the curse of the bargain

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flash back of past events

Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



Wednesday July 19, 2017

The curse of the bargain

How easy you buy bargained price items on line or through Craig's list. No hassle, no questions asked. I am sure the treasure you own now has brought you more than delight. The golden jewelry so unique made in faraway lands, oceans away, where the jewelries were made with 18 or 22 k gold. The jewelry some over 50 years old. The golden peacock about 4+ inches long from beak to the end of curled wiry tail of 2-3+ inches, spotted body with imbedded blue turquoise.   Or the cocktail rings with brilliant diamond and ovoid deep blue sapphire presenting its nebular face on a body of platinum gold, an 18th birthday gift. Or the one made of yellow gold with a semi round face over an inch in diameter with the shines of diamonds and sapphire that used to decorate the lady's finger plagued with painful prominent arthritic joints. The platinum necklace with daisy like row of flowers decorating the chest with their dark blue sapphire centers and brilliant diamond petals, a doctorate graduation gift. Or the string of pearls joining hands with a golden bow of about 1.5x2". It was a dark and cold night sometimes end of February some 25 years ago the last night of the trip overseas in the jam packed streets cars sliding in the snow slush melting by the rain. The wind chill burned in contact the exposed skin of the face and hands. After searching for hours for a unique piece of jewelry all over the town I found this string of pearls in our cousin's store. Beautiful flawless string of pearls. There was also this gold chain necklace with an adorable bow. They obliged me with their gracious hospitality and kindness by rearranging the string of pearl around the golden bow a few hours later. My brother driving around pleasing his little sister of 23 years junior to him as he covertly kept placing nitro glycerine tablets under his tongue now and again during that long, cold and arduous night. You know, It was the only way I was managing to take out what I had in my saving account of over 3 decades old in a country I no longer resided in.  Many many more pieces.  The necklaces and jewelry I began to own during years of marriage, sets of necklaces with matching ear rings, one set with emerald, one with ruby and one with onyx. There was a 60" long 3mm  gold chain a wedding gift from my sister, and many other pieces of jewelries and bracelets and rings most birthday gifts to me from my family as well is Tissot watch with platinum bracelet from the years in college. The watch a Christmas gift from my son and many more pieces of jewelry gifts from my partner and My collection of gold and silver pendants souvenirs gathered during trips in the country or overseas.  What I envisioned a heirloom for future grand children if any till that Wednesday morning early May 2016. 

The next door neighbor's dog kept barking and barking around 8 am. Coming back from work in the evening garage door was left open. The back door leading inside was stamped with a large muddy shoe marking at least 12" long and an indentation in the maximal point of contact and the dislodged door jam leaning on the wall. Detective Bourgeois and his men spent over an hour checking the house and getting finger prints on the side of the house they had intended to break in in vain before breaking the entry door with their large kick mark at about 40" high above the platform can make one wonder that belongs to a tall heavy set man.

Antique gold coins a giveaway gift distributed during my brother's wedding when I was 11 years old, a pocket watch and a golden rigid bracelet with a dome shaped hinged decorative face Imbedded with white, green and red crystals to flip open and reveal a small round watch with brand name, S.ARA, manufactured in Switzerland. The last of limited series of watches manufactured for my father's company back in late 50's. A gift when I took my boys to meet their grand mother. The trip I had yearned to make to visit and say good bye in person though many years delayed. I remember his words of advice when I was growing up, pointing to me to this beautiful tall spruce growing in our yard in comparison to canopy like branching old favorite apricot tree bearing the most delicious fruit of my childhood. He would say " the more fruit bearing the more humble and down to earth a tree will become and for that matter what human beings need to consider who they should become. 

It was a Friday afternoon when we reached the place, carrying a potted small spruce and a shovel. As soon as We planted that tree, rain drops began to fall down where we stood. We Looked up. There was a small cloud in the sky right over us. While silently tears began to flow down our faces, there stood four of us my sister and her husband and my spouse. She told me exactly the same happened on the day my father was buried four years earlier. I never forget that day. It was a Saturday. It was halloween. Around 10:30 am I suddenly sensed this strange clairvoyance my father had died. He was admitted to the hospital with infarcted bowel and did not make it through his operation.  Then 7 years later when I was back for the last time and back to the cemetery, there was my brother's grave, buried side by side my father. My family of childhood, my parents, my brother and one sister as I hear all gathered together in eternity.

The memories are now all that are left behind. 
Just hope the bargain deal you got worth the curse.

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