Someone's Daughter

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Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



Tree bark hair ,

and snow white fleece .

We dance so slow

to Fur Elise .

With the use of my heart

I mute the sounds .

The orchids shiver

for the cold made them wither .

It was a gorgeous nightmare.

All along the sadness

won't bother .

The man made of clay

has stolen someone's daughter.

Lash out

for I

have blessed my friend

with a surprise.

The globe went silent .

He gave her away.

To a man who

Was three times her age.

He smelled like sugar cane .

He wore a suit and tie .

He had a tongue like a devil .

So easy to hiss lies.

Pride has poisoned

the heart of a father.

He loves her so much .

But, she is someone's daughter .

The keg has ran dry.

Of the women's tears.

That age back to thousands.

Or millions that lived in fear .

Raspberry eyes

They revive

the intuition

of a father's lost conviction.

Hunting .

Hunt the clay trail

of fiction blood .

Vengeance to the coward

who had to run ,

With his daughter !

Worry is worth nothing .

Estranged eyes bleed green.

From being soaked in the youth .

The vision with it's proof.

Is a body made of two .

A soiled angel .

Cleansed no more.

For a new generation

Will soon be bore.

He lost his mind.

He suffocated his pride. Held a pistol

That was kissed on the lips.

As he pulled the lever,

he said goodbye at last .

My friend is gone. The man with no love

can no longer run.

Yet, She is still smiling .

Standing strong as the pines

As she watches a mystery .

Exclude the evil from her life .

As his eyes sink

like a stone in the water.

The man has saved

Someone's daughter .

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