Soul Connection

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Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



Two hearts are lonely

inside the stand.

Is a fallen duo of

a lost love at hand .

The letters are written to a handsome man

Who owns loneliness in the

palms of his hands.

Dear love at last, My heart is in shame.

It quenches it's thirst

with the tears of the rain.

In this silence

is a love that can't be found .

So what keeps this distance still hanging around?

Is it the one that we hold as three?

A mortal from two

that set our love free ?

Amongst the glaze

The storm has a name .

We call it pleasure

because it heals the pain.

Will those eyes still stare deeply into mine?

Hold me close to hold the lost time ?

As we are searching

the scars are amend.

They etched a memory of

a thousand sins.

Dear love of mine.

We can make it this time.

One last kiss to seal up the binds.

Keep on searching until we are found.

Let's make a steam

that can melt all the clouds.

I bleed from the roses

of a new love's thorn.

Because I was the one that you called the storm .

Never to love in despair once again.

An odor of fragrance of love on the wind.

I'll picture your face

until payment comes due.

Because my heart races

from the beauty of you .

The calm has made a curse perfected.

Now that our souls

have been reconnected.

We kiss in the past .

I'm free to love you at last .

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