"The visit"

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Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



Mom "Me and your father are on our way now we'll be there in two hours.


Daughter. " ok drive safe"


"Daughter "Hey I'm 18 why do I need a babysitter?"


Mom"What? We didn't hire anyone..."


"Daughter "OMG he Broke into our home!"


Mom "Call the police."


"Daughter "he says he'll kill me if I call the police."


Man" If you ever want to see your daughter again give me twenty thousand dollars.


"Mom who the hell are you? I'm calling the police.


"Man do it and you'll never see your daughter again.


"Daughter "screams"


"Mom Were turning back right now"


"Man "Do it we will be Long gone"


"Man leave twenty thousand dollars in the mailbox and don't get the police involved or else,Also I'll be Back to check the mailbox in 5 hours with or without your daughter."


"Mom" please don't hurt her. We will go straight to the bank and put the money In the mailbox"


Mom "were at the bank we have the money"


"Mom" its in the mailbox now."


"Daughter laughs with man"


Daughter "you fell for it APRIL FOOLS!"


"Daughter" the man is Timmy my friend."

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