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This poem is from the mythological stories about Lilith.

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



The first wife of our ancestor Adam was wild,

She interfered with women pregnant with child.

Lilith was her name, she is to blame,

She really was no dame.


She led Adam astray,

A demon and seductress.

She lied to him every day,

She was cursed, an d not blessed.


Things fell apart when she was around,

She's chaos, she's hell-bound.

Voluptuous, she entices young men,

Wearing horns and wings, she drags them to her den.


Lilith is just a night creature--a bird,

She has a demon feature, so I've heard.

She  does her work without shame,

Don't be surprised, Lilith is her name.


If you sleep alone, Lilith is there,

Trying to copulate with you.

But you have nothing to fear,

If you're one who is honest and true.


Lilith, you hag, you left Eden without warning

You flew away just before dawning.

You didn't want to be Adam's inferior,

You wanted to be above--superior.


Lilith, you witch, you spell-binder,

She's a sex fiend, wherever you find her.

Thank God she wasn't our ancient mother,

Thank God for Eve, our God sent mother.

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