knew the answers all along.

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