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Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



Book by George Meylan



Magic is put to use every day in every field of work, whoever you are, you probably use it: Soldiers put up barriers to defend themselves and control direction of bullets (not to mention basic offensive magic), metalworkers shape molten metal and keep temperatures high, both field medics and surgeons can easily keep patients stable by sharing lifeforce, basically every item surrounding us is enchanted and honestly, without cosmetic spells most of us would look ugly.

The point is, the world would be nothing like it is now without magic, some wouldn’t even believe that about 1954 years ago, no one really knew that magic existed. That is why we must preserve that knowledge and make our spectre of it broader than ever before. This book is a short but constructive guide aiming to make use of spells more safe and effective. After all, understanding is a key.


History of magical development

Starting from the point from which we count years, the Emergence, at which 93% of all humans (and others) existing at this point found themselves being capable of using magic. How? Well, mana is a type energy that is in its natural state inert, but can be concentrated and influenced by creatures possessing a sufficient amount of it, who may in turn influence main matter and energies through it. Most theorists believe that some huge source of mana had leaked and its mana had spread around the world, most of it leaking into living beings and thus allowing most of them to use mana efficiently.

How were humans of this time different from us? Well, to safely cast a spell (let’s say, a fireball), three conditions must be met: caster needs to understand what natural phenomenon or concept the spell is based on (aka. to know what fire is and how it works), he must have complete concentration and intent (however, with training less and less will be needed) and enough mana. Ancient humans didn’t really know how fire worked on a molecular level, had no idea on how to cast a spell and ha small pools of mana. What came out of this? Highly unstable and weak spells, like, for example, a lightning bolt that never comes out of your palm, but cooks you from the inside, but not too hard, just strong enough to stop your heart and pop few muscles. If you only had understanding, it would go straight, you may even control its direction but it would be pretty weak. If you only had intent, you would damage yourself. If you only had a lot of mana, long time after the lightning cast, you’d be emitting electricity uncontrollably until your whole mana pool depleted.

However, even at that time when magic seemed more like a gimmick, there were people who practiced and tried to understand it, they were mostly scholars, since scholars are probably the only ones who could use spells effectively at this point. Their researches lead to greater understanding of not only magic, but the world itself and non-magic humans saw it as their one and only way to defend against demons, dragons, hostile undead, phantoms and other humanoids, because of that, masses eventually forced early mages to give out their knowledge for common education, leaving them either as complete outsiders or on positions under direct control of ruling party. On one hand, they were now restricted in their research, on the other, everyone could unofficially experiment in any field, unfortunately, including mind control, necromancy, curses, demon summoning and use of darkness. From this, came many religious cults, who could easily gain manpower (in form of summoned demons), control over others, wealth, weapons, all without any worthy talent, just with knowledge of magic. This was the dark age of magic, here are just a few things we received from it: curse of endless pain (the one that couldn’t be lifted up until 1876), zombie revival (which not only revives the body at any stage of composition, but also bends it unconditionally to caster’s will), mind erasure, soul combustion engine, liquefied alive, flesh to plant conversion, demonhood and chain lightning (which with strength of barriers back then, was a weapon of mass murder). This period has proven that ‘religious’ beliefs lead first to deliriosity and then to needless aggression, for that reason such beliefs are shunned.

Was there anything good we got from dark ages of magic? Well, basis of spells that make us prosper today, examples being first prototypes of age control magic, plant growth acceleration, barriers made in response to mass destruction spells, runes, soul redemption(which could instantly free undead from their masters), scout & observation spells, rapid  healing, water extraction, immune system strengthening and etc.

Through funded spell development from governments of that time and civilian resistance, the wave of cults was stopped and reason for their appearance-belief in higher powers, was prohibited. That’s when it became apparent that development of spells is indirectly influenced by developer’s beliefs, for example, a believer could accidentally summon demons named ‘angels’, a nihilist could create vacuum or always stay calm, an atheist could easily dispel demons, a fatalist always has a boost to his luck, solipsist has better memory, deists can easily learn observation spells that make them see in 3rd person, which makes today’s scientists think that those effects in themselves must have been the reason for their beliefs.

The more magical development went forward, the more it became apparent that magic abilities were tied to the person’s character, but now we’re a bit off course. Back to history.

At 243 A.E, the first lich was born, not as in biologically born, but turned into a lich. This lich’s name was Erevan and he opened the process for others to use. The process was the following:

1) A person must rid himself of earthly possessions, preferably extract old memories of personal life too.

2) Future lich must go into hermit lifestyle and take a challenge of non-expressiveness (some liches were known not to ever speak in their long period of hermithood).

3) He must dedicate himself only to knowledge and nothing else, food and water must be used only to prevent death from starvation and drought.

4) Once lich has gathered all knowledge he could in his area. He must gather fragments for a body (or the whole body) he will feel truly whole in and prepare the body with anti-festering components.

5) After the perfect body has been assembled, a ritual to separate lich’s mind from his body and transport it into the prepared body must be started.

6) Once the lich is in his new body, he must hide well from the outside world, otherwise he/she could risk losing his body and surrendering knowledge to the unworthy.

The reason Erevan became a lich, was because he was disappointed by shortness of life and restriction of scholar pursuits, he thought that the fact that most living beings were limited in how much they could reach, in how strong they could be, in how many future generations they could personally help, in how much knowledge they could gain, in how most couldn’t even die happy. His solution for this was to use disposable bodies, which he would either reconstruct or hop between, he rid himself of emotions to resist hormones produced by bodies other than his own and to essentially not become a person whose body he possessed. This method was of course, not legal and officials of Old England put a bounty on his head, however, no one could find Erevan for the next 43 years. When they did find him, the whole thing went down long ago and witnesses of his return had no idea of who he was, but he came to a family of peasants and left them with a book of his research and two spell scrolls and left without saying a word. The family of peasants were quite literate and spread knowledge from that book to nearby settlements, that knowledge was: spells “separated space” and “space skip”, two of most stable space/time control spells of all time, which is quite strange, since only now, in 1957  we don’t know even a little bit about quantum physics that could lead to normal use of these spells, which lead earthlings to a new discovery: that understanding needed to cast a spell is not necessarily scientific understanding, but alternatively, philosophical.

Since then, people wondered, what the hell was the understanding that was needed to cast a spell? Nowadays, it is universally agreed that this ‘understanding’ is wisdom in all of its manifestations. At that time, no one could even imagine, but they used this discovery anyway. This has led to primacy of armored corps on battlefields of 379-516’s, since, now armor could be carried without the burden of its weight, in separated from our world “space pockets” and knights could teleport near the enemy instead of slowly advancing under the rain of arrows and spells. French were the greatest experts of armored warfare, from them we received the spells of “wind walking”, which could allow even warriors in steel plate armor to move faster than normal humans without being worried of their guts turning inside-out every time the spell malfunctions, however, cavalrymen of England learned the power of that spell, which could allow them to move so fast with their horses that they could hardly be seen with the naked eye not to mention impaling the French knights through armor with great finesse and small effort. Thus, the arms race began.

Meanwhile, in Muscovite stardom and ancient Chinese dynasties began the development of runes beyond anything seen in Europe, more specifically, jet runes. A rune in itself is just a mana writing that means something and enforces that meaning upon activation, after which it refills from world’s natural supply of mana before it can work again. It hasn’t took them long to realize that they can write ‘force’ or ‘thruster’ in runic Viking language and use it in machines, but more importantly, make a ballistic weapon out of it, or bombs. Due to limitations of runic language at this point (since it was just discovered), they couldn’t yet make a firearm, they could make a bomb, simply because they could write a rune on a spherical object to make said rune disperse energy and force everywhere, but they were yet to make runes compact and strong enough to fit into a gun’s barrel. From them, came the first rune guns, the automatic crossbows. Those first ‘firearms’ were imperfect, for example, one thing is to make a magazine for bullets, other is to make a magazine for huge metal bolts, the gun by itself was very light since it didn’t even have limbs and serving, but to carry ammunition for it was a pain and harmonica-like reloading mechanism would often jam, but as we know, they are still used today albeit in a heavily modified form. The one thing the Slavic people did well were rune crafts, since they started using rune guns, they may have not been able to kill ancient polish hussars with them, but now they could knock enemies like them off balance and kill endless waves of unarmored infantry through sheer amount of shots hitting their barriers, through that they’ve driven most invaders, like the golden horde away from themselves. Through trade this technology slowly drifted first into the territory of Sweden and later to Romania, where they were later remade into various types of crossbows. Why is it important to our history lesson? Because once something like that becomes common, people will look for a counter to it, actually, a counter to magic in general was needed for many nations to stop advance of French, Mesopotamian and English forces. The specialist who took it under himself was Gannas Wrenk, a rather ordinary alchemist, he was one among many hired, but also the only one who had any worthy results.

To be fair, he did not research the fundamentals of magic, taking a far more simple and instinctive route. That route was not making mana inert in any way, but affecting the user’s ability to cast spells. It is not that there were no means of distracting magic users, but Gannas took the whole idea to a new level. He proposed using various gasses, including chlorine and early tear gas prototypes, various means of confusion like smoke, materials producing extreme light and noise, which was much easier than the old method-counter spell casting(aka. they cast fireball, you cast cold, they cast lightning, you cast hail of rocks). The idea is simple: since to cast a spell strong concentration and intent are needed, all effort must be put into causing shock & awe, a caster cannot cast if his ears are bleeding and he’s concentrated on pain, if the caster is blinded by a quick flash, the best thing they can do is spew spells randomly in hope of hitting something (not to mention that 87% of spells need visual confirmation to work), pain and electric shocks work too, but electric shocks do better. But what about runes? How do you erase a rune? Well, funnily enough, you just scrub it off, that scrubbing can range from literally taking a sponge and erasing it, to scraping it off a metallic surface with bullets. That is one solution, but not so easy to pull off. Other way is to make it exhaust all of its energy by overloading it with an activation signal, example: A rune on an axe is activated by its wielder gripping axe’s handle after which it will for example, make electric shock circulate through its blade, but if enough pressure is applied to the rune, it may either waste mana it needs to even exist or destroy the object it is written on. This method was effective only later on, since most army equipment would be mass produced with same parameters. This has affected fencing of early periods, which took focus to indirectly destroy enemy weapons, mostly by destroying protective covering on the handle (like leather, wood and cloth) to turn enemy’s weapon against them or to destroy it entirely.

Meanwhile, in far-south America, presmin already had a whole anti-magic system developed, it was necessary to survive in America-the most demon infested place in the world. In 612-851, presmin tried to take down demons that infested their land, even despite the fact that they already had spells to ward off and make them ignore peaceful population. This is one of few ‘successful’ demon purges in history, but it was still not enough, 9% left of demons (the truly evasive ones) were left in an environment without competition and to prosper, where they became effective enough at picking off small groups of people at a time, that when later conquistadors and English pilgrims arrived to American continent, first were immediately wiped out and others barely managed to set up small settlements.

In 10th to 14th century, the world was mostly peaceful, a great amount of spells were developed (mostly illusion spells from ottomans and healing spells from Baltic region), a few petty skirmishes happened between middle-east and asia, but not much has changed. That is, until the most destructive illness in history reared its head in Italy. The Elemental Gash. The mana in human body would be rapidly activated by the airborne sickness, causing them to suffer elemental effects they are most drawn towards as magic users: pyromancers would often get burns out of nowhere, temperature of their body would always be feverishly high. Lightning mages would suffer from various cardio problems, sometimes their bodily fluids like sweat, tears and saliva would evaporate from surface of their bodies, they would often hurt those around them through electric shock(this has also spread the sickness). Earth mages would have rotting growths protrude from their bodies, their skin would become rigid and crack, not even let skin breathe. Windmongers would quickly die from amount of air accumulating in their bloodstream and from rapid expansion of their lungs that would cause their ribs to be broken and arteries torn apart. Illusion mages would be always stuck in an inescapable fever dream, demon hunters would have demons always hunting them. Enchanters would have useless enchantment constantly applied to them by the virus, like their bodies becoming too solid for them to move or so frictionless that they wouldn’t even be able to move from one spot.

This time was universally thought to be the apocalypse in Europe and Asia, the plague spread rapidly and killed even more rapidly, plague doctors weren’t even given the task of healing it, but giving an ill person painless death and among those doctors had risen one of the biggest organizations today-Mercy Syndicate. Their idea was to destroy the plague by killing all of its bearers and leaving only the quickest killing strains of disease to roam, since it would kill quicker than it would infect and slowly disappear. They offered their service to monarchs and overwhelming amount of these monarchs agreed with their methods. The next 30 years were horrific. Mercy Syndicate was an army, it really did fight against the plague, but if you are ill, you are not a patient, you are the enemy, the plague. What genocide was done at that time would today be considered a crime against earthlings. Plague doctors would step into a village, kill every sick person, lead healthy ones out to specialized camps, grab all the goods and gas the village to kill the virus, leaving it uninhabitable for a year. Mercy Syndicate is responsible for the biggest genocide in human history, killing around 312 million people (only Europe, including those killed by plague doctor), however, their methods worked and the plague got extinct and today it is mutually agreed that this was the only effective way, since, as of today, march 1967, attempts were made of creating a cure based on dead virus cells and had all failed. Around the whole world the Gash caused deaths of 1,1 billion people, leaving only America untouched.

After that, Mercy Syndicate cooperated with their employers to partially restore agriculture and develop medical studies. After said studies, health awareness had risen and no outbreaks like Gash took place in Europe ever again. Also, as alchemy became incredibly popular during the outbreak (many looked for a cure), a few new substances were developed, mainly for processes of transmutation of organic materials into inorganic ones. Among them was a gas “wipene”, this virus was the ultimate weapon of the time, but for long was used for disinfections, because it could kill viruses and bacteria by turning them into metals or minerals. It was not only a sanitary measure, it was also a means of preserving the dead, a torture device and an alchemic tool. As a weapon, it was usually used for self defense, but at 28th April 1602, kingdom of Sweden used massively in the battle of Vadso. Estimated losses on Russian side were 482 just from the gas, losses on Swedish side were 171. After that, it was universally accepted that use of gasses and other alchemic elements as weapons was dangerous for both sides of any conflict, until the history repeated itself again in 20th century. It was also one of the arguments in Geneva Convention against the use of chemical of any kind.

In 1611, a Spanish wizard and count Francis Coscades started a line of inhumane, illegal experiments.  He hypothesized that conscience was a material thing and that there is also a force separate from consciousness that makes us alive. He had Portugal war prisoners sent to him to kill them in various ways and observed their deaths through magical and scientific means. After 27 deaths he made a chart of correlations between consciousness and lifeforce. After casting a necromancy spell on a living person, they would become mindless but their physical fitness was well and even a bit better. While disposing of the prisoner he conducted this experiment on, he realized that bodily processes don’t matter as much and that even a skeleton can ‘live’ with enough lifeforce. In his research, he attracted attention of lich Pious, Pious confirmed his suspicions on existence of consciousness manifested (soul). Supposedly, soul has to be bound to something to have an effect on material world, also, if a soul has no body, it may have character but will not contain memories, which is a thing that any soul strives for. He listed a few rules:

-A soul is eternal, many things can steal a part of it, but nothing can destroy it.

-Souls gain memories through bodies and develop, but if it is preyed upon by demonic flora, it will lose them.

-After a certain point a soul may be strong enough to remember its past lives and no longer lose memories after body’s death.

-If more than one soul inhabits a body, one of them will have primacy, but will constantly communicate with others.

-The more lifeforce a being has, the more physically strong it is.

-Lifeforce will warp its vessel to be a better container for itself.

-Anything can be infused with lifeforce.

-Beings with lifeforce produce lifeforce at various rates.

-There is a set amount of whole souls, but there are so many soul shards that many more can form and drift into an infant’s body.

-In death lifeforce and soul will be unbound unless immediately contained.

-Lifeforce will become inert and leave the body over time.

-A soul can be contained only if it agrees to be contained.

Based on that knowledge, count created many spells like:

Lifeforce steal, lifeforce transfer, lifeforce containment (modern medicine is based on these three spells), soul rune (a contract-type spell that allow to infuse a soul with an object (was used before classification, unknowingly)), animate object, soul transfer, youth and elderness (biological age control), memory gain.

As horrible as research Coscades was, his discoveries are basis to our everyday healthcare and longevity of our lives. ‘Animate object’ allowed slavery to disappear since golems could be used by anyone, ‘memory gain’ allowed scholars to pass knowledge between each other and to train soldiers almost instantly, ‘Y & E’ allow us, humans, one of the most temporary sentient beings on earth to live 140-197 years on average and to stay youthful until 63. Just like Mercy Syndicate, he is forgiven today.

Though one of two history changing spells had most profound effect. Golems are infused with lifeforce and are fully obedient, but something infused with a soul is a different story. In 1695, King Carlos II of Spain requested to place his soul into the royal crown. Operation was succesful and anyone wearing the crown could hear his voice of advice. The crown was, of course, passed down and  given to the next king. Felipe V’s reign was supreme compared to most previous monarchs, significant part of it was  king Carlos II’s constant advice and experience. At this point it was a controversial event, since, theoretically, every new king could be just a puppet of a man from hundreds of years ago. French king Louis XIV commented:

-“It is shameful for a worthy representative of new generation to be babysat by a stagnant man.”

Answer usually was:

-“A king lives for people and country, it doesn’t matter  how he represents the ruling class if he leads those under him to greatness, whether they come to greatness under the wing of a king, or under a wing of a king under the wing of a king.”

Even though other countries haven’t yet adopted same ruling policies, many families of commoners would receive agreements from their elder to get their assistance for themselves and all future generations. At this time souls would be placed in jewelry and weapons to gain vital advice and support. Also, runes placed on weapons could activate enchantments at the right time without a risk of being forcefully activated by old dueling methods. Which led to melee weapons becoming much less popular than they were before, leading to revolution in ranged weapons.

Peter I of Russia brought to the table many interesting ideas, ones important to our history recap are the Siberian soul network, advanced fuel alchemy and first truly automatic weapons.

Siberian soul network was an idea to create a cable system spanning from St. Petersburg to Magadan (11000 km). The premise was that if souls infused with objects can communicate with living beings and with each other if they are in the same object, then if a whole cable is connected between many cities and infused with many souls, then a communication system could be made that would transmit messages instantly, which it did. Upon chassis of this system a telecommunication cable system was built (use of souls was toned down a lot due to unethicality (even if said souls agree to work, that’s still disturbing)). Much further in time, Mikhail Lomonosov was tasked with creating a substance that could utilize mana for creation of copious amounts of energy. And Lomonosov did. Though, it was not a substance, but instead a device that could concentrate mana in fuel to increase its effectiveness, which was enough to trigger a revolution. Have a steam engine? Concentrate mana in water, make it turn into steam faster and add more pressure! Have coal? Make it burn more intensely! Have gunpowder? Well now it will blow up harder! If before gunpowder was used only in demolition operations, it could now highly outclass force rune guns, but the type of ammo to utilize it would be developed a bit later in Greece. Even though Greeks developed the ammo, Russians developed the reloading mechanism (attempts were even made on employing it in artillery).

Next line of developments was done by united efforts of Kingdoms of Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and regions where today Yugoslavia is, in years 1764-1796 in collaboration. All of these countries had certain problems, Yugoslavian territories faced some aggression from inside and Italians, Hungary faced a famine, Bulgaria had tension between them and Ottoman empire, Romania had an inflation of vampire population and Rozalia the Eternal wanted to utilize their strengths by removing their weakness-the sun.

Yugoslavia was guaranteed independence by all members of this coalition (Balkan Coalition) except Hungary for strategic reasons, for individual protection, a system was created that allowed to create entrenchments in minutes, a group of mages would form an architectural plan, terraform patches of land based on that plan, using various techniques for different types of terrain and rocks. This allowed for making new entrenchments and fortifications literally dirt cheap and quick, they weren’t too tough, since they were made from highly compressed earth and various types of rock instead of cement, but they could be created on the retreat and easily demolished by their creators. This spell would allow Yugoslavs to lead extremely flexible defensive/offensive warfare against any invader (the tactic was later used by Germans in cases when blitzkrieg would come to a screeching halt). The technique was implemented by most armies by the end of 19th century.

Hungary’s agricultural crisis problem was somewhat caused by overindustrialization, all their land was covered by infrastructures and factories, to solve this problem, operation “a föld a föld felett” was initiated, which was a plan to make a new ‘floor’ above major cities, which would be a roof on which plants could be planted and get more sunlight than usual, lower ‘floor’ would be fully turned into industrial complexes and support for the upper floor, living districts would be placed on upper floor but living quarters would be build in industrial center for low-class workers and for emergency situations. This should theoretically allow food to be easily delivered and produced without hindering industrial development. The plan worked for the most part, but people on lower floor were somewhat upset. The kind of the same idea but reversed was used in Romania. Much sooner a new roof was built that was essentially just a blanket of reinforced steel covered by solar panels, which gave electricity to lighting in lowest levels.

Bulgaria had a particular fear of Ottomans who tried before to annex Bulgaria and had bloody skirmishes. Bulgarians particularly feared the sheer amount of manpower Ottomans possessed and their ability to squeeze between enemy lines with use of illusion spells. Bulgaria needed a vast army that it could support and that illusion magic had no effect on. The choice was controversial, but circumstances were dire too. 700 thousand bound humanoid demons were summoned and partially supplied by Hungary to make a rather terrifying and large army part, as most mind control spells have no effect on them, Ottomans would have to take their time to make up new tactics. As demons needed no food or water, as they just fed on the battlefield and sustaining them would be easy. Many minor countries that could not raise enough manpower picked up this idea, but major ones avoided due to controversy and national beliefs and continue to ignore this idea to this day. In the end, it helped Bulgaria sustain Ottoman assault until the Ottoman Empire collapsed upon itself.

Romania employed the reverse Hungary strategy, instead of getting better access to the sun, they closed it under a dome. In addition, an expansion happened underground and a network was made where populous could move to if the dome fell on the city under it. Rozalia pushed the idea to its limits, angering resource managers, but going a step farther. Each dome in each city was made into bunker walls that could be accessed only from inside the city and were made not only to battle outside threats, but foes who’d enter the city, the idea was that fortifications inside the city were made only for defenders and attackers would have to be open wide for either defenders on the streets or on the dome. Also, now that vampires could work alongside normal people constructions inside cities could go faster and tension between them and all other races had subsided.

 In 1818, in the aftermath of Napoleonic wars, an interesting discovery was made where no one expected it to be. A fashion designer of the time had an idea, he wanted to make a mantle for a king that would put all other kings to shame, to do this, he needed to make something absolutely new, not gold hemming, not incredible furs, not painting-like engravings, not jewels. And so he had an idea “What if I make a mantle that flows like water or floats like clouds? And so when he had an idea in mind, he read up on how substances change state and used this understanding to create a rather unexpected spell, or more so, a technique. He made a spell that could turn any substance into any state without changes in temperature or intactness of it. He could turn a steel ingot into liquid, it would be the same room temperature, its density would change, its weight would stay the same, but it wouldn’t form back to a solid or gas unless it was affected by temperature or the spell that turns it into other state. He combined this spell with a rune that could keep objects in one shape (like a stable cube of liquid water that you could put your hand into without deforming it), he made a glorious mantle from albino leopard’s fur(which was INSANELY rare for the time), worked around it to make an engraving on it he worked on months on, did some other intricate changes and then turned it into gas which was kept in the shape of a mantle (though the designer also made it so that it would moved as if it was always in the wind). When he approached the Japanese shogun on the matter (who thought that mantles were inappropriate) with his gas-like mantle inside a closed jug, the shogun at first made fun of him, saying that mantles were for pompous weaklings and that whatever he had was boring to him. When designer opened the jug and the mantle flew out of it, everyone in the place was speechless. It was just this mantle, all fine work, colors and shape could be seen, even though it was mist that behaved like cloth!

The shogun said he was impressed and sorry, but that he will step back from his word of honor and that he can’t take it. And so the mantle reached the hands an English royal family member. The designer hardly realized what he created, but soon messengers came to him from all over the world to get his service. That service was received by the newly reborn Mesopotamian state, that wanted his service not just for some monarch, but all Mesopotamian (or more like Egyptian and other region’s) people. And so in the Mesopotamia was made a pipe system that could deliver anything if it was transformed into a gas or liquid form (but one at a time so they wouldn’t get mixed up), and with this designer’s help they could turn it back to the normal form and state without deformations. Delivery was made far easier thanks to this, because now anything could be made ergonomic by turning it to liquid state and then keeping it in perfect geometric shape (like a cube). Today this is used in almost all industrial spheres, in fact, anyone can eat a liquid pizza, a real tasty pizza, not shit put into blender and mixed with water, and anyone can have a square banana too.

In 1856, a full understanding of correlation between mass and molecular structures was reached, which was immediately utilized. If people know why things have weight, they can make it weight less or more, or at least make it really dense, small and hard at first, but then make it big, light for its size and a bit more fragile. Austrian scientists now had a way to make very light, but big aircrafts and boats, this had no immediate effect, but it soon would make difference in second and first world wars.

In 1877, in an effort to breach the boundaries for creation of new spells, first theorists of quantum mechanics and atomic physics looked farther into their work, from this, the first atomic bomb (a bit weak compared to today’s), or more so, atomic spell, was made. To create an atomic blast, a certain amount of atoms must divide. In their tests they needed 57 people to remotely concentrate their force on diving a single atom, which hasn’t produced effects expected, but they just haven’t found the proper material to split the atoms of, they would later though. Another spell made by them, which was… the same teleporting spell that lich Erevan brought to commoners 1634 years ago?! It was confirmed that Erevan’s spells were a product of philosophical understanding rather than pure knowledge, this bugged the scientific world to no end and many scholars tried to find Erevan, but couldn’t. Today it is believed that his spells were based on paradoxes, but all attempts to do the same have failed.

In 1894, an official classification was made for every type of spell, every spell element, all correlations between a magic user’s personality and spells he used. We will use it in the next chapter. It was also realized that every person had their own ability that they would unlock after important events in their life or with age, this ability is not quite a spell, but still utilizes mana.

As the First World War ended, the veterans of it started to have a weird syndrome: individuals with huge mana pools started to receive symptoms much like that of the Gash, but considerably more positive. People more bound to fire magic would have their body temperatures increase, get a bit of a bonus to use of fire magic, have copious releases of melatonin that would make their skin, hair, even sclera as dark as coal, a rather pointless change in eye and hair color, which usually leads to colors close to red, and some other changes in anatomy, like extremely high blood pressure. People bound to lightning magic would have their skin color stay the same, but once again, peculiarly, they would get hair and eyes closer to blue or yellow and etc.(for a full list of changes, read chapter “How mana warps the flesh”)

Yet still, experts are confused as to why these changes lead to looks like of a neon-color loving designer’s creation, but it looks rather beautiful and many of these people, who are now called elementals, became models. These changes are probably users with a lot of mana manifesting their favorite element unconsciously.

A French scientist Antoine Shalierre in 1937 was issued an order to create a weapon that needs no ammo, he made it quite easily. He visited Swedish scientists, the greatest rune experts, period, to find out how to make a rune that could recharge its mana faster than any others. He has not made a single rune that could recharge in a blink, but instead a blueprint of a weapon with a closed ‘ammo chain’, but instead of ammo, on each cartridge in the chain is a rune, on the whole chain there could be a ridiculous amount of runes, maybe even hundreds of runes, chains themselves are very light and multiple chains can be carried easily. Each rune, of course, recharges by itself over time, usually in minutes. It may technically need rune charges, but they restore by themselves and you can shoot a magazine, put it away and why you use others, it will recharge. These chains would come in elemental variants, with heat rays (that can’t be seen by naked eye), lightning arcs, freeze rays (that can’t be seen by naked eye), force blasts (that can’t be seen by naked eye) and lasers. A more unconventional type of rune chains would cast a certain spell upon pushing a trigger, which would often have ridiculous but destructive effects (imagine a machinegun that liquefies things or shoots big explosions). All that said, small runes are weaker and ones containing more firepower need hours or days to recharge. Though it was what French government asked for, Antoine Shalierre also made 7 prototypes that worked in a different way, in the magazine, runes writing “teleport position #1” would be placed, on the bullet that would be placed in this place in the magazine there would be a rune “teleported object #1”, in the firing mechanism there would be a small explosion rune to propel the bullet, the bullet would be plain, just a heavy piece of metal. Of course, this would be a gun with a low firing rate, really low firing rate, though, teleport runes themselves need very little mana, but firing mechanism would be costly. It was attempted to just put plain bullets in a rune chain that would have small explosion runes and use the same teleportation mechanism, this would allow both to use rather heavy caliber bullets and only recharge once in a while, in the end, with the weapons of this type, runes would be recharged by user’s mana. When same technology was implemented on artillery, it was a bit difficult to use, since rays of various energies don’t arc.

In 1942, during the Great Utilization of Balkans, for the lack of equipment to be solved, quite morbidly, family relics and many melee weapons were used again. To make them effective once again, a reform happened, many things happened, in fact, too many to count, countless techniques were developed to make fighting firearms with melee weapons possible, best enchantments to deal with bullets and other  projectiles were developed(at this point only German Reich used weapons that needed ammo exclusively), early ranged/melee hybrid weapons were made(the RPG lance, extending swords, overcharged rune weapons, ‘boomerang’ ergonomy weapons and various rifle halberds/spears). Magical fencing became a thing once again and battlemages proven to need no guns themselves.

The WW2 ended, its horrific events had shaken the world, in reinsurance, German Reich was annexed and on its former population the first “straitjacket” type spell was used to prevent rebellion, it has intended effects to this day, but many are perplexed that this spell works on Germans, worked on Germans and will work on all Germans that will ever be born, though, no one can argue that this is necessary.

From year 1951 to present, year 1967, the world lives in peace and honestly, anyone who breaks that peace, will be marked for deletion. Our advances in main sciences allowed us to make all of our spells generally better. Magic is used everywhere, in industry, in entertainment, in media, in military, in medicine, we even try to make our way to space.

And now that our recap is done, let us make sense of basic aspects of magic to get a bigger picture.


Why a kid can’t create a black hole?

So, again, the three things needed for a spell-understanding, mana and intent.


1) You need to make a fireball, if you know nothing about fire, when you cast it, it will fizzle for sure.

2) If you know that fire needs temperature to be born, that it spreads on certain types of material and that it can be created by friction or flint & steel, you might be able to sustain the fireball, to ‘throw’ it some distance forward before it dissipates and with some concentration, remotely make it explode or keep its temperature up, that is, if it doesn’t fizzle, which it will 60-70% of all times.

3) When you understand how fire works on a molecular level and how oxidization works, you will get a good feel for shaping and controlling it, if you’ll work with medium or small fireballs, they will not fizzle and you’ll be able to make your fire far hotter, you might even sustain fire in non-oxygen environment, though with great struggle and not for long.

4) Once you get deeper into physics, Your fire spells no longer fizzle (except for strongest ones), you will freely control temperature, form, trajectory and speed of it on the fly, in fact, if you try hard enough, you might create a hot plasma ball, even if for a moment.

5) The people who go into theoretical/quantum physics and use fire magic will reach truly terrifying levels of power, though, not many had done so at all, for example, there was an account for the atomic bomb spell testing where a man whose name is classified, placed an atomic yield of 20t of uranium-235 and from a distance of 3 kilometers, made it unstable enough to create an atomic blast 2km in radius. But even without a nuclear load, it might be possible for a man with that level of knowledge to create a fireball half as hot as sun, that is, if he has enough mana.

Basically, those are 5 stages of knowledge, lower down there is a scale of power for all elements on each stage.


All living beings have mana, some have more than others and that is not racist to say so, simply we are different, it is good that we are, we can learn from other races. All races have different yields of mana, especially presmin, since they have a ton of subspecies.

Presmin: Honestly, as was said before, it depends. Naga subspecies usually have most mana, more than most humans, most vampires and all other presmin. All other beastkin usually have very small mana pools upon birth, but have a lot of potential and have mana restore much faster than any other race.

Humans: There was a genetic effect detected-each new human generation is stronger than the previous one, that is, if previous generation members trained their own mana pool, which is the reason why elementals only emerged in this century. Other races have elementals too, though humans have most and unlike from training or other means, this is a birth event. Otherwise, human mana pools expand slowly and recover on a steady pace.

Vampires: Vampires have a troublesome situation, they have almost endless potential for containing mana… but it never restores, much like their blood, they need to use mana of beings they feed on, they can exhaust all of it too, but that just might kill them. A vampire’s strength is determined by his age, so, after about 100 years or so, it will start to recover, very slowly. But to be fair, it REALLY improves as centuries pass, just look at Rozalia the Eternal.

Now that this is out of the way, let us see how mana works:

1) If a man with a small mana pool casts some small spell, like if he tries to light his cigar with a flame from his fingers, he will feel no side effects.

2) If he conjures a bit bigger flame, he might get his head a bit spinning or a small headache.

3) If he casts a fireball, headache will become strong, audible confusion might ensue.

4) If he put greater force into the fireball, he will receive symptoms similar to shellshock, plus, blood pressure in his head will skyrocket.

5) If he creates an explosion, his senses will go nuts, making it almost impossible to move or aim, it might even become difficult to chain thoughts together.

6) If he creates enough heat to melt steel, he will first go into delirious hysterical state and pass out very soon.

7) If he even attempts to create heat above 1578 Celsius (for example), his sanity will be permanently damaged, that is, if he doesn’t die immediately.

Those are the seven stages of mana exhaust, each makes it more and more difficult to cast spells. Of course that one guy can train his mana pool and it will take proportional wastes of mana to cause the same effects, in fact it is possible with enough mana to not suffer any negatives from something that would kill a normal man. Mana pool can be trained by, well, casting spells and using mana! It is simple in concept, but just like getting buff, hard in execution. It just takes endurance, no complex methods here.


To cast a spell, it doesn’t only take mana and knowledge to cast a spell, it takes intent, it takes a trigger. The point is, an effect has to be bound to something, to a word or a thought. It has to be done the first time a spell is cast (or at least in one of the first uses of it), you just kind of have to declare in your mind: I need to make a fireball, I will declare its strength by numbers, 1 is 300 degrees celcius, It will cast each time I say/think “Fireball crimson”.

And so, each time you say/think “Fireball crimson”, a fireball will be cast, to avoid inconveniences, you should either not tie spells to thoughts at all, or tie them to something you never think about out of danger, like to a Latin word, or to any word not of your native language, otherwise, you might destroy your house without realizing it, but that is just the price you have to pay for virtues of magic. Though with natural abilities it I a different story, you just know how to use it and have full control.

A proper spell example should sound like “Fireball crimson 2,5! Controllable trajectory, 2 meter explosion, remote detonation” and then “FC, around the rock and explode!”, as you might imagine, not having to scream out what you’ll use to enemies or at peaceful time home can be truly convenient, so tying spells to thoughts CAN be useful.

All types of spells in short

Offensive spells: this is a big category, because it includes anything that causes damage, be it battle curses, projectiles, energy attacks, impact triggers and etc.

Honestly, if I had to explain all types of offensive spells, this would not be a short book and to be fair any spell can be used as an offensive spell in right circumstances, so no scientific classification was ever given for what is an offensive spell and what is not.

Defensive spells: a far clearer category, this includes anti-curses, force barriers, redirection spells and barrier-making terraforming.

Anti-curses are exactly what they sound like, considering the sheer amount and horrific nature of curses, it is good to have the same amount of anti-curses, just imagine what it is like to do fisticuffs, you deservingly win and then all of a sudden you become blind, afterwards you can’t do anything, if you don’t know how to dispel it, it might stay with you and ruin your life, so it is not just for combat, against jealous bastards too. You may not know, maybe there’s an unluck curse already on you, just check on your medmage every week or month.

Force barriers, again, exactly what it sounds like. They increase friction of the air around you to stupidly high levels, that is, they move with you and just a few centimeters from your body air’s normal. Basically, it’s good, anything that gets close to you will either be significantly slower or will get badly damaged by friction. Those are ballistic barriers, but there also are barriers to protect against high and low temperatures, it is important to carry some kind of liquid for that shield, water is easiest to find and perhaps to draw out of the atmosphere, but any liquid will suffice. A fireball flying at a dome made of water might stop in its tracks and lightning strikes usually don’t have enough momentum to pass through, so they just dissipate. To prevent your water barrier from evaporating, it should constantly rotate, to protect against cold attacks, it should be rotating so fast that liquid gets hotter, otherwise, heat and cold rays can be used to adjust the temperature.

Redirection spells? More like redirection spell (as there is only one), all that we know are modifications, original spell simply made a thing with a trajectory go into the complete opposite direction of where it was going, reversing it momentum fully. And then, many modifications came, some can hardly even be called ‘redirection’ spells, some stop things in their tracks, some increase the momentum a thing already has, some give weird patterns like zigzags and spirals, in fact, it is sometimes used by perceptive football players to create mindboggling situations to enemy team or by soldiers to create a kind of bullet hell for their enemies. It is a very good amount of variation, this type of spell can be used well in combination with anything, it is often combined with mobility magic (aka. wind magic) to dodge better and as a brake system for all cars nowadays. Keep caution, redirection spells will only change momentum below a certain mark, otherwise, it still does, but partially (on starting level it is 729kg m/s, but it can be raised by mastery). A thousand variations exist for various degrees of reflection on XYZ axis.

Terraforming barriers are just spells that allow you to transform environment into cover or other structures, it would be much harder to complete constructions, but with them, we can make buildings and catacombs just like on the blueprints. To be fair, for self-defense force barriers are better, not much more to be said here.

Utility spells: Not much more to be said here too, but for a different reason, there are, again, too many spells to count, that spell you light you cigar with, the spell you clean your utensils with, the spell that you use to quickly put important papers into stacks, the spell that you use to clean up your living space, they are literally countless and most of them are made by people to solve personal and small problems. You’ve probably made a makeshift spell to copy your classmate’s test to get an A, that is what utility spells are. Just create them when they are needed, but don’t let them flood your mind, or just by thinking wrong you might do 11 useless for the moment spells, actually, it is the spells that are best to be forgotten after use.

Medicinal spells/body enchantment: This includes three spells made by Coscades, most of them are based on lifeforce. Obviously, all healing spells and virus immunity belong to this category. The thing is, what most people call ‘buffs’ is redirection of lifeforce to different parts of the body, want to see better? Have more lifeforce in your eyes? Want to work out longer? Pump lifeforce to muscles. The rest is just up to logic. Also, cosmetic spells, we can all look good now, yay. There is also a thing known as flesh magic, it is gnarly, let’s not get in details.

Mobility magic: Highly tied to redirection spells, but is a different thing. Mostly wind magic uses just that, wind. Wind pressure is used to move much faster, deflect slow projectiles, even to glide or sustain oneself in the air for some time. There is not much to be said apart from the fact that it allows to reach insane speeds and is used in all vehicles, if you take a close look, you’ll be able to see that early knight armor has seemingly needless plates and that today’s cars, aircrafts and even boats have these plates or structures too. That is used to utilize wind pressure for faster speed, in fact, early knight armor is highly driven by wind ergonomics. It is a simple but useful thing for mobility.

Dark arts: Basically, all NO-NO’s of magic, necromancy, curses, soul reaping, sanity-damaging spells, virus control, spells of decay, pain infliction, brainwashing, memory deletion and looping illusion, let’s ignore and forget them, it would be for the best, it is enough just to defend from them. All of them are counted as federal offense and are

Illusion spells: There are two kinds of illusion spells, the kind that affects the mind and other that manipulates light and perception to create illusions. The mind bending kind is more about thinking what you want the enemy to see and planting it into the brain, with its use were created the first video games, in 14th century in fact. The principle of work is that simple. Other kind is extremely complex, but can fool even beings resistant to mind bending, since it is very real. Usually illusionist who use that magic use vapor in air to reflect light the right way, since what we see with our eyes is just light reflected from surfaces, the eye can be easily fooled, by ‘easily’ I mean that the illusionist has to control every single vapor drop in air. So, not that easily, but it is worth it to try.

Gravity control: Allows to set up a force that pushes either downward or upward, which artificially increases or decreases the weight of an object, used everywhere wind magic is used, allowed some truly giant tanks to be made.

Summoning: Includes demon summoning and golem creation. Demon summoning is actually more like demon creation, a summoner must make a body for a demon to reside in, usually out of metal, then infuse it with mana and some negative emotion, unlike demons in the wild, those summoned will be sentient and capable of completing complex tasks. Golem creation is the same, but golems are less sentient and need no emotion to be made, when giving orders to golems, all details should be explained. There are also a bit more humane necromancy spells, that allow to revive a body on any state of composition to receive knowledge, which is used by detectives to find criminals and these corpses are counted as witnesses.

Space/time bending: To this category fall only 2 spells, ‘separated space’ and ‘space skip’, to be honest, all you have to do to learn these is to learn a small philosophical mantra.

Meditation: A set of spells that allows to sort everything in your head, even accelerate thinking processes, usually used alongside actual non-magical meditation. Works by accelerating speed at which electric signal pass through the brain.

Other: area of effect spells.

Rune creation is a different art completely, separate from spells. In fact, you have to learn a whole 324 letter alphabet if you want to use it, so, buy a different book.

The elements used to classify magic are:




LIGHT (shadows are just absence of light)


RIPPLES (as in: subatomic forces, sound and Brownian motion)


ENERGY (aka. lightning) -Fun fact-Energy elemental’s lightning is always the same color as their eyes.


ENTHROPY (though it is a new and unexplored zone)

All that has to be said about them, is that these categories exist and any spell can be placed under them so you may understand what spells will be effective when YOU use them.

How mana warps the flesh.

 As it was said before, all humans have a bond to some element, but only humans that is. Some presmin have pure affliction to mana. Even though there are many elements, natural bounding happens only to few. Anyway, here are all changes that may occur:


Coloring- Unusual skin colors, light pale pink, green and blue skin colors, same colors for eyes, but usually different from color of skin. Normal hair colors.

Blood pressure-Blood pressure stays the same.

Outside effect- Sun radiation will be stored in the body, making it glow in the dark.

Changes in anatomy-All is explained above.


Coloring-Either crimson or pitch black skin color, eye colors close to red and yellow, usually redhead colors for hair.

Blood pressure- Blood pressure rises overboard, causing high body temperature (46-61 Celsius). High metabolism (faster aging).

Outside effects- Sweat will vaporize and cause an illusion of smoke coming from their skin.

Changes in anatomy- Their bodies will an organ that supports the heart and heats up the blood through greater consumption of potassium (they like bananas, you should like it too, helps your heart)


Coloring-Syndromes much like in albinism, pale colors mainly.

Blood pressure- Blood pressure becomes low, lowering body temperature (13-22 Celsius). Slow metabolism (slow aging).

Outside effects- Just like with fire folk, temperature around cold folk is actually colder than within their bodies.

Changes in anatomy- Their blood becomes much thicker, making it hard for the heart to pump, but also enriching the blood before it reaches the heart (which allows them to starve much slower).


Coloring- Pale skin tones, eye color and hair colors change to yellow and blue.

Blood pressure- Blood pressure increases, but not as much as with fire folk, heart’s capacity to pump increases. High metabolism (same aging speed).

Outside effects- Hair of people around them will rise, static electricity will activate and devices with slow energy consumption will activate around them.

Changes in anatomy- Energy affix people will have even greater need for potassium than fire folk, they can squeeze much more out of their body’s strength and nutrient supply.


Coloring- Very healthy looking skin colors, normal eye and hair colors, pure white in rare cases.

Blood pressure- Blood pressure stays the same, but body will more easily adapt to changes in heart rate. Metabolism of an athletic person (no change to aging).

Outside effects- People around force folk will feel like force folk are always on edge and put too much effort into everything, but that is just their muscles working overboard to account for their power.

Changes in anatomy- These people’s bodies are constantly under pressure, which makes their muscles grow passively and be always tense to some degree, making them get tired quicker, but also growing in heart muscle mass to account for that.


Coloring- Hair and skin color depends on growths on their bodies. Normal eye colors.

Blood pressure- Blood pressure stops, blood circulation system is consumed by lymphatic system. Slow metabolism (aging slows to a crawl)

Outside effects- Spores will be spread from plants in their skin, people with boundary to living matter will always have a need for contact with sun to have glucose produced in their bodies(though they will still need certain vitamins and nutrients in high amounts).

Changes in anatomy- Endless plants populate their bodies in a symbiotic relationship. Plants in skin create and preserve nutrients, plants in lungs produce oxygen, plants on hair… make it easier to groom them, I guess? Roots grow into them and become new circulatory system. They need much different nourishment than normal people and other elementals.


Use your favourite element accordingly.



There isn’t much more to say, I had explained how to use magic efficiently, had given some inspiration for young magic users, it is only left to you to gather knowledge and become wiser. Adieu, and may no freak incidents happen to you or your loved ones.


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