Pale Pisces Dream Catcher

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Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



Astronomy holds the age of our time.

Whisper the windows of pain

in this life.

Under the shadows

a heart is devine .

No one knows

the reasons that define.

This love .

Longitude of the beasts

That swim in the seas.

Pisces the price

is drowning underneath.

A heart full of rage

devours escape from the cage .

As red eyes are melting

away in the rain.

I am the spirit that calms

all the storms.

The one who guides

the shame from the scorn.

She dances with death

to see the stars light up .

The shadow of a man

Who won't give up.

Concrete lament

the memories

that shred the past .

Face a new life

with an old love at last .

Pureness is the scent of the flesh.

Longing for a touch

to put a misery to rest.

Catch your dreams .

Before I go into arrest .

Angel ,

the clock is ticking away.

The constellations of bodies

within the stars

want to stay.

If we go on ,

this love won't be wrong.

If we are strong,

the world won't belong .

He floats to her

like a ghost in the breeze.

He covers her heart.

before the arteries freeze.

At midnight the tower

will be at it's doom .

When the clash of violence

pays it's dues.

No other one can hold you

like I do.

Pisces it's me

true love is waiting for you.

Catch your dreams ,

before my heart breaks in two.

Saturn swears the

rings will hold still .

To light up the vision

for love always real.

My complexion has turned

August red.

Being ashamed of the sins

that I dread .

The only one that haunts me to the core.

Is being lost

without my love at my door.

Pisces I fear

the fire out in space.

If it comes home .

Our love will be a disgrace.

Catch your dreams .

For these fears

I can't face. ..

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