Blood Bond- Part 2

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She's only just coming to terms with the fact that her whole family are vampires. But now Dalila has to face the fact that she may not be the top of the food chain.

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



I knew the moment I woke up what Veronica had done. It was inevitable and would have happened even if she hadn't had initiated it.  

1 week later 

The room was silent, I knew it was only a temporary thing. Soon the others would be back from the hunt. Being that I was still a fledgeling they didn't trust me enough on a hunt. I was getting fed up of staring at the same rooms. An hour had passed since Veronica had left. A robust husky of a man had stayed behind to keep an eye on me. He seemed to have a thing for my sister. Something was wrong. I was being thrown to the ground just as the window smashed open. A blinding light filled the room. Along with the light came a high pitch tone, cutting off all my vampire senses. I found myself scrambling on the floor trying to get my bearings back. A slim hand wrapped around my wrist. My hunger took a hold, whoever was holding me was human. I found myself over powering them and pinning them to the ground. My teeth still ached when they extended. The pain was dulled the moment I tasted their blood. Another grabbed hold of me, my body was moving blindly around attacking my invisible opponents. I couldn't tell how many had entered the house or what they had planned on doing when they did. My vision was slowly returning. But in a small way, I wished it hadn't. The room was almost unrecognisable now. Husky man was hunched over a human, his hand was wrapped around the human's throat.  

"Who sent you?" There were no other living humans in the room, or anywhere close. The one husky man was holding looked only barely alive. He whispered something to him, something that angered him enough to snap his neck. "This isn't good." He pulled out a mobile phone. "Hi, this is Cory. Rendezvous at location two. Location one is compromised." After his brief message, he turned to me. "We need to leave, you did well fledgeling." He offered me a hand up. My hands were covered in blood, I could sense that none of it was my own. Something that should have bothered me.

The car drove smoothly through the night. My hunger had ceased. It was the only thing I was glad about. It gave me time to think back on that first night.  


The pain was like nothing I had ever felt in my human life. Every single cell in my body seemed to fight against each other. It was like my body had been doused with liquid fire. I couldn't tell how long I had been there, but all I wanted was for the pain to end. I was awake for the whole time, feeling every single thing happening. When the pain finally ended I fell into a deep sleep.  


The car came to a sudden jolt. My reflexes acted for me. It had become almost a natural reaction. Cory was staring intently out of the window, he switched the engine off. The silence was practically killing me. "That’s a good look for you." A voice spoke next to me. It sent an unwanted chill down my spine. 

"See that you're still alive Henry." My voice felt icy, ever since I realised he had been teasing me with his power I had come to my senses. "You know you're not as charming as you think you are." My eyes stared daggers at him. 

"Oh, don't be like that. I should have been the one to turn you." He had a serious look on his face. It was off putting. The car roared back to life, Cory was holding back a snicker at our interaction.  
"Wait, where's Veronica?" My eyes were darting about the darkness.  

"She went on ahead." Cory's voice made it completely obvious that he didn't like the thought either. Ever since she had turned me, our bond had grown closer. It felt like at times we could sense what the other is feeling. But at other times it was like I could sense where she was. That sense had dulled ever since those humans had managed to stop our vampire senses.  

"Who were those humans?" My question fell like a stone in the air. No one made an attempt to answer me. Ever since I had been turned I felt like I was being kept in the dark about something.  
The sun had just begun to rise, I started to squirm in my seat. The last time I had seen the sun rise felt like another life time ago.  

"We're safe, UV windows." Henry was staring at the sunrise, there was something close to human in his eyes. It was only there a second, though. My eyes were glaring at the sun, I never thought I would ever see the sun rise again. Let alone the daytime.  

"We should be there by midday, it's a good thing we all ate." Cory was smirking in the front seat at his own words. I rested my head against the glass. This was my new normal.  

The gravel crunched under the tires. I must have fallen asleep because I found my head resting on Henry's shoulder. As soon as my mind came back to its senses I scrambled away from him. He didn't seem to notice. Either that or he was used to girls fawning over him like that. We had arrived at an underground carpark, it was packed with cars.  

"Looks like the whole gangs here," Cory was scanning the space around us. His eyes settled on a pale looking girl, she looked much slimmer than when I saw her at the house. Veronica came bounding over to the car.  

"Found you!" She opened my door for me. "What happened at the house? The bond went crazy." She was inspecting me closely as if trying to read my soul. 

"Some humans attacked, they had something that stopped my senses." Her face turned up in concern. 

"So, they finally surfaced again. It's a good thing you were there. They were probably trying to catch us off guard." Her words were soft as if she were soothing a baby.  

"Who are they?" Her smile washed away any worries I had.
"Doesn't matter, all that matters now is we're finally going to meet them. I'm really excited!" She was jumping up and down like a school girl. My eyes darted to Henry who just shrugged. "Oh, come on you didn't tell her about them. They are the oldest and totally the coolest vamps ever!" The others didn't look as excited as she did.  

"Don't get your hopes up, love." Cory gave her a soft yet sad smile. She didn't buy it, nothing was going to deter her excitement.

"We should get going, they'll be waking up soon." Henry was back to his usual bossy attitude. Though as he was on the council it wasn't too hard to tell where he got it from. I found myself scrabbling out of the car quicker than I thought. It was the first time since becoming a vampire that I had been outside of the mansion. Anything had to be better than staying there.  

The place was chaos. Vampires were running around the place with purpose, most were shouting. Something that seemed unnatural for my new vampire hearing. They weren't just vampires in the building, at least a third were human. Back at the mansion we never kept humans around for longer than a day, but here they seemed to do things differently. The rooms and hallways were neatly kept, a stark contrast to the cluttered over decorated mansion. The place consisted of several levels, some required security clearance.  

"This is your stop." Henry turned to me, casually he swung open a door. The room was filled with unruly vampires. All staring at me. Before I could question it, I was pushed into the room. The lock on the door clunked several times. 

"Looks like you're one of us now then." A brown-haired girl was staring at me. "Name's Hazel, and it looks like you just turned. How long ago?" 
"I think a week ago now."
"Wow, so you're really new to this whole thing, original or human?" Her question confused me. I stood in silence trying to work out what she meant. "You really are new to all this, are your parent's vampires?"

"Apparently so, though they never told me. My sister turned me early. She was getting pressure from the rest of my pack."  

"Shame, my parents told me from the moment I was born. Most here were human. Only me and Fern are originals, I guess that now includes you." She indicated at a shy looking vampire near the back of the room. "She might not look like much but her mums quite famous around here." My eyes floated back to the closed door, it seemed like I was once again being hidden away from the world. "It's only temporary, that is until they've made sure the place is secure."

I found myself huddled in a corner, waiting patiently for the all clear, the longer we waited the more I started to evaluate my situation. Would I really have been better off not knowing? It was a question I had asked myself a hundred times. My answer was always the same. I am what I am. I didn't even need to look at the door to know my sister was there. The others looked at me funny when I pressed my ear to the door.  

"You doing ok in there? They could have at least left you with some music. Oh, I met one of the older vamps today. Do you remember that boy band I was obsessed with back in the day? Turns out one of the members is one of us! Though he was so moody, I guess that’s what age does to you."  

"What are you doing?" Another voice had joined hers, Henry.

"Talking to my sis, what does it look like?"  

"My mother needs to see you, you'll have plenty of time to catch up later with her." Henry's harsh tone was back. There was nothing pleasant about his words. Soon I was once again left in silence.

I must have fallen asleep next to the door because the next thing I knew I was being rammed in the side by one of its corners. I didn't want to wake up, waking up would mean I would have to face my new reality. But whoever was trying to get in, wasn't going to give up that easily. One last, side-splitting shove tossed me aside like an old rag. They didn't hang about for a second.  

"Which ones of you are originals?" The room was suddenly animated. "And if you lie I will know." The two girls who had introduced themselves the night before wasted no time in stepping forward. I stayed still on the floor, making no attempt to move. Either I stayed where I was, which seemed like the safest option or I could leave with them into the unknown and own up to what my life had become. 

"She's one of us too, her sister is Veronica." I glared at Hazel, she didn't flinch for a second. A cynical smile tittered on the edge of her lips. There was no point hiding the fact now. The bruises I had just sustained from my door beating had already healed. Something I was never going to get used to. I found myself following the two vampires that had come to collect us. We walked in near silence through darkened hallways. We were told to wait at the end of the corridor. One by one they called us into the room. Soon it was my turn. I didn't know what the protocol was for a formal vampire meeting.  

"Name." A plain-looking vampire sat behind a desk. It was covered in name tags, in his hands, he held a list.  

"Dalila." He scanned through the list of names, ticking it off when he found it.  

"Here," he handed me a pin, it looked like a solid thin gold bar. "Sorry, forgot you're new." He fastened it diagonally on the neck line of my top. My top was still stained with blood, something I had totally forgotten about. "Ok so while you're here you need to wear this pin. You lose it you don't get another one." That was the only explanation he gave me before turning to the next person in the queue that had begun to form behind me. 
The room was filled with laughing faces, gathered in clusters around the room. I couldn’t help but feel out of place in my blood-soaked clothes.  

"What took you so long?" An arm linked in with mine. "Now this is what I call a boring party, do you think we could stir up a little trouble?" My sister looked bored as she stared at the party goers. "I miss our old place, at least they knew how to throw a party. Come on, dance with me?" She was dragging me to the centre of the room. Some boring classical music was being played by a live orchestra. Yet she danced as though it were the greatest club music in the world. Despite myself, I joined in with her. It had been too long since we had danced like this. The last time we danced together was back in her room. We were convinced we'd become the world's greatest dancers, but in reality, we looked like two elephants flouncing about.  I could hear tuts erupting from our onlookers. Each face showed a different expression of disapproval, which only made it that much more fun. 
"And you wouldn't believe they are gold badge members. You would have thought Veronica would have taught her sister better than that." The music stopped. My eyes darted around trying to figure out who had taken my happy moment away. Veronica was bowing her head to a slender woman, when I didn't take a hint she pulled me downwards until my eyes met the floor. Just as suddenly as the music had stopped, it was soon invading the air once again. Chatter started up louder than before. 

"That was a close one, ok from now on just do what I do." Veronica was acting strangely, almost grown-up in essence. "We should probably..." Before she finished her sentence, she was once again bowing. This time I wasted no time in copying her.  

"You must be her sister, I almost forgot those loathsome vamps had another child. How are they doing now? Heard they went vegan since the last ball," her words were prickled in spikes and discontent. Ever so slightly hitting my nerves. I held my parents at the bottom of the pile, but it didn't mean others could disrespect them. "It's clear to see from your attire that you're nothing like them. Can't be doing with soft vampires while the hunters cut us down like common dogs." There was an edge to her words almost as if she held some form of adoration for me.  

"Mum, why are you talking to her? I'm so bored, you told me you were going to show me the fountain." My eyes caught a quick glance of Fern tugging on the edge of a golden embodied cloak.  
"I told you her mother's famous." Hazel's mocking voice brushed past my ear. She was standing gracefully at the other end of the hall. "See you around." She gave me a quick nod before disappearing after Ferm and her mother.

"I see you know my sister then, and apparently, my mother at her finest." Henry handed me a glass of red liquid. I found myself sniffing at the glass. Not blood. "Wine." He was sipping from his own glass. 

"She's only 15 you can't give her wine!" My sister sounded angrier than usual. But before she could take the glass from me, I drank deeply. My sister stood gawking at me as if I had sprouted a tail. "I cannot believe you just did that. Mum would be having a fit by now if she could see us," she was giggling. I didn't know what was funny but I found myself giggling alongside her. It took a second before I started to feel unsteady on my feet. I found myself leaning against Veronica for support. "Light weight." Veronica wrapped a strong arm around my waist. She half dragged half carried me off to a large ornate bedroom. "I know, the room's super old fashion. Man, I miss my bedroom." Any other words Veronica said were drowned out the moment my head hit the pillow.

"She's too young, she's barely been a vampire for 1 week. Let someone with more experience do it." Henry was shouting outside the bedroom door.  

"She may be young, but have you ever in your life time seen a vampire take down a whole squadron of hunters? While blind and deaf."  

"I understand that, train her instead of sending her on a death mission. You know the moment she's put in a real situation she'll be dead." Nothing I heard sounded good. My self-preservation instinct kicked in. Just at that moment, I noticed someone at the window.  

"Sis, you have to leave. If you don't leave now I can't protect you." She no longer sounded like my sister. It was frightening how much she sounded like mum. I had never once doubted my sister. The open window felt like my only escape. We were only one floor up, but even so, I had never jumped out of a window. All I could do was hold my breath and hope to whoever that I didn't die.  

--------------------------------------End of Part 2--------------------------------------

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