The Moon

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Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



May 15th 1986 there once was a woman named Samantha Logan she’s got a medical rare disorder called Hypopituitarism; she puts make up on to look like a thirteen year old girl but shes actually thirty-four years old. Samantha goes into witness protection by adding another name and went to St Lucy’s Orphanage; it was a home just for girls, and she put her name as Wendy. Wendy aka Samantha’s parents; both abandoned her when she was ten years old, she is very independent and did things herself, she is a very smart person, even though its hard with her disorder; Wendy acts nice with the sisters and the other kids at St Lucy’s, but deep down they can tell there’s something wrong with her. A couple named Alan and Charlotte went to St Lucy’s, they looked around the place and they saw Wendy, Charlotte smiles and says Hello! She looked a bit shy, and responded Hi! What’s your name? Wendy! What a lovely name! I’m Charlotte! Nice to meet you, Like-wise; Sister Arianna, Alan, and Charlotte talked in her office about Wendy’s Profile; saying she’s smart, there hasn’t been trouble, so I think you guys made the right choice, Good Luck! Thank you! Alan, and Charlotte adopts Wendy, and then they got in the car to go home; Wendy is starting a good life with her new family, and cant wait to meet her brother and sister. They arrived at the house, Mark! Susan! this is Wendy: they both said Hey! She replied Hi! They all made their way inside; they all went to show Wendy her room, Charlotte says to Wendy do you like the room? Its Perfect; pink is a good colour yeah I knew you like pink as they both smiled, Wendy unpacked and got settled into her new room. It was getting to dinner time, Charlotte cooked Meat and Rice, also made a salad; that’s their motto in the family is to be healthy. Alan tells Wendy she starts School tomorrow, when they finished dinner they all made their way to bed. A nice bright sunny morning, Wendy’s first day at school; her teacher Mr’s Crouch introduced the class to Wendy half the people act mature, and said hello to Wendy, the others were immature, and started laughing; Wendy ignored them and went to take a seat. Wendy’s hobbies are she likes to draw and paint, she has a very creative mind, and likes doing that every day; one of the people in Wendy’s class named Madison, at lunchtime she was sitting with her friends, and she chucked an apple at Wendy’s head; Wendy grunts! and wanted to attack her, Mrs Crouch had to step in, and stop the fight. Madison was walking home from school she went past the forest, Wendy came out of nowhere used the hammer and slammed it on her face, she was still moving, then Wendy went to slam the hammer, four more times; the blood was on her face and clothes, Wendy then left, and made her way home. There was a call to the ambulance and police; when they saw the body there, Officer Brady realized who it was; because him and Madison’s Parents are close friends, he went over to their house to give them the sad news.












Officer Brady knocked on the door, Officer Brady! thank god you’re here, Madison hasn’t came home yet; Brian! Katerina! I’m so sorry, Madison didn’t make it, her body was found dead in the forest; they responded in a crying voice oh my god! Brian and Katerina Hugged, Officer Brady says i’m sorry for your loss, Brian says to Officer Brady who ever did this to my daughter they have to pay I will catch the person leave it to me, Officer Brady then leaves their house and goes home; he’s going to sleep on it for tonight, and work on the case tomorrow. Wendy got ready to make her way to school, the students were sitting in class, Madison’s friend Chelsea went up to Wendy and said; did you kill Madison? Wendy ignored her, and She yells, Answer me! then slaps her in the face, Chelsea! Mrs Crouch says! Sit down! Wendy are you ok? Yeah I’m fine! she then walked out of the classroom, and left the school building to make her way home. Charlotte received a phone call from Mrs Crouch telling her the incident that happened today, I certainly will have a talk with Wendy thanks for the call Mrs Crouch; Charlotte went to Wendy’s room and explained to her the girl shouldn’t’ve slapped you, but you cant run away from school like that, we all got worried!  I’m sorry it wont happen again, ok, thanks! Come down soon, dinner will be ready; alright! Wendy went down for supper, the family enjoyed their dinner, they also had a movie night; Wendy said to Alan, and Charlotte can I go do my drawings, in my room, Yeah ok! if you need us we’re right here; she then went upstairs to her room, and got straight into her drawings. Fifteen minutes later, Wendy was feeling tired, she went to turn off the lights, and hopped into bed; she closed her eyes then Alan and Charlotte went to check up on her, it was time to hit the sack for everybody. Alan and Charlotte took the kids out on a pic-nick; sitting on the grass, and relaxing, it was like paradise for everyone; Wendy went wandering in the forest, she seen a dead deer on the ground, and the blood on its guts; she touched the blood on the deer, and tasted it. Wendy made her way back to the pic-nick area, Charlotte said, Wendy Love! you got red stuff on your face, she cleaned it right off; Thanks Mum! As Charlotte smiled back at Wendy! Alan, Charlotte, Mark, Susan, and Wendy made their way straight to the car, and drove forty minutes to get back home to relax. Sister Arianna went to Visit Alan and Charlotte, Thanks for coming, I needed to meet with you, Charlotte says in a concerned voice, I can see your concerned about Wendy; what’s the Problem? she’s behaving good, but we don’t know if she’s just pretending, in our minds we can tell something is not right; Just do what you can! I’m sure things will work out, it might take a bit of time, if there’s any problems, we will book another appointment to meet, then discuss what we should do? Ok thanks for your time Sister Arianna! No problem! Wendy Eavesdropped on the whole conversation, she thinks if something happens, she will get taken away; Will she let that happen? What will she do? Wendy works on a plan to eliminate her enemies, a lot of people can tell there is something wrong with Wendy! Will everyone know her Secret?

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